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Is college important?

This quarter one of my classes is Introduction to Radio Journalism.  My first assignment was to interview a handful of people through audio, asking them all the same question and compiling all the responses into a VoxPop.

VoxPop?  What is that?
VoxPop means Voice of the People

Basically I went out and interviewed five random individuals, plus my parents and Kelly, asking them all the same question:

Do you think a college degree is vital in the success of your career?

All eight interviewees responded to the question and then I compiled it into a two minute audio clip.  Take a look listen, keep in mind this was my FIRST attemp at any audio editing, so I’m very new to it!!


Why I Love Being a Social Media Major…..

One of my final papers is choosing a song off of Billboards Top 40, and doing an analysis on it!  I chose Kelly Clarkson’s Mr. Know It All and now I feel like I Know It All about the song.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get it out of my head, I’ve listened to it so many times and watched the music video an equal number too!

Curious why I chose this song?  I watched the first 10 seconds of about 30 different top 40 hits music  videos trying to figure out which one to do my analysis on.  With seconds of this video coming on screen, it jumped out at me.  I knew this was the perfect video to analyze.  Not to easy…but definitely not overly hard!  That’s my kind of paper!!

Want to check out the music video and listen to the song?


Oh and this song sits at #16 this week on the Billboard Hot 100!

Curious what the top 5 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 is today, December 8th?

  1. We Found Love by Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris
  2. Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO
  3. It Will Rain by Bruno Mars
  4. Moves Like Jagger – by Maroon 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera
  5. Someone Like You by Adele

Sigh.  I guess I’d better get back to writing since it’s due at 11pm, Thursday night!

Did I mention I’m done with school on Tuesday??  Bring on Christmas Break!  Oh and an impromptu trip to Texas with my BFF!


Bouquet *Photo Challenge: Purple*

All week long I have been dreading this week’s color challenge of purple. 

I kept asking myself, what does Fall and Purple have to do with each other?  Kristi, Alicia and Rebecca must have gone crazy when they chose purple as a shade of fall!

I thought and thought and thought about it, trying to come up with an idea – but nothing.  Other than going to the grocery store and photographing a purple eggplant.  Why eggplant?  I have no idea because I don’t believe I’ve ever even had one!  However, that still was what came to mind.  Anyway…

Today I spent sleeping, procrastinating, surfing the net, tweeting, watching TV writing my final midterm paper for my Media & Communications class.  During that same time I was still thinking about purple, but I was also realizing that I would have no time to go out and photograph anything purple … I wouldn’t even have time to run to the grocery store to photograph those eggplants.  I was bummed, I had yet to miss a week, but it was appearing like this week would be the first.  I even tweeted Alicia & Kristi asking how long their submission linky would be open for this week’s challenge.  To my amazement, it was open until Wednesday at midnight.  Yay!  There was still hope for me not missing a week!

Before submitting my paper I ran to my mom’s house to have her proofread it along with a conference call with my school’s writing center to critique my paper.

[Side Note: the Writing Center was blown away, about how great my paper was!  If only she knew I threw it together in like two hours!  Makes me wonder what my paper would have been like if I had actually put time into Smile ha-ha!]

As I walked out the door to head back home, I noticed a new bouquet display hanging by the front door.  Guess what color that bouquet was?  [I’m sure you’re right, but ….] PURPLE!

I set my laptop on the front porch, still open with my midterm not yet submitted.  Grabbed my camera and began to take pictures.  However, I quickly realized it was way to dark outside to take quality photos, so I moved the bouquet inside , carried it up to my old bedroom and began shooting pictures!  Suddenly I had PURPLE PICTURES!! 

Once I got home, I submitted my paper and then couldn’t wait to work on my pictures and get them up and posted!!



Oh and YES, I finished and submitted my midterm!  YAY!!!

Who doesn’t love all the many shades of Fall?? If you missed my entries for the previous two weeks of the challenge check out:

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Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

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Senior Year … Day 1



Is it June yet??

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I Did It!

I’m not sure how, but somehow I did it, and finished this quarter with a bang … not to mention fantastic grades Open-mouthed smile Yay me!


Spring 2011 grades


I am so happy this quarter is over and I did well!  It is such a wonderful feeling!!

Thanks to everyone for their support this past quarter, especially the last few weeks of finals!!  It is greatly appreciated!!

Happy Friday and don’t forget to pop back over for the So Followed Saturday linky at 7pm PST!


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The Final Push

Spring quarter is rapidly coming to an end – HALLALUJAH – but that brings finals.

Did I just say that?




I need to be somewhat happy because I do not have any final TESTS, which I loathe with a passion.  That doesn’t mean I’m in the clear though.  This quarter I am taking a full load 3 classes - 15 credits of fun!  In each of my classes I have a final paper.  Fun.  I have to admit, I don’t mind writing papers, I would write a paper any day over taking an exam! 

In two of my three classes I also have a final presentation.  Double Fun.  Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m weird … I almostenjoy doing public speaking.  I know, I’m sick aren’t I!  Unfortunately both of these presentations involve working in a group.  Dislike.  Dislike greatly.  I’m a Type A Over Achieving Perfectionist and I wear that hat proudly!  I don’t like the idea of placing my final grade in the hands of other people.  I’d prefer just to do it all myself (yes I know I’m weird, but I already said that!).  Luckily in both of my classes I am in groups where everyone else seems to have the same goals as I do, thus not totally worried about someone else messing up my grade!  Almost.

I say almost because I can’t totally feel comfortable.  I mean can you seriously ever feel 100% sure someone you don’t really know will follow through!  So for both presentation I offered to put the whole presentation together and into a Power Point Presentation.  I’ll take the information acquired from everyone else’s research and put the project together.  That gives me the assurance that the project will be done to my standards! 

So there you have it.  My next couple of weeks are going to be AWFUL!  Throw in a trip to Idaho next week, to clean out my mom’s Aunt’s house and host an estate sale to sell all of her belongings, my next few weeks aren’t going to be much fun!  Come June 7thI’ll be basking in the thought of summer!  Wahoooo!!

If only I can survive….two weeks surely I can do that ….. Plus one month from today I’ll be in Cabo!!  Yay!!

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From Nursing to Blogging

All through high school I thought I wanted to be a doctor and for my Senior Project I sought out a doctor that I could job shadow.  My teacher warned me many times, “We’ve never been successful getting Seniors to be able to job shadow a doctor in a hospital”.  I already had other ideas and dreams…

I was beyond lucky to be able to meet a prestigious OB/GYN at The University of Washington Medical Center.  The doctor was not just an OB/GYN, he was a Perinatologist (a high risk pregnancy OB/GYN) – needless to say both my teacher and my high school were shocked when I got permission from the doctor and the hospital to job shadow him for an entire week!  The doctor was amazing, he had everything set up and clearance made for me to have almost full access to the Labor & Delivery Floor, signed waivers to be present for C-Sections and other surgeries and of course witness births of babies!  I was so excited! 

The week aboslutely flew by, save for one minor emarrresing moment (me passing out during a delivery – don’t worry they assured me it happens to everyone and I would be fine in the future!  Sure enough that week I witness numerous births and I never had a problem again!), I learned so much and had a great time.  The biggest lesson learned that week was the doctors do very little and have almost no contact with their patients.  It was the nurses who were assisting the women during their delivery, while the doctors would saunter in right as the babies made their debuts!  Right then was when I realized I didn’t want to be a doctor, I wanted to be a nurse.

I graduated from high school the next month (with honors I might add :D) and set off to college.  Once starting college I made an awful discovery – science was NOT my forte.  I would then continue to push and struggle my way through science class after science class.  I never gave up on that goal though of becoming anurse … I was going to do it somehow!  After finally getting my AA and all the nursing pre-requisites done, I applied for nursing school.  I didn’t inittialy get accepted and was put on the waiting list … I actually made it to spot #1 – but in the end didn’t get in.  I was devestated.

During the next year I discovered the joys of blogging and the social media platforms.  I also learned that you can make a living doing it!  I started blogging for fun and during the first year the majority of what I wrote about was in regards to getting into nursing school.  [You can read about my journey HERE]  I applied to the nursing program again the next year, but by that time my dreams and aspirations had already began to soar in a different direction.  Once again I didn’t get in. 

Again, I was devestated, but at that point I was at peace.  I believe that things happen for a reason and maybe at this time in my life nursing wasn’t right for me.  You can’t say I didn’t try - I worked my butt off for many years and suffered my way through awful science classes.  Many people in my life had been tellig me that I should become a writer.  I have always loved and excelled in English (both the language and writing :D), but I didn’t think that would ever be the job for me.  Little did I know how wrong I was!

About the same time I was told about a brand new program at The University of Washington (recognize that school?!), a Bachelors Degree in Media & Communications!  They were teaching students to be successful in the PR and social media fields!  I immediatly applied to their program and to my excitement was accepted!  I am now going to school and taking classes in Facebook, Twitter and Blogging!  How cool is that?!

My GPA has since skyrocketed, I’m LOVING my classes, professors, homework, assignments, essays, etc.!  I am finally doing something I love and I cannot wait to graduate in about a year to enter into the “real world”.  If everything works as it should, I am hoping to graduate after Spring Quarter 2012!  I am so close and I cannot wait for my future!! 


My answer to question #1 inMama’s Losin’ It What was your big dream for yourself when you were 18 and had graduated from high school?

Spring Classes 2011

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