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Mission to a Million Steps ~ Week 7

Steps ButtonI blame this week’s lack of movement on the fact that I had the flu this weekend. It has taken me down all weekend long. I woke up feeling kind of blah on Friday and by Friday night I was in bed and asleep by like 8pm. All day Saturday and Sunday I stayed in bed fighting a fever, chills and climbing the walls when it felt like 1,000*.

It was a pretty crappy weekend.

This weekend COMBINED I never hit 3,000 steps. Yes, I’m ready for the start of a new week to try to boost my steps. The one positive/negative of this week is I have tomorrow off! Positive because I had no weekend since I was sick. Negative because I never walk very far on non-work days. Oh well that just means I will have to kick it up a notch or two the rest of the week

Week 7 Stats (February 10 – 16, 2014):

Total Number of Steps: 38,140 steps
Total Number of Miles Walked: 16.49 miles
How Close to 1,000,000 Steps: 281,287/1,000,000 = 28.13% toward goal

Total Number of Calories Burned: 13,620 calories
Average Daily Steps: 6,000 steps
Week 7’s Most Daily Steps: 10,206 steps on Thursday, February 13th
Overall Most Daily Steps: 13,825 steps on Thursday, January 23rd
Ranking Amongst Friends: 8th (out of 16 people)

Brandi -vs.- Cori: I won this last week Smile

week 7 - blog

How does Mission to a Million Steps work? Every Monday I will post the number of steps I stepped from the previous week (Monday-Sunday) on my blog. I have designed a goal thermometer that I will change each week on my blog to show my progress. You will also be able to quickly see an update on a permanent thermometer on my sidebar. I’m excited to see how long it will take me to walk 1,000,000 steps!

Want to try to out-step me and have a FitBit? Feel free to add me as a friend on FitBit. Please leave me a comment letting me know you are sending me an invite so I know who you are Smile

Let’s go week 8…..

2013 Blog in Review

Wow, here we go again it’s December 31, 2013, where has the year gone?  I swear I was just writing my 2012 Blog in Review post and here it is 365 days later and I’m doing it again.

I was a *bad* blogger this year.  I lost the urge to blog.  Had no time to take photos.  My energy was zapped from working full-time.  In other words….I sucked at blogging in 2013.  Last year I blogged at least once in 11 of the 12 months making my Review post more exciting  This year I didn’t blog for five whole months – aka BORING post!.  That is so unlike me!

I’m joining in in a Project 365 blog meme.  A *true* participant in Project 365 would take (and post) a photo every day during the year, I know myself and that there’s no way I could do that so I am tweaking it to fit me.  My 2013 goal is to blog at least once every single week.  It may not be every day, but that’s an achievable goal.

Without further ado my 2013 Blog in Review posts, a little shorter then usual but it’s here!


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Hope you have a fantastic and safe New Years Eve!  See you in 2014!

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I’m linking up with Jo-Lynne from Musings of a House Wife in the 2013 Blog Recap Carnival!
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It’s no big secret that the last few weeks have been crappy for me. I mean you saw my last post on how I was hurting. Little did I know that less than 12 hours later I’d be hurting even more, but this time physical pain.

On Saturday, October 9th I was running late to a work event (shocker!). I jumped in my car, ready for a busy fun day and off I went. Less then 5 minutes later, about 4 miles from my house I collided with a guardrail.

Yes, a guardrail.

Not only a guardrail, but a guardrail when my car was going 60mph.

I hit so hard and then tried to correct it (to alleviate more damage), that the next thing I knew I was spinning;


And around.

And around my car went.

With every rotation my car hit the guardrail.

Over. And over. and over again.

Time felt like it stopped. I honestly don’t remember how many times I spun, but before I knew it I had stopped and my car was pointed in the same direction I started.

When my car stopped all I could think of was I have to get out of the road.. The road I had my accident on is a curvy 2  lane highway with no shoulder. I KNEW it was only a matter of time before I was hit if I didn’t get out of the road. I drove a half a mile and was able to pull off onto a utility road.

Once parked I finally was able to take a deep breath, say a prayer of thanks that I was okay and then begin to think about my next steps. How I had any ability to function at that time is beyond me. I was so level headed and my thinking was clear. I was in control.

My first call was to my parents. Needless to say this isn’t a call that they wanted to get.

I then texted my best friend.

And then 911.

(I said I was thinking clearly … but may have got the order of calls slightly wrong!)

I had problems with 911 and them finding my location. I remember getting extremely frustrated with the 911 operator trying to explain my locale. The more frustrated I got, the more pain I began to feel.

By the time my parents arrived, I was near tears (still talking with the operator) and shaking uncontrollably. The first thing my mom did was move me to my car (yes, she got a stern talking by the EMTs later for moving me!) and took over duty with phone.

Before I knew it the firetruck and ambulance had arrived and a massive wave of nauseau came across me. Someone climbed into the backseat of my parents car and immediately grabbed my neck so I didn’t move. They then slowly pulled me out and into a standing position.  Once out of the car they put a neck brace on me.

I quickly became BFFs with Matt, the firefighter who appeared to be in charge. He talked with me through the next maneuver – moving me from standing, onto a backboard, to the ground and then onto the gurney. I am soooooo thankful he talked to me through the entire thing, because was the scariest part.

In a matter of seconds they had me attached to the backboard and slowly lowered me to the ground. Once on the ground they did a quick assessment before moving me onto the gurney and into the back of the ambulance.

They moved fast. I was out of the car, assessed and on my way to the hospital before the State Trooper even arrived.

While they were speedy getting me on the road, it felt like an eternity to get the hospital.

I felt every bump in the road.

Once again Matt talked to me through the whole thing. I remember him talking, I think I answered?!? After the accident I got horribly nauseated so I was given oxygen on the way to the ER. I was in such a state of shock that I just laid there, stared at the roof and concentrated on my breathing. I was so quiet and calm that I think Matt was worried about me not being okay, because apparently most of their patients are screaming or crying uncontrollably … Not me. He finally asked my mom, “you know her the best, how is she?”

It was a surreal experience. I was laying there aware of what was going on, yet it was almost like I wasn’t there. I heard him ask my mom how she thought I was (and she assured him I was just horribly scared), but I felt completely removed from the trip. (This is actually how I feel about the actual accident. I remember my car hitting the guardrail and spinning, but I have NO recollection of what my body did inside the car.)

After the 20 minute drive we finally arrived at the hospital. Going via ambulance is the way to go – no waiting! The doctor and nurse (oh and a state trooper, too!) met us at the door and began their assessment right away.

I was the whisked off to get x-rays and a CT-scan. At this point my adrenaline kicked in. I was HAPPPPPPY! Cracking jokes, giggling and having a great time (or as great as could be being stuck to hard board unable to move!). I was in such a great mood my mom question the doctor and asked her was my mood normal. The doctor assured her it was and “don’t worry she will crash” (no pun intended).

The longer I laid on the backboard the more my head hurt from the neck brace. It got to the point where I was begging the techs to take it off. I tried bribery even, but sadly even that didn’t work. The doctor wouldn’t take off the neck brace until the results from the tests were back and cleared me from injury. This time took forever…the doctor finally game back in and said it looked like I had fractured a bone near my sternum, but to confirm they needed to do another CT-scan.

Fantastic. So much for getting the neck brace off anytime soon!

Finally, the results from the second scan was in and showed that I hadn’t fractured it after all.  In the end I was discharged with the diagnosis of bruised neck and back, plus internal bruising from where my seatbelt laid and locked. (My airbags didn’t deploy because I missed the sensor by just inches.)

Sure enough the doctor was right and on the way home I crashed – both physically and emotionally. I suddenly was scared.

I reenacted the accident over and over in my head. Plus the amazement of the hospital staff that I was so okay, who kept telling me how lucky I was and that I could have easily been t-boned by an oncoming car.

I ended up out of work for an entire week. My co-workers were (and are) amazing and donated their sick days to me so I could still get a weeks paycheck even though I was home (I hadn’t accrued much sick time yet). I went back to work on Monday and each day is a little bit better then the day before. I still come home in pain and exhausted, but am happy to have my life returning to normal.

The insurance company totaled my car and now I’m waiting for the insurance check to arrive so I go buy a new car. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow and hopefully this weekend I will find a car to purchase. I’m excited to be getting a new car, but not looking forward to car payments again. Oh well I don’t have much of a choice!






In the end I never got a ticket, or at least not yet!  My insurance company has been a-mazing covering everything.  One thing I did learn is that I have to pay to fix the guardrail! had you heard of that before?  I had no idea, luckily my insurance will cover it!

Have you ever been in a car accident??

High-tech Surgical Procedure

My mom sent me thus photo before her surgery to fix a meniscus tear in her knee and it just made me giggle! With all the medical technology at our fingertips, nothing beats a sharpie marker!!


Oh and yes, my mom is fine!

Aiden’s Ambulance Adventure

(Yes, I’m playing MAJOR catch-up on posts!  You’ll just have to live with it!)

On March 26th at 4:13pm, I was just settling into a meeting for work when I receive this text from Julia….


Not quite the text I was expecting to receive! 

I quickly excused myself from the meeting and hightailed it to the hospital about 45 minutes away from work.  I made amazing time considering it was rush hour in Seattle, I made it to the hospital just shortly after the ambulance did (they too had a long drive!). 

Apparently Aiden was doing tricks off the bar on the swing set when he dropped on his head. 

After several tests it was determined he was fine…sore…but would be okay!  I of course, was all posed and ready to take some photos!


          coriconnor & aiden

There’s never a dull moment when you are around kids!

Lesson Learned


We all make them all day long!

Some our BIG choices. Others are minor.

Some choices are made to make things easier.

Today I was faced with a very silly choice and I tried to take the easy way out and skip a couple of steps!

Today was a busy day in the warehouse and I was putting away a bunch of donations that came in from a drive I coordinated for EBC. We are right in the middle of massive renovation so the normal organized warehouse is all discombobulated! Nothing is where it should be and we’re still moving things around.

I was trying to fit several bins of shampoo, baby lotion and baby wash onto a metal rack. The bins weren’t arranged how I liked it, so I decided to rearrange the bins.

I *should* have pulled out a bin and moved it over. But what fun would that be!? Not to mention I was in a hurry and couldn’t spare the 30 seconds it would take to move it over.

In typical Cori fashion I wanted to do it with a flare.

I couldn’t quite push the bin where I wanted, because it was a little to wide. So I decided to use my brute strength to move it.

I gathered all my strength, and squeezed the bin to push it where I needed. Well apparently I wasn’t strong enough because I ended up getting my finger smashed between the plastic bin and the metal rack.

It was like the bin exploded back into its original shape and I found my finger really stuck.

It took some work for me to remove it from its pinned position and not to my surprise my finger and fingernail was bleeding and already turning purple.

It’s now been like 8 hours and everytime i take the bandaid off the stupid finger is still bleeding. (NO it does NOT need stitches!

The good news is j got TWO Dora band aids!

Yes TWO!. Don’t be to jealous!


Moral of the story is …. don’t take the shortcuts, because there is a good chance of it not turning out well – as it did for me!

The countdown is on until my fingernail falls off ….

Thanks for letting me complain!

Paige’s Preposterous Predicament

On Friday, I was a busy, busy bee at work and didn’t sit down at my desk until after 3pm.  When I finally took a breather, I did a phone check and wanted to hear how Julia & Kim’s outing was going at the Children’s Museum – so I sent them a text.  The response I got was not what I was expecting….

Kim responds saying she is sitting in the ER.

At first I think she has to be joking.  I mean, the ER?  They were just in a car accident last week, there is no way that they are taking a return trip to the ER!

I send back a “hahahaha very funny” text, but quickly realized it was true. 

Apparently at some point in the last several months her daughter, Paige, had shoved some sort of object, like a bead, into her ear.  The doctor had found it at her well check-up, but couldn’t remove it so they were sitting in the Children’s Hospital ER trying to get it removed.

Luckily, after multiple tries they were able to remove the item…still not sure what it is!

Tomorrow is Paige’s sharing day at school and boy does she have story to tell and will be bringing in the mysterious object, now displayed in a plastic box, with her class!!  Her mom helped her write a fun and witty poem sharing the story behind the small bead like item that they removed from her ear. 

I loved the story and asked Kim if she’d be a guest blogger on my blog so I could share the story!  I was thrilled when I got the enthusiastic YES response I was hoping for!  So without further ado, I introduce today’s guest blogger and mommy poem writing extraordinaire, Kim Hoerner with the lovely star of the show, Paige!!

(Please ignore the bad quality of photos…I did my best to keep the poem/story the same as what Paige will be bringing into class tomorrow!  So it is basically copied & pasted, making it not the best quality, the original is MUCH clearer and cleaner!!)




Thanks for a great, blog-worthy story, Paige!

Have you had a similar story?  Was it you who did it?  Your child?  Your friend?  I’d love to hear more stories of “survival” Smile

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Do you remember the last time you swallowed gum?

Kids do it all the time.

No big deal, right? Well other than the fact it stays in your system for 7 years. But who is counting? It’s just an old wise tale anyway …. Right?

You can ask any of my friends or family … I’m a bit of a gum-aholic. It runs in my family, we always chew and need gum….it’s a bit of an addiction. It goes so far with me that my dentist has added to my medical file that I am a “habitual chewer”.

I always have gum with me. It’s in my purse. It’s in the car. It’s in my room. It’s on my desk at work. I always have it with me. If I don’t have it I can normally turn to my mom or sisters for a piece – and if they don’t have any *gasp* there is normally a store, or at least a gas station nearby for me to get a quick fix.

Kids know that if they want gum to ask me, many have gotten in trouble for raiding my purse looking for some (I have some very nice gifts, that were given to me from kids who took gum without asking!

My niece, Emma, is a classic example of a gum swallower. Every. Single. Time you give her gum she swallows is. (Personally I think it’s a game now, but that’s beside the point!). I’m not supposed to give her gum for that very reason, but Emma is very persistent – and not to mention to darn cute – that she normally gets the gum anyway.

Yes, bad auntie!

Well this morning at work I was chewing my morning piece and started to laugh causing me to inhale my gum and it went flying down my throat before I had time to react.

That was 9am this morning …. It’s now been 13 hours later and I can still feel it! It is driving me crazy.

I’ve drank and ate lots in hopes of “pushing” it down, but no luck. I’ve asked other people, including nurses for recommendations on how to get rid of the feeling – no luck.

Looks like I’m just going to have to wait it out. Grrrr.

I guess the moral of my story is don’t swallow gum (shocker moral, right!). It doesn’t taste good going down and it really doesn’t feel good sitting in your gut for hours either!

Why do kids enjoy swallowing their gum? I just don’t get it!

Hopefully by the time I wake up it will have worked itself into my stomach….

Do you have any remedies to get rid of this feeling?

PS – Yes, I’m aware that most likely I’m just feeling the effects of it “scratching” my throat and stomach on the way down. So most likely it has already made its journey into my stomach. But that’s not nearly as fun of a story now is it!

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