I’m honored to have been a guest-writer on many blogs!!  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with these ladies and their blogs!   

OurMommyhood.comOur Mommyhood ~ July 21, 2010   
Not Your Typical Childcare!
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OurMommyhood.com Our Mommyhood ~ October 23, 2010   
Triplet Tested & Approved
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  Nurses Notes  Nurses Notes ~ November 29-December 4, 2010 
Back to School, Back to Blogging Highlights
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 Twin Parenthood ~ December 9, 2010 
Picking the Right Twins Nanny for Your Family
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Sippy Cup Mom
The Life of A Sippy Cup Mom ~ February 5, 2011


 A Dose of Dannie ~ March 3, 2011
An American Girl’s View of Australia
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 Mommy Head Adventures ~ April 18, 2011
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With Just A Bit of Magic ~ April 20, 2011
College Prep
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Multiples & More ~ May 14, 2011
How Do You Do It??  Classes and Activities That Is!
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