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A Day Out with Auntie


I know this title will just put Madison over the edge because technically I’m just a second cousin, but this is my blog and I’ll call myself Auntie if I want :) now back to the reason for the post….

I had Friday off and offered to take Mason out for the day. I’ve taken Mason on outings many times before but normally I just schlep him along with whatever my plans are (running errands, hanging out at my house, etc.) and normally have his sisters with him. This trip however was just the two of us and I thought it would be fun to take him to the Children’s Museum.

He was super excited when I showed up and was ready to go bye-bye right away. I had to distract him with toys at home for awhile because it was to early to leave, but that didn’t last long.

(I don’t know why the photo flipped, but it looks like I’m in the passenger seat! Don’t worry I was still in the driveway when I took this picture!!)

When we first arrived he was pretty shy and clingy, but quickly warmed up and had a great time!

We drove big busses!

He found a girlfriend and together they drove a tractor, very romantic first date!

We dug for fossils and moved LOTS of woodchip bark around!

We crawled through tunnels!


And played with trains!

And then we hit the water area. I purposely left his area for our final stop of the day because I knew he would love it and I turn get soaked! Having been to this museum before and left with soggy kids, I thought ahead and brought him a new outfit! And my theory was correct, he had a blast and was wet form head to toe!

Mason really enjoyed this water feature that would suck plastic balls up a tube and shoot it down into a large container with a raging water tornado.  He did this over, and over, and over.  It was really cool to see him learning cause and effect right in  front of my eyes!  I was pretty proud of him!


 Don’t you just love his bossy no when the girl tries to join him!

While I was playing alongside of him I realized that I have never been to a kids place like this without bring lots of kids. I’ve done it many times with twins and triplets, plus friends, and spend the entire time counting heads. I never have had the chance to really play and be one-on-one with a child…it was pretty cool and not to mention fun!

This was a great day and I hope to get to do it again soon!


#CatchTheMoment365; Week 49


Whoa, look that’s two posts in two days.  Something must be terribly wrong with me!  No, more like tomorrow is December 31st and I’m three weeks behind on posting my Catch the Moment photos to the blog.  I had hope to get all caught up, but it just never happened.  The good news is the last three weeks won’t be far behind!

Week 49 contained a lot of Christmas from movies, looking at Christmas lights, putting up the tree and helping at a holiday gift program that allowed parents in need to pick out new gifts for the kids.  It was truly a magical week!

Oh, and make sure you stop by tomorrow to see my 2014 in Review post!  Yes, that will make it three days in a row, maybe even one on January 1st!  Look out!

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For more information on this project please visit one of the hosts by clicking the badge below!  Feel free to come join us and our 365 day journey behind the camera lens!

Catch the Moment 365

with Mindi at Simply Stavish, Sarah at Nurse Loves Farmer, and Stephanie at Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

How does this work?  Everyday I am posting a new pic to Instagram, Twitter and my personal Facebook page with the hash tags #365DaysofCori and the official challenge hash tag #catchthemoment365.  On Friday’s I will do a recap of the previous week’s photos and *hopefully* give a little more insight into each one, why I took them and any history behind them.

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Scary Moment [Breath Holding Syndrome]

I’ve had my share of scares while babysitting: calls to Poison Control, car accidents, kids hiding from me, and unexpected trips to the doctor; yesterday however was a first.

I was was at Jaime’s yesterday afternoon and we were trying to get the kids ready to head to the gym.  Shoes were almost all on, kids were milling around, Jaime was getting her stuff together…you know typical events when trying to get out of the house with four kids.

The twins were on the stairs heading down to the playroom when the boy tumbled down the last couple steps.  When he got to the bottom he was mad (pretty sure his sister knocked him down!). 

He was still screaming and had thrown himself on the stairs in protest so I went to pick him up, that’s when I realized something wasn’t right.

I rolled him over to pick him up and his eyes rolled back in his head and just looked out of it.  I picked him up and he went limp in my arms.

I immediately told Jaime to call 911, something wasn’t right.

By the time I got back up the stairs he was fine.  Crying which was the best sound in the world because it confirmed he was breathing.  A HUGE sigh of relief for both myself and Jaime.

Jaime, by this time was on the phone with the 911 operator and we could hear sirens in the distance.

The medics came, checked him out and said he looked fine.  After they left Jaime took the twins home and I hung back with the girls. 

He turned out to be just fine .  I had the opportunity to see him today at the beach and he was his normal goofy self.

Scary moment.  Makes me so thankful we have 911 ready and able to help!


Updated 6/29/12 @ 10:35am:

After visiting the doctor, he was diagnosed with Breath Holding Syndrome, which I had never heard of, but now that I’m aware I’m surprised that more kids don’t (or they do and haven’t been diagnosed) have it.

Breath Holding Syndrome:

Childhood breath-holding conjures up an image of a stubborn toddler willfully holding his breath until he gets what he wants. The reality is quite different, however. The typical breath-holding episode begins when a child becomes upset, is startled, or suffers a minor injury, and then begins to cry. Crying may be brief or prolonged, but typically, after a few cries, the child becomes silent and apneic in what is described as noiseless expiration. This stage quickly is followed by a dramatic change in skin color. The skin becomes cyanotic or pallid or has a mixed-color appearance.

In simple BHS, the event resolves with no associated syncope or postural change. In severe BHS, however, subsequent loss of consciousness and change in postural tone do occur. Usually the child falls limp, and occasionally a few myoclonic jerks may be observed. In some cases, a brief period of increased muscle tone, or opisthotonos, may be seen after or instead of limpness.

The entire episode, which lasts from several seconds to more than a minute, may end with a sudden, deep inspiration or with the return of normal breathing. Especially with severe BHS, the child may be drowsy for a few moments before recovering completely and resuming normal activities.

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Spray Down!

Up until the last couple of weeks, we could count the number of nice days on one hand! 

Sad isn’t it?

Amazingly enough we had gorgeous weather on MY BIRTHDAY!  It was a miracle!

I worked the day of my birthday and in the afternoon Amy, Jordyn & Camryn and Alex with her kids she watches came over to surprise me and have an impromptu birthday party!  After the brownies and celebrating we took all the kids outside to play in the sprinkler.

In the past this “snake sprinkler” scared the kids TO DEATH.  I mean bloody murder screaming, all try to climb me and get the heck away from the spraying monster!  This year I was excited to learn they had grown up and it wasn’t nearly as scary for the kids!  They LOVED IT!




What a great day!  I miss summer already! 


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Panic Attacks

Just the title sends shivers down my spine.

I’ve suffered from panic attacks my whole entire life.  In fact my very first panic attack occurred when I was just three years old.  One of Thursday’s Writer’s Workshop question over at Mama Kat’s is: Your first panic attack. However, I blogged about that event last year.  Hop on over to read about my Most Vivid Childhood Memory that just happened to also be my first panic attack.

Since I’ve already written about my first panic attack, I thought I’d share the ongoing attack I have right now.  It is slowly eating me away.  It’s to the point where I am going to the doctor tomorrow to get a medication changed for my anxiety, because I am in constant fear/anxiety.

About a month ago, I had a horrible experience at the triplets house.  We had been playing outside in the front yard all day.  It was time to clean-up and I watched Nate walk inside the house.  Shortly there after the rest of the kids followed inside along with Jaime (who was also over with her girls).  Jaime was going to put the kids in the bath while I finished cleaning up the mess of the yard.

This is the point when I lose track of time … I have no idea how much time past.  Felt like an eternity, but in acctuality it probably was 10 minutes.

I hear Jaime inside yelling “Nate”.  She called for him several times and got no answer.  She then comes out and says she can’t find him.  I know he is hiding from us.  It’s his favorite thing to do.  So I go inside to check his favorite hiding places.

I check those places.  No Nate.

By this time I can feel my blood curdling and my heart racing.

Jaime and I are running, screaming for Nate, around the house, the backyard, front yard and garage.  No Nate.

Again, I have no sense of time, that has passed.  Seemed at the time like forever.

Jaime decides to run next door and grab the neighbor to come and help (remember we have 5 other kids to watch).  When she comes back (neighborless I might add, because they were gone), we decide to call 911.

The triplets don’t have a house line anymore, so I start scrambling for my cell phone.  Can’t find it.  Jaime shoves hers into my hand and I shakily dial those three numbers 9-1-1.

Because I called on a cell phone, I was connected to the Sheriff’s office first.  Told what happened, the address, what Nate was wearing (which was just a pair of swim trunks) and then transferred me over to our local police department.

About the time the Police Department picked up and the Operator began to explain what was wrong, I hear Jaime scream “I found him!”

Those three words “I FOUND HIM” have never meant so much to me.  I believe Jaime shrieked so loudly that even the operator heard her!  The operator and policeman confirmed with me that he had been found.  I said yes, and thank you so much, and then hung up.

Where was Nate?

Hiding behind a chair IN the house WITH MY CELL PHONE.

Pretty sure I scared the crap out of Nate because by the time he was found I was a mess of emotions.  Relieved that he was found and safe, but beyond mad that he had hid from us like that.

Since that incident I am unable to let the kids plan on their own for vry long.  They can be in the house and I check on them 3, 4, 5 times.  I’m constantly yelling upstairs to confirm where they are.  I even have a hard time letting their 9-year-old sister go outside and play with her friends.  Something she’s been doing for several years.  If I let Sophia go outside without me, I check on her about every 5 minutes.

I’m freaked that something like that will happen to me again.  The feeling was awful then and now several times a day I get that blood curdling – heart racing feeling.  I don’t like the feeling.  I hate not letting the kids be able to have some freedom, but I don’t know what to do about it.

Just writing this post and sent my shivering and into panic mode.  This is definitely something I need to go see a doctor to talk about, because it’s not fair for any of us, myself included.  I definitely need to do something about it …

Mama’s Losin’ It3.) Your first panic attack.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments!

A few days ago I was doing my daily blog reading and came across Mothering Mayhem’s post on Frugal and Fun Ornaments for Kids!  I immediately bookmarked the post and knew I wanted to make them with some of the kids I nanny for this week!  Well today was the perfect opportunity to try out the recipe and activity!  I was babysitting a family with four boys ranging in ages from 11-2, and we all (me included) had a lot of fun mixing, cutting, baking and decorating them!  It was chaos while we were doing them, so I didn’t get any photos, but wanted to share the recipe with you all and the three ornaments I made!

DSCN0384   Yep, I’m that talented ;D

Here is Mothering Mayhem’s recipe for making these ornaments!

Frugal Christmas Ornaments

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

3/4 cup water (more or less)

food coloring, optional*

1. Combine flour and salt. Add water slowly, stirring until mixture forms a ball. Knead dough at least 5 minutes, until firm and smooth. Add more water or flour to get desired consistency.

2. Roll out dough. Use cookie cutters to make shapes. Use a skewer to make a hole for ribbon. Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes. Cool.

3. Leave plain or paint. Acrylic paint works best. Shellac if desired.

* Add food coloring to water for even coloring. Add to dough for marbled effect.

** This recipes makes approximately 24 ornaments.

We didn’t add the food coloring, but I think I’ll give it a try next time!  We did add spray glitter and shellac to make them shinier!  However, I’m now covered in glitter and shellac that I cannot get off!  Oh well, the ornaments are worth it!

Happy Holidays!

“Not Me” Monday: Playing Catch-Up

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It honestly is “not me” to be so far behind in everything, blogging and life lately.  I feel like I’m treading water, which is so “not me”.  Normally, I’m on top of things, on the ball, first done, etc – lately that has been so “not me”. 

Let’s see what am I behind in….

  • Blogging: I have two more posts (not counting this one), that I need to write.  But I keep either forgetting to do them or something else comes up more blog-worthy then the others!  Which is normally soooo “not me”.
  • Church: I’m the secretary of the Relief Society, and that comes with quite a bit of responsibility and organization.  Normally, I’m on top of it, lately I can’t seem to stay afloat.  We had a meeting today, I barely got the agenda’s done and to the meeting [barely] on time.  Both of which or “not me”.  I still have the weekly announcements email to put together and write up the post meeting notes. 
  • Email: I’m so behind on my personal and blog emails it isn’t funny.  They just keep coming, and I am not doing anything about them.  Which is “not me”.  I normally respond to people within 10minutes, that’s “not me” lately.

I’m going to blame the sun for my laziness.  Yes, it finally arrived to grace us with it’s presence the middle of August.  It’s hot, I’m hot, I have no energy and off which is “not me”.  The weather is supposed to be returning to normal by the end of the week and hopefully I will too!

Since I’m boring you all with my lack of energy/need to catch-up/blah blah blah post, I wanted to include some photos from babysitting a couple weeks ago when we went to the Factoria Children’s Museum. 

IMG_4297 IMG_4315 IMG_4316 IMG_4335IMG_4317 IMG_4328IMG_4329  IMG_4347


Okay I feel a little bit better that I’m slowly getting caught up, because being so far behind is “not me” and really stresses me out!  I need to relax and enjoy the summer, before I know it school will be here again….then the real stress will be back!

Happy “Not Me” Monday!

Bouncy House Babysitting!

I was able to spend Friday & Saturday babysitting some wonderful kids overnight while they’re mom and dad went away for some R&R.  Miss L, Miss E and Mr. B have their own….BOUNCY HOUSE!  I packed up the kids, the bouncy house and we headed over to the triplets to play!  Oh.My.Gosh the kids had fun!  I’m now working on talking Kim into buying one for us [the triplets of course]!  It easily entertained all the kids for 3 hours, and let me tell you we [Jaime was working for Kim] had our hands full….an 8, 6, and 4 year old, four 3 year olds and two 1 year olds!  Yes it looked like a Jaime & I had a daycare, but honestly we do on most days!

bouncy house

DSCN7943Jack, Myself & Mr. B

DSCN7904 The Babies kept fighting over the straw!

DSCN7914A whole lotta kids climbing in/out of the bouncy house!

Today the kids and I went to the Factoria Childrens Museum with Brandi, Ems and Madzy.  We had a blast!  I have to say I wore out those 3 kids!  The 3 and 1 year old were out cold when Mom got home!  Yep, I’m that great :) Haha!!  Brandi took lots of pictures, but she has those on her camera so you’ll have to wait until later to see them!

Alex & I are up in Camano tonight enjoying the company of Julia and her two new kittens, Cuddles & Catcher (Aiden & Connor named them!).  They are sooooo cute!!  Catcher is sitting on my shoulder right now while I am blogging!  So adorable!!

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