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#DiaperNeed Awareness Social Media Webinar


Last October I had the opportunity to present at the National Diaper Bank Network‘s annual national conference in Kansas City on social media!  Not only was this my first national presentation, by my first professional presentation in general, what a way to start!

This year the conference is being held in Seattle and I knew with Eastside Baby Corner being a key component of the conference I’d have a lot of hosting duties and it was decided for me to not present, but was thrilled when I was asked to present my last years conference presentation again in preparation for this week’s Diaper Need Awareness Week!

Last year at the conference I co-presented with the ED of the Austin Diaper Bank, but this time I chose to present with my co-worker Stephanie and we totally rocked it!!!!

The NDBN recorded the webinar and I’m excited to share it with all of you!  It is about an hour long, but if you’re interested in non-profit social media you may enjoy this one!  

Again the presentation was primarily done by myself and co-worker Stephanie Zurn, but we were joined toward the end with Troy Moore of the NDBN.


Steph & Cori waiting for webinar to start!

What is Diaper Need Awareness Week?  

Per the Eastside Baby Corner Blog:

Diapers, or rather the lack of them (a situation known as diaper need), is a serious issue, preventing many at-risk families from breaking out of the cycle of poverty.

In response to the significance of helping families experiencing diaper need, the National Diaper Bank Network created a week of awareness, known as National Diaper Need Awareness Week, to help the public understand how they can help families in their community. It will be held this year September 28th to October 3rd.

Are you interested in getting involved with Diaper Need Awareness Week?  

Here are some ideas of how to get involved (again from the EBC blog!)

1) Follow EBC on Facebook and Twitter. Leading up to, and during the week, we will share information about diaper need and what you can do to help. Please like and share the posts to help others understand diaper need, as well as ways THEY can help.

2) Join the Twitter Party on Thursday, October 1st. Using hashtag #diaperneed, participate in a nationwide Twitter Party where participants can share information, stories, activities and more from Diaper Need Awareness Week.

3) Donate your Tweet or Post. Surely you’ve heard of crowdsourcing, but how about crowdvoicing? Thanks to a new crowdvoicing platform call Thunderclap, we can amplify our diaper need message by having a Tweet, Tumblr post and Facebook post sent out to thousands of social media users at the same. If you donate your post (which you can do here), Thunderclap will automatically send a tweet or post from you on September 30th at 12pm PST.

The post will say: “Help local diaper banks keep all babies clean, dry & healthy. RT to support #DiaperNeed Awareness Week.”

If you’re interested in learning more about a diaper bank near you click HERE.

One last thing, I wrote a post last year about why cloth diapering isn’t always the answer for struggling families.  It is a great option for many, but (at least in Seattle) there are some strict guidelines that many families in need are unable to meet making it impossible for them to cloth diapering.   Eastside Baby Corner does provide cloth diapers to any family who has the ability to properly care for cloth diapers.  

Please consider doing something to help spread the news about #DiaperNeed!  That’s a challenge!


Miss Me?

Today marks 2 months and 1 day since I last blogged.  Crazy.  Well, I guess crazy in my previous blog-centric life.  That life doesn’t seem to exist anymore, or at least it hasn’t in the last few months.  However, the last week or so, I’ve started to get the bug again….most likely with promptings from my blogging buddies: Nicki (Punflay Kids), Sherri (Old Tweener) and Jackie (With Just a Big of Magic) and my in-real-life friends and family.  I

‘m actually coming up with blog worthy posts.  I’m excited to once again enter the blogosphere and contribute.  It’s been a long time!  I’m excited to have the spark to want to write again!  I think I’ve missed it!

Where have I been?

Honestly, no where.

This working serving full-time, 40 hours  a week, is kicking my butt.  BIG TIME.  By the time I get home at night I am exhausted and the last thing I want to do is get on my computer and blog.  You would think that the work I’m doing would be a whole lot easier then watching triplets full-time, but to tell you the truth, I’m more tired after an 8 hour day at Baby Corner then I ever was at the triplets house…and trust me I worked a lot harder watching three kids, then I currently do.

I’m not sure what the difference is.

I’m not complaining, because I love what I’m doing.  The days fly by…as do the nights!  I’m out in the community looking for volunteers and donors to become supports of Eastside Baby Corner.  I’m helping plan and organize events, setting up and coordinating drives and on the computer A LOT.  (For the first time in my life I understand why my dad never wanted to get on the computer when he got home….I’m now that person!)  Work is fun!

I can honestly say, I do not miss school.  It’s so nice to come home and the end of the day and be DONE.  No tests to think about, papers to write, text books to read.  I go home and I can relax.  Even after being done with school for a few months now, I am still relishing in my new found time to relax.

I have to admit, one of the pluses to being in school is watching the triplets.  I do miss watching the triplets.  I spent nearly 5 years…their entire life…with them and it’s hard to go from seeing them every day to just a couple times a week at the bus stop.  Yes, I said bus stop….the triplets are in Kindergarten now.


They grew up.

I grew up.

We’re all moving on.  My new life is great.  I’m just still getting used to it!

I am hopeful to re-introduce blogging into my new busy schedule.  I’m going to start on with the goal of getting a post up Monday, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.  So keep me honest.  Hound me.  Tweet me.  Facebook me.  Text me!  Help me bring blogging back into my life!  PLEASE!


Graduation Pictures {via Instagram}

Before, during and after my graduation, I posted some photos to Instagram photos showing the inside look at my big day!

hair dye

The night before Kelly dyed my hair



Hair all straightened and pretty Smile



My friend Rachel and myself waiting to go into the gymnasium.



A whole lot of graduates!



College Graduate!



Money and gifts!

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Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Graduation Day Pictures

Below you’ll find a ton of pictures from my graduation day, last Sunday, June 10, 2012 at Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmonson Pavilion in Seattle, Washington.


I have some fun Instagram pictures that I will share tomorrow-ish, plus yesterday was my graduation party so there are a ton of fun pictures from that event too!



Summer Daze Fun Photo Party

This post is part of Summer Daze – a fun photo party! hosted by Kristi {Live and Love Outloud}, Alicia {Project Alicia} and Rebecca {Bumbles of Light}.

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Graduation Surprise!

al swingLast Thursday night I was working on my final project for my college career – a portfolio for my Capstone class when I got the surprise of my life.  Let me explain.

The phone rings and it’s Alex calling to talk to my mom from Rexburg, Idaho where she goes to BYU-Idaho.  Alex has been gone since January, except for a week during Spring Break when she came home.  Anyway, Alex was talking to my mom and I was sort of listening – sort of working on my assignment. 

I hear the front door and hear muffled talking.  Didn’t think anything of it, figured it was Kelly getting home from work and talking on her cell phone … a common occurrence. 

I look up expecting to see Kelly walking through the door, instead it’s Alex!  I wish I could say I jumped up and ran to her, instead I looked at her with a confused gaze as I continued to hear her talking to my mom on the phone.  It took about a minute for my brain to synapse the fact that Alex was standing in the kitchen with me.

Once the synapse finally fired, the tears came a flowin’!

Apparently, my dad and Alex had formulated this whole plan to surprise the rest of the family and have Alex attend my graduation. 


My mom and I were beyond speechless.  We continued to be in shock for the next 12 hours.  Staring at her with our mouths gaping open.  (Kind of embarrassing, but totally true). 

We had Alex for the three days!  What fun we had with her too!

On Friday my mom took me and the girls to get mani’s and pedi’s.  That night we went and saw the Avengers and hung out as a family.  It was really a nice “getaway”.

On Saturday, I worked and my Grandma and Aunt came into town. 

On Sunday was the big graduation day!

On Monday she was supposed to fly back to Idaho.  She left fairly early in the morning and at about 12:30 she walked back through the door.  She had missed her flight (never actually looked at her departure time because she thought she knew the time…she didn’t!) and was back for another 24 hours.  Crazy girl!

Thanks Alex for making my graduation so memorable!

I have lots of photographs to share.  Hopefully I will get a chance to work on that post tomorrow!!

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OMG, I cannot believe this day is finally here!  Thanks for all the love and support everyone has given me over the last several years and throughout my entire life!!



Love you all!

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Senior Capstone Poster


Yesterday I presented my Senior Capstone Poster which encapsulated the last two years in the Interdisciplinary Arts & Science program at the University of Washington | Bothell.

capstone poster

THANK YOU to Brandi for once again being my poster planner/designer/maker!  I couldn’t have survived my college posters without her help!  She basically made all of them….she’s so creative and I’m quite the follower when it comes to creativity!

Graduation in 4 days!

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2 Weeks ‘til Graduation *Gulp*


Announcements are ready to be mailed.

Party plans are being finalized.

Cap & gown are ordered.

1 final presentation is done.

2 final presentations to go.

Extreme nerves that I will actually pass all of my classes.

Two weeks….I can do it.…I think….

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