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I write like I talk ….

and that includes college papers…sometimes.

Okay, so I don’t normally talk like this in essays, in fact this was painful for me because it was so informal – however I think it is exactly what my Prof wants… this essay sounded so much like a blog post (in writing) that I thought I might as well include it as one!

Throughout my two years in the IAS program I never really interacted with the topic of research and inquiry.  I see Interdisplinary Research and Inquiry as the ability to think, write, research and converse within multiple disciplines.  The examples of my work that I have chosen do not fall within the typical explanation of the standard research paper.  I didn’t write a paper on a legislative bill or on an animal at the zoo; I didn’t go to the library to learn about a certain topic, as you would with a typical research paper.  You see, my papers are a bit obscure and a bit of a stretch to fall within the research paper realm.  However, stretch I will…    

In my Introduction to Journalism I wrote a newspaper article introduced readers to a new initiative, Nourishing Networks, which uses the community to work together and share resources to begin to end hunger within the Northshore community. Through research and inquiry of interviews with participants of this initiative I learned that in 2009, about 20,000 children lived at or near the poverty line in North and East King County, or approximately 1 in 4 children.  It amazed me to comprehend that we have starving children residing within our affluent Eastside communities and Nourishing Networks was formed as an attempt to not only end hunger but also the stigma of it.

My second example was a final paper for my Introduction to Interactive Media class where I wrote and discussed the various media platforms that had spun off of the highly successful BBC show Dr. Who.  This may not seem like a research paper for everyone, I had never heard of the show or the media empire that developed based on the television series.  This paper took research to learn that Dr. Who had spin off television shows, a magazine, book series, games and toys.  It was mesmerizing how one television show sparked an entire empire and a highly successful media platform that spans many decades.

While my examples of research and inquiry may not fall squarely within the IAS Learning Objectives I did “develop [my] ability to assess and conduct interdisciplinary research by engaging with diverse areas of knowledge and kinds of inquiry”.

“Math Across Curriculums”

Clearly the title of one of the classes I’m taking this quarter has NOTHING to do with Math.

At least that is what I told myself when I signed up to take it to fullfill a final graduation requirement.

That’s what I told myself this morning when I talked my friend Aundrea into dropping out of her ecology class to take Math Across Curriculums with me.

NOT going to be math is what we silently chanted as we walked to the classroom.

However, that’s when the panic set in.


We walked into the classroom and realized we left the comforting realm of English and entered the world of …. it pains me to even say the words …. MATH.

I quickly learn that a pre-requisite for this class is Calculus.

First off I haven’t taken a math class in years …. like eight … let alone Calculus.  Heck, did I even take Calculus?  I guess I must have because I was able to enter the class with no problem, but still.

Aundrea and I were panicked.  I could feel the blood quickly draining from my body as we sat and waited for the professor to walk in.

The professor who walked in was NOT who I was expecting, instead of being a nerdy mathematician in walked a surfer-dude in flipflops and wind-blown hair. What kind of class was this going to be.

In the end it has to do with graphing (and I’m not talking bar graphs or algebraic math graphing), this is totally different.  Never seen it before in my life.  Luckily so far it’s pretty straightforward, I will survive.

Lucky for me there is NO exams, homework due weekly and a presentation which we all know I can talk.  So if I can just follow along I’ll do fine.

I’ll do fine.

Yes, I will.

I have no choice, June 10th is just around the corner…

It’s been awhile!

Tomorrow will mark one month since I last blogged.  What the heck is wrong with me? Well lots, but that’s not what’s up…hehehe!

Back on February 8th I wrote about how I was drowning in school.  At that point I was not quite at midterms in a crazy-hectic quarter of 20 credits and a part-time internship.  I don’t know how I did it, but somehow I accomplished it all and got this ….

Yes, somehow I ended the quarter with a 3.70 GPA!  I’m so proud and happy!

Guess What? I will graduate after Spring quarter!  YES, my graduation date is set for June 10, 2012.  It’s only been 9-years, three university’s, hundreds of credits, lots of classes and debt that I don’t even want to think about!  Cori’s graduating!!  So stay tuned for more information to come!

Next quarter, I’m back to a “normal” schedule of only 13 credits!

I’m so happy I successfully completed my hideous winter quarter and spring is looking bright!

I’m Drowning

20 Credits, an internship requiring 12-14 hours a week and *sorta* working.

I’m drowning.

June, where are thou?

Can anyone else relate?

Back to homework I go…..

Caffeine + Cori

I don’t drink caffeine.

Actually, let me rephrase that.

I don’t drink caffeine very often.

Yes, I’m Mormon so I have chosen not to drink coffee, but caffeinated soda’s are sort of taboo.  Some Mormons drink caffeinated pops, others choose not to.  That’s not why I don’t drink it though.

You see, my body will NOT LET ME drink caffeine.  Not Coca-Cola or Mountain Dew; I can’t even take Excedrin anymore for my constant headaches and migraines, because it contains caffeine.

Do you know what soda also has caffeine in it?  BARQ’S Root Beer!

I learned this the hard way.

You see this quarter in school I’m taking 20 credits + an internship.  I’m B-U-S-Y and yesterday thirsty too!

On my way out the door I grabbed a can of pop to drink on my way to a meeting, not to stay awake but because I was thirsty.  About the time I arrived at meeting I was super dizzy, lightheaded and shaking like crazy.  It felt like I was going to pass out at any moment.  Somehow I kept my composure and made it through the meeting.

After leaving my meeting I was on my way to work, when I suddenly remembered that one brand of Root Beer contains caffeine.  I immediately grabbed my old can of pop, and sure enough I had drank a Barq’s Root Beer and it contained 22mg of caffeine.

You might be thinking, 22mg of caffeine that’s nothing compared to the 320mg of caffeine found in a Starbucks Grande Brewed Coffee.  The difference?  My body isn’t used to caffeine and my body doesn’t like it!  I need to remember to avoid Barq’s in the future.

How long did it take me to feel better?  I drank the soda about 3:30pm and I was still feeling jittery when I went to bed nearly 12-hours later at 3:00am.  Crazy, huh!


Is college important?

This quarter one of my classes is Introduction to Radio Journalism.  My first assignment was to interview a handful of people through audio, asking them all the same question and compiling all the responses into a VoxPop.

VoxPop?  What is that?
VoxPop means Voice of the People

Basically I went out and interviewed five random individuals, plus my parents and Kelly, asking them all the same question:

Do you think a college degree is vital in the success of your career?

All eight interviewees responded to the question and then I compiled it into a two minute audio clip.  Take a look listen, keep in mind this was my FIRST attemp at any audio editing, so I’m very new to it!!


Why I Love Being a Social Media Major…..

One of my final papers is choosing a song off of Billboards Top 40, and doing an analysis on it!  I chose Kelly Clarkson’s Mr. Know It All and now I feel like I Know It All about the song.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get it out of my head, I’ve listened to it so many times and watched the music video an equal number too!

Curious why I chose this song?  I watched the first 10 seconds of about 30 different top 40 hits music  videos trying to figure out which one to do my analysis on.  With seconds of this video coming on screen, it jumped out at me.  I knew this was the perfect video to analyze.  Not to easy…but definitely not overly hard!  That’s my kind of paper!!

Want to check out the music video and listen to the song?


Oh and this song sits at #16 this week on the Billboard Hot 100!

Curious what the top 5 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 is today, December 8th?

  1. We Found Love by Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris
  2. Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO
  3. It Will Rain by Bruno Mars
  4. Moves Like Jagger – by Maroon 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera
  5. Someone Like You by Adele

Sigh.  I guess I’d better get back to writing since it’s due at 11pm, Thursday night!

Did I mention I’m done with school on Tuesday??  Bring on Christmas Break!  Oh and an impromptu trip to Texas with my BFF!


Bouquet *Photo Challenge: Purple*

All week long I have been dreading this week’s color challenge of purple. 

I kept asking myself, what does Fall and Purple have to do with each other?  Kristi, Alicia and Rebecca must have gone crazy when they chose purple as a shade of fall!

I thought and thought and thought about it, trying to come up with an idea – but nothing.  Other than going to the grocery store and photographing a purple eggplant.  Why eggplant?  I have no idea because I don’t believe I’ve ever even had one!  However, that still was what came to mind.  Anyway…

Today I spent sleeping, procrastinating, surfing the net, tweeting, watching TV writing my final midterm paper for my Media & Communications class.  During that same time I was still thinking about purple, but I was also realizing that I would have no time to go out and photograph anything purple … I wouldn’t even have time to run to the grocery store to photograph those eggplants.  I was bummed, I had yet to miss a week, but it was appearing like this week would be the first.  I even tweeted Alicia & Kristi asking how long their submission linky would be open for this week’s challenge.  To my amazement, it was open until Wednesday at midnight.  Yay!  There was still hope for me not missing a week!

Before submitting my paper I ran to my mom’s house to have her proofread it along with a conference call with my school’s writing center to critique my paper.

[Side Note: the Writing Center was blown away, about how great my paper was!  If only she knew I threw it together in like two hours!  Makes me wonder what my paper would have been like if I had actually put time into Smile ha-ha!]

As I walked out the door to head back home, I noticed a new bouquet display hanging by the front door.  Guess what color that bouquet was?  [I’m sure you’re right, but ….] PURPLE!

I set my laptop on the front porch, still open with my midterm not yet submitted.  Grabbed my camera and began to take pictures.  However, I quickly realized it was way to dark outside to take quality photos, so I moved the bouquet inside , carried it up to my old bedroom and began shooting pictures!  Suddenly I had PURPLE PICTURES!! 

Once I got home, I submitted my paper and then couldn’t wait to work on my pictures and get them up and posted!!



Oh and YES, I finished and submitted my midterm!  YAY!!!

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