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Pumpkin Carving what a MESS!!!

Did you know the pumpkin guts are really, really, slippery and sticky?  I now do ….


Halloween morning I received an SOS text from my mom, bring the kids over and carve pumpkins for tonight.  I immediately thought about this equation:

Triplets + Cori + Pumpkins + Pumpkin Guts + Knives = BAD IDEA + BIG MESS

That only means one thing one big old MESS

I tried to get out it, and throw my sisters under the bus of hopes that they would jump in and carve.  No such luck.  If the pumpkins were going to be carved they were being carved by Cori & the triplets.

I may have been less then thrilled about the pending disaster, but the kids were excited and couldn’t wait to go!  So off we went…

I did everything I could to try to keep the mess down to a minimum.  Laid out newspaper all over the floor, gave them garbage bags, spoons and begged them to STAY ON THE NEWSPAPER …. and if you must go off the newspaper STAY OFF THE CARPET!  Luckily, under the newspaper was hardwood floor.  Not the end of the world, but at the same time I didn’t want to have to mop the floor.

As much as I tried, we made a huge mess – that was with only 2/3 of the triplets participating in the fun.

Instead of using the garbage, they just through the pumpkin guts on the floor – where it sat.

Shockingly! The longer the guts sit, the more likely they are to leak through the newspaper …. even like 5 sheets of newspaper!  Luckily all the guts stayed mostly within the newspaper boundaries, but there were some flyaway seeds that I found all over the carpet in the family room.

Can’t figure out how the seeds ended up on the carpet …. the kids must have been flinging the guts and seeds as they emptied their pumpkins.

After getting all the guts picked up, newspaper dumped in the garbage and seeds removed from the carpeting, did I realize pumpkin guts are slippery and sticky

I then spent the next half-hour with the Clorox wipes [yep, not below me to do a Clorox shout out!] trying to get the floor not slipper or sticky!  Kids thought it was funny.  Me not so much, because I was the one on my hands and knees!

In the end, the pumpkins got carved.  Looked good.  Little mess was made and most importantly no one got hurt (that includes myself!).  It’s always a good day for us when we can do an activity without injuring ourselves!!

Stay tuned, maybe tomorrow, for Halloween pictures!  I also have a bunch more miscellaneous pictures and posts that need to go up.  If only there was more time in the day …

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Cori’s Triplet Preschool

It’s no secret that I nanny for triplets.  I love the chaos, craziness and all the “better its you and not me” times I get to spend with the triplets.  Well I’ve decided to take it one step further and be their preschool instructor for the year. 

Lets face it, preschool is expensive to send your kids to and to have to send three at the same time, very expensive!  I did some research and realized this is something I COULD DO!  I already was incorporating many preschool aspects to our days, so throwing in a few more structured things is making it more “preschool-y”.

This was week #1 of Cori’s Triplet Preschool.  The kids were super excited and surprisingly well behaved during “school time.”

This week we covered the LETTER A and we have learned a lot!  Practiced how to write A’s, learned about words that start with A and of course did a lot of coloring!!  Oh and of course LOTS of tracing of their names.  Gabbi is ahead of the boys and can already write her name, but they’ll quickly catch up!

Letter A


In addition to teaching about “A”, I also had to start to pull together my curriculum.  I put together a binder that I’m pulling different fun letter activities that I find from different books and websites online!  Here’s my binder and one of the pages Open-mouthed smile Inside the binder there are plastic

photo (2)photo (3)


Over the next several months I plan on blogging about my journey as a preschool “teacher”. I plan on sharing ideas and different worksheets I find in my PINTEREST PRESCHOOL IDEAS board. So if you haven’t, please pop over and see what I’ve pinned so far and see what I pin in the future!  Maybe you have some great ideas for me?  Pin them to the board!

Cori’s Big Mouth on Pinterest

pinterest preschool


Here I go …

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Spray Down!

Up until the last couple of weeks, we could count the number of nice days on one hand! 

Sad isn’t it?

Amazingly enough we had gorgeous weather on MY BIRTHDAY!  It was a miracle!

I worked the day of my birthday and in the afternoon Amy, Jordyn & Camryn and Alex with her kids she watches came over to surprise me and have an impromptu birthday party!  After the brownies and celebrating we took all the kids outside to play in the sprinkler.

In the past this “snake sprinkler” scared the kids TO DEATH.  I mean bloody murder screaming, all try to climb me and get the heck away from the spraying monster!  This year I was excited to learn they had grown up and it wasn’t nearly as scary for the kids!  They LOVED IT!




What a great day!  I miss summer already! 


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Multiples & More Guest Post!

I’m so excited to be hanging out and talking with parents and caregivers of multiples in my favorite twins+ blog … Multiples & More!
We’re talking about ways to participate in “mommy & me” classes alone!!  This is a great post for parents & caregivers of multiples, but also for any people who want to do classes with multiple children at the same time!  I share some advice that I have gained through many years of “mommy and Me, Me, Me” classes!  Pop over and see what you think!!

Don’t Forget that So Followed Saturday is still going on, go link up HERE if you haven’t already to gain more followers for your blog! 


[5-21-11: Edited to add actual URL and paste blog post below]

Read it on Multiples & More HERE!



It’s a miracle!

All three of the triplets Spring Flowers, have shown growth!!  It was my fear that one wouldn’t, and I’d have a very disappointed child on my hand!  But to my excitement there were sprouts sprouting out of each cup!!  Jack has three sprouts, Gabbi has one and Nate has two!  The kids were all very excited to see how their flowers have “growed”!

I’m excited to see how they look next week when I go back to work!!

Don’t forget to pop back over tonight or tomorrow for Week 2 of So Followed Saturday!
Linky will open at 7pm PST / 10pm EST!

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Spring Flowers!

One of the weekly activities that the triplets and I partake in is, Story Time at our local library.  I might be biased, but I think we have the best Children’s Librarian ever!  She’s this elderly Grandma who just loves what she does!  Each week she not only coordinates her stories to a certain theme, but she also dresses up to match and provides the kids with “homework”!  How cool is that?

We missed last week’s when the theme was flowers and gardens, but the thoughtful librarian had saved the homework for us to take home!  What was last weeks homework?  She provided each child with everything they need to plant Marigolds!  After nap the kids were excited to plant their flowers!






Now with any luck, all three of these will grow!!  We’ll see!  The kids are already asking, “have our flowers growed yet?”  No, they haven’t growed yet, but hopefully they will in a few days!!  To bad to them, a few days is A LONG TIME!


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Spring Cleaning

This purge was actually done awhile ago, but I couldn’t remember if I had posted it yet or not.  If I had, oh well…I’m posting it again!!

I’m posting as part of Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop and Toddler Talk Thursday today!  I was surprised to see how these two questions both related to my playroom photos!!


Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop Question:

mama kat4.) Spring Cleaning! Share a before and after photo of a room you recently tackled.

The room I recently tackled was the triplets playroom.  You would not believe what a mess these three can make.  Or maybe you can?!  It’s absolutely insane, they can take it from being spotless and organized to completely trashed in about 3 seconds flat – I kid you not!  Needless to say, I rarely do a massive purge and cleaning of it!

Playroom Before:

                                                   mess1 mess2


Playroom After:


Toddler Talk Thursday

toddlertalk What items make up your toddler’s toy box that aren’t really toys?

The triplets top 5 favorite “non” toys would be…

  1. Any REAL iPhone – a dead one won’t do, it must be real and charged!
  2. Tupperware – I don’t know how many times we are missing pieces of Tupperware and I find it in the toy boxes!
  3. Backpacks – they love to stuff them full of crap their treasures and lug them around
  4. Hair Brushes and Hair Bows – they love to play with all the pretties!
  5. DVD Cases – they carry them around, not exactly sure what they do with them, but they love them!

My Question for next week’s Toddler Talk Thursday would be: How do you limit the amount of television your kids watch during the day?


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DSC_1050  DSC_1053

                                            DSC_1064  DSC_1075


This post is part of Wordless Wednesday on the following blogs:
Parenting For Dummies & Seven Clown Circus
The Life of Riley….and Bryce Too!
Angelica’s Awesome Adventures
Live and Love…Out Loud
Wordless Wednesday’s
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