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Crazy Days of Summer *The Finale*

Where has summer gone?  How is it already August 27th?  (Happy Golden Birthday by the way Erin!)

I started out the summer strong in the Lazy Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge hosted by my two FAVORITE Blogging Photographers, Alicia of Project Alicia and Kristi of Live and Love … Out Loud.  I think I successfully completed the first six weeks … give or take:

I was reading these ladies’ blogs when I read that for the final week, they had a ton of amazing giveaways and prizes for the Lazy Crazy Days of Summer final submissions.  However, I felt a bit awkward linking up this week with all the pomp and circumstance going on, because I missed half of the weeks!!  Then Kristi started bugging me, asking where I’d been and that I HAD TO link-up this week.  I himmed and haw’d (sp??!); then finally gave in.  Okay so it didn’t take that much prodding, but it took some!  Thanks Kristi!

I thought for this final submission I would share my favorite photos that I took over the summer.  Most of these have been shared already, but guess what … it’s my blog and I’m sharing them again!











Happy last Lazy Crazy Days of Summer!!

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Spokane Family Day [Aug5, 6 & 7]

After a busy week in Yellowstone, we headed home via Spokane. 

We’re not strangers to Spokane, in-fact I go with the Munro’s about twice a year to visit Julia’s family and friends.  However, it had been a long time … okay never … since we’d gone and just hung out.  No plans.  No people to visit.  Just relaxing, fun day just for us!

What did we do?

We spent an afternoon at Riverside Park!  We walked around, had a wonderful dinner and then visited the amusement park for some fun!!

riverside park - Copy


Then there was also ENDLESS hours of SWIMMING in the hotel pool!!

swim again - Copy


I also tackled a major project.  Actually it started out as a minor project, but it quickly morphed into a MAJOR project.  Julia and I are making mass amounts of crocheted beanies for our Blue Eyed Blessing’s Etsy Store; the color yarn I wanted to use had a substantial knot in it.  On the drive back from Yellowstone to Spokane I began undoing the knot.  Three days later I STILL was working on the knot!  I’m happy to say after a few days at home I FINALLY got the knots out and made an adorable beanie for our store!

MESS! - Copy



After a fulfilled couple of days and week in Yellowstone we were absolutely tuckered out!  Here we all are on the last night of our vacation!!

all tuckered out


What a fun vacation we had!  Sad it’s over, but now I can look back at all the memories made and photos taken!!  Not to mention I have finished the Yellowstone segments of my blog!!  YAY!

I am starting to feel caught up, but go figure, I went on vacation again last week for a few days with the Munro’s!  So there’s still more adventures to come!!


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Animals & Waterfalls! [Aug4]

On Thursday, August 4th we ventured back to Yellowstone to see the animals!  We weren’t sure how many we’d see up close and personal, so we opted to stop at the local animal reserve that had bears and wolves on display and ready to be viewed by all of us!


At the Animal Reserve



After the reserve we headed back into Yellowstone, where we saw TONS and TONS of buffalo!  They were everywhere, a couple of them even sauntered between Dana & Kim’s car’s!  It was pretty cool!



On our way out of Yellowstone we drove by some BEAUTIFUL waterfalls and rivers!




Tried to get a group shot of all the kids … with 40 takes, these were the best Open-mouthed smile You try to get 11 kids between 8months & 8years all to smile, look and the camera and pose at the same time … thank goodness Photoshop was invented!



Of course there was PLENTY of time for some FUN too!!


This day concludes our Yellowstone Trip!!  We [myself & the Munro’s] still had a few more days of fun before we returned to Seattle … so stay tuned…


P.S. Did you notice those adorable hair bows all the girls are wearing??  They are from Blue Eyed Blessing’s Etsy Store … highly recommend Open-mouthed smile

Hangin’ at the Hotel [Aug3]

After our busy day seeing Old Faithful, the Prismatic Pools and all the outdoorsy activities, we decided to hang back and have more of a lazy day at the hotel!!  Funny thing is, this day was the one the kids said was the most fun!!

We spent a part of the day wandering around the trails surrounding the lodge.  The kids had fun running around and I had a blast with the camera!!

nature walk


That night we celebrated Annika’s 4th birthday (a day early, but who’s counting!) with a pizza party and cake in the lodge lobby!  The pizza was yummy, the cake and ice cream was tasty and the kids ran around like crazies!

annikas bday

After sugaring up the kids we took them outside and let them just RUN!  Alec did a great job of entertaining (and tiring) out the kids by running relay races and playing soccer … even Dana jumped in on the soccer game!

Who won?  Everyone … ahhhh so sappy huh!

run, run, run



The girls had fun running around with the boys, but they had even more fun climbing up on the wooden fence and jumping off!  It was hilarious and the looks on the kids faces (especially Paige’s!) were absolutely priceless!jump!


Another day of my Yellowstone vacation is done!  YAY!  I’m slowly getting through the couple thousand photos that were taken during the five day trip!!

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Yellowstone & Old Faithful! [Aug2]

On Tuesday, August 2nd we left the lodge we were staying at and ventured into Yellowstone to see Old Faithful!


old faithful

DSC_0108DSC_0149yellowstone funDSC_0192DSC_0235DSC_0196


After visiting Old Faithful, getting lost and doing some shopping we stopped at the beautiful Prismatic Pools for a gorgeous walk along the boardwalk!

prismatic pools



After our day in the wilderness … trust me this was WILDERNESS for me … it was time for a snooze on the way back to the hotel!




After naptime we got back to the hotel for a family spaghetti dinner, then bath’s and pajamas for all the kids!  The day wouldn’t be complete without some cousin’s & pajamas photos now would they?

cousins & pjs


Okay, that completes are first full day in Yellowstone and third day of our vacation! 


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We Made It! {Big Sky, Montana} [Aug1]

On Monday, August 1st we left Missoula, Montana on our way to our final destination … Big Sky, Montana!




After a “quick” four hour drive, we arrived in Big Sky shortly after Julia’s brother Jason, sister-in-law Kim and their family and about thirty minutes before Julia’s cousin Dana and her four kids!  After unpacking and then grabbing a quick bite to eat (as quick as it can be with 11 kids under the age of 8!), we hit the pool for some swimming before bed!




Both Kim & Dana have 8-month old babies … in fact they were born ON THE SAME DAY within 32 minutes of each other!  Reese is technically older because she was born first, but in Texas … however, you could claim that Camden is actually older because he was born at an earlier time in Washington!  Either way it’s pretty cool these two cousins are so close in age!  Not to mention ADORABLE!!




After swimming we had some VERY tired kids on our hand!!  It didn’t take long for all four to fall asleep and then cuddle up together!  So sweet!



That night we all crashed and slept well as we prepared for our first day at Yellowstone the following day!!


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Missoula, Montana [July31]

Early Sunday morning (7/31), we packed up the Suburban and headed out for Yellowstone!  In total the drive was 12 hours, but we broke it up over two days.  The first day we drove eight hours and arrived in Missoula, Montana just before dinner time. 

The hotel we stayed at the first night had a couple of waterslides, that I was eager to try out!  After dinner we hit the waterslides and pools for some fun out of the car!


DSC_0001Love this shot of MacKenzie … you’d think she was jumping into deep water!





Aiden … Before & After!


DSC_0014-2MacKenzie is a daredevil when it comes to the water!  She loved going down the waterslides with me!


DSC_0019-2Connor was a little apprehensive the first time, so he went down with me … once at the bottom he realized how fun it was and went again … and again … and again!



DSC_0032Annika preferred the kids play area, but she did go down the waterslides a couple of times!!


Aiden [top] & Annika [bottom]


DSC_0048Aiden also enjoyed the slides in the kids area!

DSC_0068Kenzie & I with matching looks on our faces after going down the waterslide!


Connor [top] & Aiden [bottom] go solo down the slide!



After eight hours of driving and a couple hours of swimming we were all exhausted!  We slept well in prep for our final four hour journey the next day to Big Sky, Montana where we’d be staying during our time in Yellowstone!

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll get the next day’s worth of pictures up Open-mouthed smile  Slowly but surely!

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Yellowstone – Here We Come!

I’m on my way to Yellowstone with the Munro’s! It’s a 12 hour drive and we are currently 3 hours in! Luckily we’re only driving 8 today!

So far so good, highlight was me getting carsick right away! We hadn’t even hit the freeway before I puked! Dramamine is now down so all’s well! I hate getting carsick, it sucks!

Wish me luck as we continue our journey! We’re surviving with snacks and lot of movies! I don’t know how people survive(d) without in car DVD players! They are lifesavers!

Next stop Idaho!!

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