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#CatchTheMoment365 – Week 8

Wow, how has week 8 already come to an end? Crazy.

I had a great week 8 …

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post- d58; feb27

For more information on this project please visit one of the hosts mentioned above or click the badge below!  Feel free to come and join us and our 365 day journey behind the camera lens!

Catch the Moment 365

with Mindy at Simply Stavish, Sarah at Nurse Loves Farmer, and Stephanie at Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

How does this work?  Everyday I am posting a new pic to Instagram, Twitter and my personal Facebook page with the hash tags #365DaysofCori and the official challenge hash tag #catchthemoment365.  On Friday’s I will do a recap of the previous week’s photos and *hopefully* give a little more insight into the photos, why I took them and any history behind them.

Happy Friday!

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The Gang Is Together Again!

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to hangout with the triplets and Sophia for a bit.  Like old times we visited our favorite place…the chiropractor.  Or is it just my favorite place?  No, it’s our favorite place they live for the tokens that are given at the end of the appointment! 

While waiting for the doctor, Sophie had fun playing with my camera phone and took some fun photos. 

*The shots where you see a blurry blue Sophie, she somehow set a timer on my camera phone and tried to take photos of herself….as you can see it didn’t work so well Smile  I still am not sure what setting she changed, seems like a cool tool – we just needed a longer wait between setting the camera and it taking…we had like 2 seconds!  Sophie’s fast, but as you can see not nearly fast enough!

photo (31)photo (26)photophoto (27)   photo (32)photo (28)

And then of course some group self-portraits….they aren’t to bad considering how small the screen is and how far away I had to reach to get us all in the photo!  I’m sure the other patients in the office thought I was a crazy woman as I kept telling the kids

          “Sophie stand taller”

          “Nate scoot closer to Gabbi

          “Don’t forget to smile!”

          “SMILE I SAID!”

photo (29)photo (30)

After the chiropractor we all went back to my house for homemade brownies and cool whip….yummy!

The best moment of the afternoon was when Jack turns to me and goes “I love you, Cori”.  Ahhh that just made my day!

I love these kids so much!  It was great to get to spend some time alone with them!

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Graduation Party

The Saturday after my graduation (06.16.12), I had my grad party.  I was THRILLED to have so many people attend and share in my graduation festivities! 

We had yummy food!  My dad made his amazing flank steak and bbq ribs, corn, salads, chips and of course a ton of drinks! 

Even the weather played nicely and we had a beautiful afternoon, which was lucky as it rained the days leading up to the party and about the time the party ended through the next several days. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with me!  I had a great day and enjoyed spending it with those close to me!


This post concludes my graduation fun posts!!  Can’t believe it’s over now!  Time is just flying by!


Summer Daze Fun Photo Party

This post is part of Summer Daze – a fun photo party! hosted by Kristi {Live and Love Outloud}, Alicia {Project Alicia} and Rebecca {Bumbles of Light}.

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Spray Down!

Up until the last couple of weeks, we could count the number of nice days on one hand! 

Sad isn’t it?

Amazingly enough we had gorgeous weather on MY BIRTHDAY!  It was a miracle!

I worked the day of my birthday and in the afternoon Amy, Jordyn & Camryn and Alex with her kids she watches came over to surprise me and have an impromptu birthday party!  After the brownies and celebrating we took all the kids outside to play in the sprinkler.

In the past this “snake sprinkler” scared the kids TO DEATH.  I mean bloody murder screaming, all try to climb me and get the heck away from the spraying monster!  This year I was excited to learn they had grown up and it wasn’t nearly as scary for the kids!  They LOVED IT!




What a great day!  I miss summer already! 


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Panic Attacks

Just the title sends shivers down my spine.

I’ve suffered from panic attacks my whole entire life.  In fact my very first panic attack occurred when I was just three years old.  One of Thursday’s Writer’s Workshop question over at Mama Kat’s is: Your first panic attack. However, I blogged about that event last year.  Hop on over to read about my Most Vivid Childhood Memory that just happened to also be my first panic attack.

Since I’ve already written about my first panic attack, I thought I’d share the ongoing attack I have right now.  It is slowly eating me away.  It’s to the point where I am going to the doctor tomorrow to get a medication changed for my anxiety, because I am in constant fear/anxiety.

About a month ago, I had a horrible experience at the triplets house.  We had been playing outside in the front yard all day.  It was time to clean-up and I watched Nate walk inside the house.  Shortly there after the rest of the kids followed inside along with Jaime (who was also over with her girls).  Jaime was going to put the kids in the bath while I finished cleaning up the mess of the yard.

This is the point when I lose track of time … I have no idea how much time past.  Felt like an eternity, but in acctuality it probably was 10 minutes.

I hear Jaime inside yelling “Nate”.  She called for him several times and got no answer.  She then comes out and says she can’t find him.  I know he is hiding from us.  It’s his favorite thing to do.  So I go inside to check his favorite hiding places.

I check those places.  No Nate.

By this time I can feel my blood curdling and my heart racing.

Jaime and I are running, screaming for Nate, around the house, the backyard, front yard and garage.  No Nate.

Again, I have no sense of time, that has passed.  Seemed at the time like forever.

Jaime decides to run next door and grab the neighbor to come and help (remember we have 5 other kids to watch).  When she comes back (neighborless I might add, because they were gone), we decide to call 911.

The triplets don’t have a house line anymore, so I start scrambling for my cell phone.  Can’t find it.  Jaime shoves hers into my hand and I shakily dial those three numbers 9-1-1.

Because I called on a cell phone, I was connected to the Sheriff’s office first.  Told what happened, the address, what Nate was wearing (which was just a pair of swim trunks) and then transferred me over to our local police department.

About the time the Police Department picked up and the Operator began to explain what was wrong, I hear Jaime scream “I found him!”

Those three words “I FOUND HIM” have never meant so much to me.  I believe Jaime shrieked so loudly that even the operator heard her!  The operator and policeman confirmed with me that he had been found.  I said yes, and thank you so much, and then hung up.

Where was Nate?

Hiding behind a chair IN the house WITH MY CELL PHONE.

Pretty sure I scared the crap out of Nate because by the time he was found I was a mess of emotions.  Relieved that he was found and safe, but beyond mad that he had hid from us like that.

Since that incident I am unable to let the kids plan on their own for vry long.  They can be in the house and I check on them 3, 4, 5 times.  I’m constantly yelling upstairs to confirm where they are.  I even have a hard time letting their 9-year-old sister go outside and play with her friends.  Something she’s been doing for several years.  If I let Sophia go outside without me, I check on her about every 5 minutes.

I’m freaked that something like that will happen to me again.  The feeling was awful then and now several times a day I get that blood curdling – heart racing feeling.  I don’t like the feeling.  I hate not letting the kids be able to have some freedom, but I don’t know what to do about it.

Just writing this post and sent my shivering and into panic mode.  This is definitely something I need to go see a doctor to talk about, because it’s not fair for any of us, myself included.  I definitely need to do something about it …

Mama’s Losin’ It3.) Your first panic attack.

Crazy Days of Summer *The Finale*

Where has summer gone?  How is it already August 27th?  (Happy Golden Birthday by the way Erin!)

I started out the summer strong in the Lazy Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge hosted by my two FAVORITE Blogging Photographers, Alicia of Project Alicia and Kristi of Live and Love … Out Loud.  I think I successfully completed the first six weeks … give or take:

I was reading these ladies’ blogs when I read that for the final week, they had a ton of amazing giveaways and prizes for the Lazy Crazy Days of Summer final submissions.  However, I felt a bit awkward linking up this week with all the pomp and circumstance going on, because I missed half of the weeks!!  Then Kristi started bugging me, asking where I’d been and that I HAD TO link-up this week.  I himmed and haw’d (sp??!); then finally gave in.  Okay so it didn’t take that much prodding, but it took some!  Thanks Kristi!

I thought for this final submission I would share my favorite photos that I took over the summer.  Most of these have been shared already, but guess what … it’s my blog and I’m sharing them again!











Happy last Lazy Crazy Days of Summer!!

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Jump! Jump! Jump!

Earlier in the week the kids and I went to Sky High Sports to burn off some energy!  This was the first time the triplets had been there and the second for Sophia!  We had a lot of fun and best of all they were exhausted when we went home!!


                        1 23


                         4 5 6 12

                         7 8 11 



Still having fun with my new camera!!  I just found out today that my second – zoom – lens is available for pick-up!  I cannot wait to pick it up, then there will be far less cropping of photos!!!  Wahoooo!!


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Slllllllooooooowwww Computers

Is anyone else like me when it comes to hating to wait on computers to do their thing??


stick1 stick2 stick3 stick4 stick5 stick6 stick7 stick8stick9astick9

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