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Never Ever Thought I’d Say This…

but I am soooooooooooo very thankful to my parents for moving us from Kirkland to Duvall when I was 13.  At the time, I seriously thought my life was over, I hated my parents and had a hard time adjusting to “country” life. 

Prior to Duvall I’d lived in the same house for 12 years, that’s where my friends, school and church was.  I was happy.  We were happy.  So what if we were growing out of our house.  I thought we could just sell or get rid of Kelly and/or Alex and we’d be just fine!  I mean we had survived just fine for the past 12 years…what was a few more right?

We moved into our house on the day of my 13th birthday, bad timing huh!  I started school a week or so later and survived.  Not only did I survive, but I thrived in school.  Don’t get me wrong it was super hard at first, I was so anxious I got violently ill over the move.  But once I finally got myself together and got healthy again it was all uphill.  My high school years were great, I felt I got along well with everyone, every clique, every group.  I’m lucky to have been born with a pretty outgoing personality and am willing to start conversations with anyone and every one.  (Hence the name of my blog….Cori’s Big Mouth….I don’t know how many times people have told me to SHUT MY MOUTH!).

I made friends in school, but because of the distance I’d moved from my old house (about 2o minutes) I stayed in more contact with those friends after high school.  I’m great Facebook friends with my High School friends, but it’s those childhood friends that I hang out with and communicate with.  So those childhood friends I grew up with continue today to be my closest friends, pretty funny how that is the case.  Moving into a new home, in a new neighborhood brought new neighbors.  About 6 months after moving in I heard about a family in my neighborhood that had just had triplets.  I sought them out, got hired, and gained a second family. 

Finding Charity and her family gave me the opportunity to get involved with something I was really interested in …. multiples.  A few years after the girls were born Charity took over the local (and statewide) Triplets and More group.  Through this group, I met many, many other families of multiples, many of whom I went on to work for!  Who would have ever thought that a young girl, with an interest in multiple births would suddenly have the opportunity to work and help many families.  Off the top of my head I figure I have babysat/nannied for 5 sets of twins, 8 sets of triplets, 1 set of quadruplets and even a set of quintuplets!  So that is pretty impressive if you ask me!

With all that being said, I LOVE WHERE I LIVE!  I love my home, I love my friends, I love my church, I love my current and past job, I LOVE MY COMMUNITY! 

Thank you mom and dad for making the decision to move us here, even though I often complained….I can’t be more thankful!!  Love you guys!

QOTD 6/17: Have you ever been in the hospital and had to stay overnight?  Have you ever been super sick and ended up in the hospital? 
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The 3 Turn 3!

I got to work yesterday and was greeted by the triplets excited to show me their “birthday” (a box in the living room).  Kim & Mark were quick to tell me it was their gift and it needed to be assembled, would I mind putting it together.  Sure, no problem, I enjoy putting things together!  Little did I realize there were sooo many pieces, good thing was it took no tools, so it wasn’t hard, just difficult with the trio running around helping!

DSC_0185I’m with you Jack, I don’t know where to start!

DSC_0190But we did it!


This is such a fun little house, great thing about it is it stores flat and is made of Foam…then again that is also a downfall because the trio quickly started dismantling it!  Oh well, we had fun while it lasted!

For dinner we went down to Ixtapa for their ceremonial birthday celebration.  The trio did a little bit better with the attention then they did LAST YEAR when they were sang to! 

Get these hats off of us!!

Closest we could get to the triplets wearing the sombrero’s!

While the sombrero’s weren’t a hit, the sopapilla’s were delicious!! 

Jaime, Amy & I took the triplets, Ryan and the girls out to the Factoria Childrens Museum.  We took quite a few pictures, but I’m gonna wait until tomorrow to post them, so check back then! 

Day 6 – More WII

We played more WII this evening.  Tonight I played the guitar and did pretty good, I got 87% one time, granted it was on “Super Easy” and Brett played on “Expert” and got about the same!!  I may need to get one of these, they are sooooo much fun!!  My shoulder however is k-i-l-l-i-n-g me! 

Off to finish up my ice cream and then finish cleaning up the kitchen and getting the oldest three kids to bed.  Tonight I will be sleeping in my own bed :-D yay!!

Day 5 ~ WII Shoulder

After five days of playing the WII, I think I have “WII Shoulder” :-) Yes, I’ve played Rock Band, Lego Rock Band, and some Carnival Game.  It was in the Carnival Game, that I think caused the problems!  There is this one game where you have to swing your arm around and around in a large circle really fast to try and win!  My shoulder hurts.  My schoulder hurts real bad.  Not nearly as bad as the Great Shopping Incident of 2006 where I ended up tearing my rotator cuff, but still sore!  I’ll take a trip to visit Dr. Metcalf tomorrow and hopefully will be feeling much better!

Today is almost my last full day with the Bostron’s.  Kami & Jeremy get home tomorrow evening.  It’s crazy how fast the week has gone by!  I’ve had a lot of fun with Logan, Brett, Haylee & Tyler, but have to admit am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed!  Plus this trip-job is one ‘step’ closer to the cruise!!  I have one more trip-job for the Munro’s right before we leave….but it’s getting close!  My handy-dandy ticker says we have …..

Carribbean, HERE I COME!!!

Day 4 – “The Spy Next Door”


This afternoon I took the kids to see The Spy Next Door at Bella Botega.  Kami mentioned the movie to me when we met last week, but I had never heard of it before or knew anything about the film or the cast!  It turned out to be a really cute movie!!

The movie starred Jackie Chan, with George Lopez and *gasp* “Hannah Montana’s Dad” (Billy Ray Cyrus).  When Billy Ray Cyrus first came on the screen all the kids in the theater really did *GASP* and start wispering, “oh my gosh it’s Hannah Montana’s dad!!”  That possibly was the highlight for all the kids :-D

Plot Summery below and above photo for The Spy Next Door is from

Former CIA spy Bob Ho takes on his toughest assignment to date: looking after his girlfriend’s three kids, who haven’t exactly warmed to their mom’s beau. And when one of the youngsters accidentally downloads a top-secret formula, Bob’s longtime nemesis, a Russian terrorist, pays a visit to the family.

This is a fun movie, very slapstick (I mean c’mon it’s Jackie Chan), but fun non-the-less!  It’s not Oscar quality, but a great family movie (assuming you’re not my mom who hates this type of movie :-D).

Sunday tomorrow, that means church in the afternoon, and then I’m onto my last night!!


Day 3 ~ Oy Vey, What A Day

Today started out not to bad, it was a no school day for the kids, so we all ‘slept in’.  We watched some Price is Right and then got ready for the day.  Jaime & the girls came back over to play with Tyler & Haylee.  It all started out so innocent enough….

Brett, Haylee, Tyler & Madison went to play outside since it was a beautiful day outside.  All things were going well, kids were playing happily until I hear a strange noise and screaming followed by Haylee running to the door with her finger bleeding.  Apparently she smashed it in the gate, and cut it up really bad.  Jaime and I got her finger cleaned up and realized it was pretty swollen and Haylee was in a lot of pain.  So I decided to take her into the doctor to make sure it wasn’t broken.  Luckily it wasn’t, just pretty cut-up and swollen.  They cleaned the wound and then re-bandaged it.  I’m suppose to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get infected. 

After getting home, Madison, Haylee, Emmalee and I all played in the hot tub.  Emma LOVED the water, and I kept sitting her on this seat and she’d immediately belly flop into the water!  Apparently she felt she could and would swim!!  Haylee and Maddie had fun splashing around and dumping water on each other! 

About 4:30, I got ready to go pick Brett & Tyler up from the Lamb’s house, got in the van and it wouldn’t start.  Completely dead!!  Jaime drives me to my house so I can borrow a car to at least pick up the boys.  Nobody’s home…no cars in the driveway.  No big deal, Jaime says I can use her car and she’ll swap cars on her way home.  She asks me to help her carry her things into the house.  Sure no big deal. 

Except that the front door is locked so I, go through the garage…LOCKED!  We are locked out of my house, I have like 15 minutes before I have to pick up Brett & Tyler, no car, no keys, nothing!  Luckily Grandma had a spare set and let us in.  Right as I’m walking to get in Jaime’s car, Dad shows up.  So I was able to just take his car to pick up the boys and go home.  Of course, I couldn’t find the Lamb’s house, had to circle the neighborhood a couple times, until I realize it’s the house that had a car parked in front of it blocking the house numbers.  Pick up the boys and head home.

Get home, call AAA and they say someone will be there in an hour.  Hang up call the pizza place, they say delivery in 35 minutes.  Perfect!  Like pizza place said they were here on time, except they forgot the pop.  So the lady promises to go pick up and bring it back.  Shut the door and throw the pizza down just as the doorbell rings again this time AAA to jump start the car.

The mechanic/toe-truck guy, quickly gets the car to start and runs a full-diagnostic on the van.  Bad news…battery probably won’t last.  So he tells me to leave the van running for an hour get it to get the most out of the charge.  I was certain I would forget about the van and a) leave it running all night until I ran out of gas or b) the car would be stolen…that’s just the luck I have been having today.  But luckily I remembered to turn the car off. 

It’s now 7:22pm, it’s almost bedtime, we’re watching Mall Cop the kids claim it’s the funniest movie ever.  I have to admit I wanted to see it while it was in the theater, but surprisingly it’s NOT that funny…kinda stupid – LOL – Oh well, I guess that makes it funny :-)  Oh….the kids just informed me “those guys [have guns] are bad guys and are trying to take over the mall”….gotta love little kids :-)

Here are the two layouts I did yesterday:

so pretty2So Pretty
Emmalee found this magic mirror at Kim’s house and LOVED looking at herself in the mirror!

3mon 3 Mon
Emmalee’s 3-month photos!  Madison too!

Tomorrow’s another day :-)


Day 2 of Babysitting & some Scrappin’

Completed my second day of watching the Bostron Kids.  They had school today, so I was “free” from about 9am-3pm.  I ended up going to lunch with Jaime at Ixtapa and then we scrapbooked the afternoon away!  I completed 2 layouts (3 pages), so I was proud of myself!  I got them scanned in, but was having problems with the coloring and stitching, so I’ll work on that tomorrow, maybe!

Madison had fun playing with Tyler & Haylee once they got home.  They played on the swingset, trampoline and then in the hottub for quite awhile!  Emmalee even got in the hottub for a bit, and she seemed to enjoy it (Jaime may claim differently lol).  They were really cute playing in the hottub.  Madison could touch all the way around, but occassionally would ‘panic’ and think she was drowning until Jaime I reminded her “STAND UP MADISON“, oh yeah!  LOL!  She’d stand up and be just fine!  What a goober!

There’s no school tomorrow, so we’ll get to ‘sleep-in’, wonder what time that will be??  Oh well im sure it’ll be better then 6:30 am when I was up this morning!  I think the plan either tomorrow or saturday is to go to see a movie.  Madison wants to come back and play again tomorrow, so we’ll probably do that too.  Nothing overly exciting planned! 

Another Long Babysitting Job

This afternoon I started a 5 day babysitting job wih the Bostron kids while Kami & Jerry go on a cruise.  Today was pretty easy.  I arrived at about 3pm and waited for Logan (13) to get home and then Tyler (4) to be brought home.  Haylee (8) and Brett (11) came home about 4:00 from school. 

This afternoon the kids played outside for awhile and then we bonded over watching game shows….I think we’re going to get along just fine!  We first watched two episdoes of Are You Smarter then a 5th Grader and now are watching Family Fued while I make dinner.  After dinner we’re going to watch Daddy Daycare and that should take us to bedtime!

Tomorrow I am ‘free’ from 9am-3pm, where [I promise Amy] to watch Biggest Loser and get caught up on last nights episode.  Amy (and I quote her IM) “there is so much to talk about. lol” so I cannot wait to see it!

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