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#DiaperNeed Awareness Social Media Webinar


Last October I had the opportunity to present at the National Diaper Bank Network‘s annual national conference in Kansas City on social media!  Not only was this my first national presentation, by my first professional presentation in general, what a way to start!

This year the conference is being held in Seattle and I knew with Eastside Baby Corner being a key component of the conference I’d have a lot of hosting duties and it was decided for me to not present, but was thrilled when I was asked to present my last years conference presentation again in preparation for this week’s Diaper Need Awareness Week!

Last year at the conference I co-presented with the ED of the Austin Diaper Bank, but this time I chose to present with my co-worker Stephanie and we totally rocked it!!!!

The NDBN recorded the webinar and I’m excited to share it with all of you!  It is about an hour long, but if you’re interested in non-profit social media you may enjoy this one!  

Again the presentation was primarily done by myself and co-worker Stephanie Zurn, but we were joined toward the end with Troy Moore of the NDBN.


Steph & Cori waiting for webinar to start!

What is Diaper Need Awareness Week?  

Per the Eastside Baby Corner Blog:

Diapers, or rather the lack of them (a situation known as diaper need), is a serious issue, preventing many at-risk families from breaking out of the cycle of poverty.

In response to the significance of helping families experiencing diaper need, the National Diaper Bank Network created a week of awareness, known as National Diaper Need Awareness Week, to help the public understand how they can help families in their community. It will be held this year September 28th to October 3rd.

Are you interested in getting involved with Diaper Need Awareness Week?  

Here are some ideas of how to get involved (again from the EBC blog!)

1) Follow EBC on Facebook and Twitter. Leading up to, and during the week, we will share information about diaper need and what you can do to help. Please like and share the posts to help others understand diaper need, as well as ways THEY can help.

2) Join the Twitter Party on Thursday, October 1st. Using hashtag #diaperneed, participate in a nationwide Twitter Party where participants can share information, stories, activities and more from Diaper Need Awareness Week.

3) Donate your Tweet or Post. Surely you’ve heard of crowdsourcing, but how about crowdvoicing? Thanks to a new crowdvoicing platform call Thunderclap, we can amplify our diaper need message by having a Tweet, Tumblr post and Facebook post sent out to thousands of social media users at the same. If you donate your post (which you can do here), Thunderclap will automatically send a tweet or post from you on September 30th at 12pm PST.

The post will say: “Help local diaper banks keep all babies clean, dry & healthy. RT to support #DiaperNeed Awareness Week.”

If you’re interested in learning more about a diaper bank near you click HERE.

One last thing, I wrote a post last year about why cloth diapering isn’t always the answer for struggling families.  It is a great option for many, but (at least in Seattle) there are some strict guidelines that many families in need are unable to meet making it impossible for them to cloth diapering.   Eastside Baby Corner does provide cloth diapers to any family who has the ability to properly care for cloth diapers.  

Please consider doing something to help spread the news about #DiaperNeed!  That’s a challenge!


Laptop Updates


There is nothing more annoying than when you see the update your computer alert. I quickly click remind me in 3 hours, finish my work and quickly shut my computer so I don't have to update. That routine continues over and over until my laptop locks me out which is always EXTREMELY untimely (ie: when you have to print one thing before dashing out the door) and EXTREMELY frustrating.

I can't blame all my computer problems on this major Windows update, it's also old. I don't remember when I got it but it's been at least four years because I had it in college. It's time for a new laptop, I'm just too cheap to buy a new one. I mean it still works, most of the time, it's fast-ish, sort of, and holds years of photos that I'm just too lazy to move to an external hard-drive.

Until I give in, or more likely my computer just dies completely, I will be stuck with this…

Now I'm up to 14 / 39 updates, but am going on 35 minutes….at this rate I won't be finishing what I'm working on.


It’s all fun and games


until somebody gets hurt….and that somebody is generally my klutzy self!  But this time it was still fun and games after my wipeout!

I spent this beautiful weekend up at Mad’s cabin in Shelton with most of my Baby Corner family.  I have lots of photos to share, well technically just a couple from my phone that I snuck when Mad wasn’t looking since the cabin is a “technology free zone”, but Stephanie took tons of and as soon as I am able to get them from her I’ll share them.  For today I thought I’d share my war wound that I proudly received:

 I went tubing and impressed everyone by my willingness to (1) go tubing in the freezing cold water and (2) my excitement of speed!  (I guess most people assume I’m a wimp….)

The boat was able to have two inner tubes going together and the first time I went with Chris’ son Ethan.  We both lasted a VERY longtime before we crashed into each other and I sadly was the one thrown into the freezing cold water.

After the boat came back to get me and I climbed back on the boat I realized my foot didn’t feel so good.  I somehow managed to whack/catch it on the towline was I was tossed off.  It immediately hurt but I wasn’t about to let a chance to tube again be missed and I climbed right back on.

After we got back to the cabin my foot was pretty swollen and painful.  Wanda’s husband is a Physical Therepist and said it looks like a pretty good sprain.  Luckily it doesn’t seem to bother me too much and hopefully can avoid a visit to the doctor.

The injury didn’t keep me down long as I was back on the tube again today. Now I have a nice bruise to remind me of a fun weekend!

I’m actually writing this post from the ferry and thought I’d end with a couple of photos:

I’m pretty sure I live in the most beautiful place on earth!!

Until next time…

Update 8:52pm: By the time I got home (I wrote this post on the ferry) my foot had swollen to twice the normal size and my bruising was crazy.  At that point I talked to my mom and decided to go into urgent care to have it X-rayed.

I went in and doctor agreed it’s either badly sprained or possible fractured.  Unfortunately they didn’t have an X-ray tech and I either had to go to the ER for X-rays or come back tomorrow.  I decided to avoid the hour wait at the hospital and will just go back first thing in the morning.  They did put me in a walking boot so hopefully that helps stabilize it.


Update 7/20/2015: This morning I went in for an x-ray and luckily it’s NOT broken, but is badly sprained.  After a busy day on my feet at work I’m home with my foot up and icing.  My foot looks even more black and blue and now my entire leg is swollen to twice the size of normal….it’s really lovely!

In addition to the sprain, I had an allergic reaction to something and have like 50 thumbnail sizes itchy welts to enjoy.  Needless to say I’m not loving life right now…






I promise I haven’t forgotten

I promise I haven’t forgotten about the giveaway or #catchthemoment365. I’ve been busy prepping for my presentation at a conference in Kansas City on Friday and now am fighting a horrible cold. My goal is to announce the winner on Tuesday! I’ll be back, don’t give up on me!


Pumpkin Patch Pickings *Photo Challenge: Orange*

I have totally lucked out when it comes to taking for the Shades of Fall Photo Challenge!  The sun was shining high and warming up the area, during the last three Tuesday’s that I have gone out to take pictures!  I can’t have asked for better weather!

Today, Alex and I headed out to the pumpkin patch to take some pictures of all the fall beauty wrapped in stunning orange!



Who doesn’t love all the many shades of Fall??  If you missed my entries for the previous two weeks of the challenge check out:

Don’t Forget to enter for a chance to win 25 FREE Holiday Cards of YOUR Choice from SHUTTERFLY!!  Click HERE to enter!


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So Followed Saturday – on hold

The So Followed Saturday will be taking a break until after the new year! Thank you to everyone who has participated over the past months! Hope you gained some new great reads, friends and of course new followers!

Thank you again!

My Visits to Ground Zero

Have you been to Ground Zero before?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend everyone should go and visit.  I have had the opportunity to visit Ground Zero on a couple of occasions over the last ten years. 

The first time I visited was about 18 months after the 9/11 attacks.  I remember honestly not wanting to go.  I didn’t want to ruin my exciting trip to New York City with such a sad reminder of how tragic that day had been the year before.  At the same time, I knew it was something I needed to do.  I had the chance to witness American History in the making.  I mustered up the courage and attended.

The feelings of anger, fear and pain were still still fresh and you could not only see it, but could feel it.  There wasn’t a dry eye anywhere.

The footprints of both towers were now filled with construction equipment moving dirt all around.  The recovery effort was over and now the rebuilding had begun.

I don’t remember much from that visit, except for watching the construction equipment and walking by a makeshift memorial made from the walls that kept visitors out of the construction area now known as Ground Zero.  These walls were filled with notes, messages and signatures from other visitors who had attended the memorial.  I remember reading that the wall surrounding Ground Zero had so many visitors leave comments that they had to repaint over it almost daily to give everyone a chance to leave a lasting message.

I grabbed a nearby sharpie and added my message to the wall.

I wish I remember what I had written.  I wish I had photos from the visit, (Darn pre-digital cameras!) but I still have the memories from that day.

My second visit to Ground Zero was in May 2007, when my family went to New York City for a wedding.

It had been several years since my last visit and Ground Zero had changed a lot!  It no longer was just holes of tragic reminders of that day six years prior, it was being converted into a beautiful permanent memorial to honor all the people who lost and risked their lives that September day.  While the sadness and reminders were still present, the mood’s of the people had improved.  No longer were people frozen in the fear that plagued America after 9/11.  Moods were uplifted and people were proud of the memorial that was being created. 


You won’t just see memorials and reminders of 9/11 in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania – but all across the United States and the world. 

While doing some research for this blog post, I was curious to see what Washington State has done to remember those lost in 9/11.  I was surprised to learn that Washington State has been awarded 18 of the 1,218 pieces of steel from the World Trade Centers that was available for different towns, cities, states and even countries for their own 9/11 memorials. 

The most recent one was in May 2011, when a local fire department was awarded one girder from the World Trade Center.  According to the Seattle Times, “four firefighters from Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One traveled across the country and back — 6,276 miles — to pick up this piece, which is 60 inches long, 30 inches wide and weighs 986 lbs.” 

I came across a You Tube video of the precession that proceeded the 9/11 girder arriving in Gig Harbor.  Click HERE to check it out.  Not only does it include the precession, but also a beautifully done collage of photos from 9/11 featuring Darryl Worley’s Have You Forgotten song. 

And…because I’m not the only fame seeker, I learned that Alec, my “second dad,” (ya know married to Julia “second mom” and my Blue Eyed Blessings co-owner!), made a cameo in the Mercer Island Reporter to show how the Mercer Island Fire Department is honoring those lost in 9/11.

9-11 MI Tribute


I’ve also blogged about 9/11 each year since I began my blog in 2008.  You can read about my thoughts and memories of 9/11:


2009 – 9/11

2010 – It’s Time We Stand and Say…….

Citations: Seattle Times, You Tube Video & Mercer Island Reporter


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Hangin’ Out With Emily!!

I’m holding down Emily’s house while she is busy playing!!

Hop over to Emily’s blog and check out what my big mouth and I have to say Open-mouthed smile

Thanks again Emily for having me!!

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