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Bellevue, Washington KIDS CONSIGNMENT SALE {Saturday 10.22.11, 10am-2pm}

Two weeks ago we had a venue malfunction and had to postpone the Toys & Togs sale that I participate in twice a year! So once again

Live in the Bellevue / Seattle area?

Got kids?  Expecting a baby?

On a budget?

Need items for your children?  then you have to check out the Toys & Togs Sale

Saturday, October 22nd, is the Eastside Moms of Multiples Fall Toys and Togs Consignment Sale.  Where you can buy everything you need for your baby and child! If you live in the Seattle area you HAVE TO GO!

oct22 flyer


For more information, you can view EMOMS Facebook Page!

Hope to see some of you there!

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Seattle Area Children’s Consignment Sale–October 8th

I’ll be there … will you??

fall 11 sign



Don’t forget So Followed Saturday is still OPEN!  Come link-up!!


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Wanna Hear What I Sound Like?

I don’t really care for what I sound like when I’m video-taped.  It’s extremely high pitched and squeaky.  Hurts my ears!  So here is a rare listen of what I sound like!

This video is for an upcoming consignment sale, where I’m teaching sellers how to properly tag (price) and get ready for the sale!!





Don’t think I was going to leave you hanging on the Toys & Togs totals….never fear, totals are here!! 

Only Parent Chronicles

Toys & Togs Time is Here

Yep, it’s that time again for the twice yearly, Toys & Togs sale a MASSIVE consignment sale for the local Twins & Triplets organization!  I’m one of the team leads who head’s up and runs the toys section, so I’ll be super busy over the next two days! 

If you live in the Seattle Area you really should try to go and check it out!  There’s 150 moms of twins and triplets that will be selling their gently used baby and kids clothes and equiptment!!

Bellevue College Gym
Saturday, October 16th from 10am-2pm!

If you plan on coming, I really recommend you come early!  People start lining up outside as early as 6:30 am, that’s how big and amazing this sale is!!

I posted a tease for Friday’s post….but I pushed that one back to Saturday so you’ll have something new to read bright and early Saturday morning!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I should be back on Sunday!!

Do You Have Kids and Live in the Seattle Area??!

If so, you CANNOT afford to miss this event ….

I’ve blogged about this event quite a bit, check out my past posts and pictures HERE.  But to give you a quick idea of what it looks like, here’s a collage to show you :-)

I’ll be there working and am hoping some of you can come check it out!   You won’t be disappointed!!! 

Toys & Togs Totals

I’m writing this while stuffing my face with Wendy’s sitting at Sea-Tac waiting for 4:30 when I can board my flight to Spokane.  A bit annoyed that security confisgated my hair products, but what can I do?  Not much…oh well!
plane I think this will be my plane, it’s another commuter plane where you get to walk on the ‘runway’ to get on the plane.  I’ve only been on one, once before when we went home from Disneyland last year!
Anyway, Brandi, Alex & I went to card-count today for the Toys & Togs Sale last Saturday and I have to say everyone did really well!

Emoms: $68k, not the highest ever grossing sale, last fall it was over $80k, but still nothing to frown about! *they now have to pay the sellers, pay for rental fees,etc. so I’m not sure how much they actually get to keep*

Charity: $375.00 total and she’ll get a check for $338.15  (she made 90% as a team-lead, Emoms keeps 10%).  Charity didn’t sell much this sale, because her girls aren’t going through clothes as fast!  It’s crazy the day finally came when she is about done with the sale!

Julia & Jaime: $2,630.75 total and Julia will get a check for $2,367.68 (she made 90% as a team-lead, Emoms keeps 10%).  I did a quick tally of Jaime’s cards and we figure Julia will end up keeping about $1,900 and Jaime about $650 of the total amount.  We won’t know exact numbers until we get the cards back. 

Not to shabby for anyone though!!  I wish it was my money!  Okay I better pack up my stuff, hit the potty and then go wait to board the plane…Spokane…here I come!

Toys and Togs Summary

I’m pooped!!  I have been on my feet moving since 630 this morning!  Now it’s 7:15 and I am already to crash!  What a busy day!  I chaired toys with my silent partner Paul, because Charity had to go down to Portland with the girls. Brandi assisted me in toys, Alex was as bagger (the hardest job out there in my opinion), Jaime worked in equiptment and Julia ran the members table! At one point the checkout line was so long I was pulled out of toys to cashier, so that was a nice change of scenery, but the pressure! I was freaked out I’d make a mistake!

The sale went really well!  Julia, Charity & Jaime brought (total) 4 SUVs and 1 car full of stuff to sell!  And I would say 80% sold!  We’ll see next Saturday during card counting for totals!  Still guess (just Julia) will make $2k!  Jaime knows she already pocketed $260 for sure in big items, plus LOTS of colthes!  All of Julia’s big items sold except for her changing table, but she just plans on posting it on Craigstlist and I have no doubt it’ll sell!  Charity didn’t have much to sell this year, it was amazing!  I think she ended up taking 3 bins of clothes home, so she did really well too!!  Like I said, I can’t wait for next week!

Until next time…..

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