A Day Out with Auntie


Thanks for stopping by! If you haven’t signed up for my RSS feed, please do! You can also follow me through Email, on Twitter @corisbigmouth or on Facebook. Thanks again for visiting!I know this title will just put Madison over the edge because technically I’m just a second cousin, but this is my blog and…

Flu Shots


Don’t you get your flu shot when you go to the neighborhood carnival?  Mad and I did …. Lol!         We may or may not have been taking a break from selling raffle tickets!  In my defense I made a deal with the pharmacy booth, I’d get my flu shot in exchange for them…

Boy or Girl?


Jaime is expecting baby #4 and tomorrow she will find out if it’s a boy or a girl.  I was over tonight and we asked Mason if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl.  He was extremely opinionated on his guess… Baby is due January 1, 2016 but knowing how Jaime…

Laptop Updates


There is nothing more annoying than when you see the update your computer alert. I quickly click remind me in 3 hours, finish my work and quickly shut my computer so I don't have to update. That routine continues over and over until my laptop locks me out which is always EXTREMELY untimely (ie: when…

Mad’s Cabin


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend the weekend at Madeline’s cabin with several of my coworkers.  Her cabin is right on the water with a stunning view!  I shared a little bit about the trip in a previous post about my sprained ankle, but never got around to sharing photos…

Drivers Licensed!


The first of the Elkins Triplets is officially a licensed driver! Way to go, Kennedy!! One down.  Two to go!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Mason!


I can’t believe this little guy is TWO! Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!  

Bed Wars


Will someone please remind Kelly that my bedroom at our parents house will ALWAYS be mine? Since both of us are so stubborn it looks as though we will be snuggling tonight ….

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