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Crazy Cookie Moms!

I volunteered to be Cookie Mom Manager for a local Girl Scout troop that my friend is a leader for.  I made the comment I would love to help, next thing I knew I was a Cookie Manager!  Well now I find myself sitting in a Cookie Manager meeting (as you can tell it’s really exciting, as I’m blogging during it!) and I have to say there are some serious crazy Cookie Moms!  Oh.My.Gosh!

These are real conversations I’ve heard tonight….

On Doing Site Sales:
Never EVER leave a door at the QFC  by the movie theater unattended during Cookie Sales!  People will purposely enter and leave through the other door to avoid having to tell the girls no.  If you have people at both doors, they will (normally) go ahead and buy a box!”

On picking stores to do site sales, you can pick your time/spots at 6:30am on a certain day:
“YOU [looking at me], don’t have to be online at 6:30am, but I WILL BE!”

What if two groups show up at one store for site sales at the same time?  It’s all about the PREMISSION SLIP:
“Last year we showed up at the QFC by the movie theater [man this is apparently the hot spot!], were all set up ready to sell with another troop showed up and said “THIS IS OUR DOOR” [really?  we're talking selling Girl Scout Cookies!].  We pulled out our PREMISSION SHIP, asked to see theirs, they didn’t have one with them.  So the other troop left, got on the phone with their Cookie Manager and were hot on her tail [I'm getting a bit nervous now!], trying to track down their premission slip.  In the end, the other troop never came back!”  [all proud and smug]

I’m going to be gone for the day of Cookie Pick-Up, can I pick them up earlier?
“No, you must be there at your designated time to pick up your cookies.  If you can’t be there, you better find someone who can pick up your cookies, or you’ll be out of luck!”  [Seriously, you want me to cancel my trip to Disneyland to pick up these darn cookies?   Yeah - not happening, sorry girls!]

What do the girls get for all these cookies they sell!
“They can receive several cool things like paid trips to camp or “cookie dough” to spend on girl scout things … but do you know what everyone at this meeting is excited about earning?  A stuffed kangaroo (you have to feel it, it’s so soft – lol), a bag (it’s reversable!) and a bandana(seriously who wears a bandana?)”.

I guess I need to suck it up and except the fact that I am now one of these ladies (and a couple fathers)….I’m officially part of this crazy eclectic bunch!  Calgon Take Me Away………

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Week 22
of Word Up, Yo! a word game hosted by Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog, KLZ from Taming Insanity and Natalie from Mommy of A Monster!  The word this week was eclectic, jump in, link up and play along!!

Let me introduce you to Dr. Quackas

On Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity (haha) to visit Dr. Quackas for a doctors appointment.  I haven’t talked about Dr. Quackas before, so let me give you a quick introduction story…Dr. Quackas is a doctor at our local doctors office.  Not a family favorite, he just doesn’t seem quite all there…for instance:

My dad went to see him for a medicine check-up for high-cholesterol.  Dr. Quackas walks in, does his exam then informs my dad:

Dr. Quackas:Looks like we should put you on XYZ for your high-cholesterol”
My Dad: “Umm…I’m here because you put me on that medicine a year ago and I needed a meds check”
Dr. Quackas: “Right, I knew that!”

It was after that appointment that my family officially changed his name to Dr. Quackas.  There have been a few other incidents over the years, nothing big – just always leave us scratching our heads and laughing.  Needless to say, we don’t call the doctors office and request to see him, it’s normally by last resort we end up in his office!  Okay…on to the real story..

Early Thursday morning (like 3am), I wake up with the worst back pain I’ve ever felt.  After laying in trying not to move (it hurt a whole lot worse when I moved), that I started to notice my arms, hands and feet were tingly, numb and cold.  This sent me into panic mode, because the pain in my back was located right around my left shoulder blade, about the same area as my heart.  I put the numb arm and “heart” pain together and OMG I’m having a heart attack! 

Yep, at 25, I’m having a heart attack. 

I panicked. 

I called the on-call doctor and talked to the nurse.

The nurse went through a handful of tests and it was determined that I most likely wasn’t having a heart attack since the numbness was equally bad in both arms (if it were a heart attack it would just be the left), I had a normal thought process and was breathing fine.  She didn’t know what the diagnosis could be but determined that I would live until the doctors office opened at 8am.  Told me to take some Ibuprofen, lay on a heating pad and I needed to call and make an appointment and see a doctor within the next 6 hours just to get checked-out.  I needed to put the kibosh to end of my back pain, numbness and “heart attack”.  I got off the phone with her and was able to finally go back to sleep.

And I slept.

Finally waking up about 9:15, looked at my clock and was like “Crap, I overslept and forgot to call the doctor”.  Yep, you know where this is going don’t you?!   I call the doctors office and they have ONE, yes ONE appointment for the day still available.  Yep, it’s with Dr. Quackas.  Fantastic!

I arrive at the doctors office, see the medical assistant go over why I’m there and wait for Dr. Quackas.  I waited, and waited, and waited.  The type of wait you can only get when you have somewhere you HAVE TO be right after the appointment.  I hoped that Dr. Quackas would soon knock on the door, so I could end my kibosh of waiting.  I mean, the nurse on the phone was pretty certain I was fine!

Thirty-Five minutes after the medical assistant left, Dr. Quackas knocks and comes in.  We greet each other kindly.  The story of my dad and his last experience with Dr. Quackas , makes me stifle a giggle. 

Dr. Quackas gets right down to business.  Looks at his fancy-schmancy computer, we talk for a few minutes about what brought me in and then he diagnosis me.  Nope, never once did he check my breathing or make sure my heart was beating (okay so I was talking, I probably was alive).  I’ve never been to the doctor, even for something like a splinter where the doctor hasn’t gone over basic procedure, listen to my heart, chest and breathing.  He and his fancy-schmancy computer can diagnosis me.

He tells me, what I experienced in the middle of the night was a case of back pain (really??!!), but the numbness in my extremeties came from hyperventialtion.  What?  I thought hyperventilation was caused by breathing heavily or not enough.  Remember, I talked with the nurse-on-call and she determined my breathing was fine.  That seemed like an odd diagnosis.  But, I didn’t think about any of that until later that day.  So at the time, I thought “okay that is odd, but sounds plausible“. 

While I was there I figured I could ask about this scab I had on my foot that wouldn’t go away.  He’s a doctor, even if his name is Dr. Quackas, I should be able to get an answer about what this is on my foot.  He scoots his rolly chair back a little bit and glances at my foot.  Again, without even touching my foot, he diagnosis me.  “That’s a plantars wart and you need to get that removed“.  I agree with him on that diagnosis that was what I was leaning towards, but really?  You can diagnosis without even touching the person?  Strange.

Disclaimer:If I didn’t believe Dr. Quackas’ diagnosis was right, I definitely would have seeked another medical opinion.  But because I know myself, I agree those diagnosis are probably true.  Just funny how I came to be diagnosed.

But just for the record…..If I suddenly die and am kibosh from an unknown heart condition complicated by a planters wart…you all know the story behind it :)

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Week 17
of Word Up, Yo! a word game hosted by Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog, KLZ from Taming Insanity and Natalie from Mommy of A Monster!  The word this week was kibosh, jump in, link up and play along!!


This weeks WOW is indubitably, every time I hear that word I think of one thing….Mary Poppins, and not the movie in its entirety, but one small itty bitty part…when Bert says “indubitably” in the middle of the famous song supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (okay oddly enough supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is in spell-check!).  Thought I’d share the song with you all, so you can see for yourself the famous indubitably for yourself!

So….did you catch when Bert said “indubitably”??!!  Did ya, did ya, did ya!!???

Here are some indubitable facts about Mary Poppins, indubitably one of my favorite Disney movies by the way!!*

  • Mary Poppins won 5 Oscars and 12 other awards.  Never before had Walt Disney won more awards at the Academy Awards then that night (as of 2006).
  • At the time of filming, it was the most expensive film made by Disney
  • Many of the nannies in line for the job interview were actually men in drag!
  • It was the top grossing movie for twenty years!
  • Mary Poppins and Mrs.. Banks never speak to each other in the movie!

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Week 12
of Word Up, Yo! a new  word game hosted by Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog, KLZ from Taming Insanity and Natalie from Mommy of A Monster!  The word this week was indubitably, jump in, link up and play along!!





*Facts came from IMDB

Versatile? Me?

I am honored to receive two more awards (again they come in two’s don’t get it!).  Both of them were “versatile” awards, these are the second and third versatile awards I’ve received.  Since I wasn’t 100% sure on the definition, I thought I out to check the definition – you know, just to make sure it’s a good thing to be! 

Versatile: capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer.

Hmmm…..I always thought I was more of a boring mediocre writer.  I don’t write about exciting things, let’s face it, what I right about is boring!  I don’t understand why others find it entertaining!  My blog is just my daily every day life…nothing extreme or overly exciting…just me, mediocre  me, nothing more, nothing less! 

With that being said, I feel BEYOND honored to be considered a Versatile blogger in the eyes of several of my readers.  I love that you can get past my mediocre-ess and enjoy my blog and my writing!  I’m a very lucky writer!

BIG THANK YOU, to Emily of Family and Life in Las Vegas for passing these awards on to me!!  I greatly appreciate it!!  Emily’s blog is anything BUT mediocre, definitely check it out!!



 Now the fun part of awards, passing them along to other blogs!!  In no particular order, seven blogs that I find are not mediocre and yet FABULOUS and extremely VERSATILE!

  • A Belle, A Bean and a Chicago Dog ~ Blogs about her life with her two adorable little girls!  Liz has been a great helping me become a better blogger!
  • Taming Insanity ~ I wish I had a award to give her for the BEST titles for her blog posts!!  They are always so witty and spot on! 
  • Mommy of a Monster (& Toddler Twins) ~ Fun blog about a mama trying to survive three small kids!  I totally relate with her, since she has twin girls – or ladies as she calls them!
  • Old Tweener ~ I think Sherri is my #1 commenter!  She is awesome and I love her blog tagline “Between Changing Diapers and Wearing Them!”
  • Kludgy Mom ~ She is hosting an AWESOME 6 week blogging course, Back To School, Back To Blogging!  I can’t wait for it to start!!
  • Mama’s Losin’ It ~ The one and only Queen of the world renowned Writer’s Workshop!
  • View From Down Here ~ This lady is getting married in less then a month!  Love following her journey towards her wedding day!!

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Week 11
of Word Up, Yo! a new  word game hosted by Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog, KLZ from Taming Insanity and Natalie from Mommy of A Monster!  The word this week was mediocre, jump in, link up and play along!!




P.S. Nope, I’m not against sucking up to the Word Up, Yo head peoples :)


Just the sound of that word sends shivers up my spine!
For once though, I’m not stressed at all.  I’ve done excellent in  my ASL 101 class and understand the concepts.  Sure, there are some vocab I don’t remember, but there’s still time to learn and memorize them.  I have a study plan and I’m sticking to it! 
We’ve already had this test before, in the sense of Units 1 & 2 (not units 3 & 4 that tomorrow’s tests will cover) and unlike some classes these tests are very straightforward, there was no malarky in them.  As straight forward as possible!  I LOVE THAT!  Long gone are those multiple choice exams from my science classes that were full of so many malark-ish (is that even a word?) questions, it wasn’t fair….seriously! 
A friend from class keeps texting me in panic that she’s scared, and doesn’t know where to start with studying.  In my opinion that’s just plain malarky.  I asked her if she’s watched the vocab DVD we were given for the chapters on the final, and she replied with NO.  That DVD is like gold for this class.  It shows one by one each sign we need to learn.  For my last two vocab tests I used that GOLD DVD into a game to play with myself to help learn the signs I can’t remember.
However, honestly we’ve gone over these signs tons already, been practicing them for weeks.  So it can’t be that much memorizing.  More of a refresher.  I can do that.  I am doing that. 
My plan for the next 24 hours….
  • Watch the Vocab DVD many times, until the signs I am struggling with become second nature
  • Go over and over and over my notecards to quiz myself on the vocab
  • Meet up with a couple classmates tomorrow at 3:30pm, to study and review together

No biggie at all!  I have my two vocab tests tomorrow over Units 3 & 4.  There’s no malarky involved in my study plan!  I’m going to ACE this test, and that’s no malarky

Bring on Thursday, and that’s no malarky!

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Week 9
of Word Up, Yo! a new  word game hosted by Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog, KLZ from Taming Insanity and Natalie from Mommy of A Monster!  The word this week was malarky, jump in, link up and play along!!


Regrets? Yes? No? Maybe?

Last week after not participating in Word Up, Yo! with Liz, Kristin and Natalie, I was in a serious Hot Mess!  But never fear, I’m back this week to link up, and be named made man DON!!  Watch-out ladies I’m getting all nostalgic on ya’ll this week as I’m oozing with effervescence!

On Tuesday, I talked about my excitement of my new schooling endeavor and saying au revoir to nursing (at least for now!).  Since posting that, my mind keeps circling back to a conversation I had four years ago, with a school advisor.  During that appointment, we were going over my GPA and future goals, blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, she looked at my grades and let me tell you, they were anything but effervescent.  I’ll be 100% honest, I struggled with the science classes I had to take for nursing school.  Maybe, struggled isn’t a strong enough adjective, the science classes were HARD, and didn’t come easy for me, I retook several of them twice, and on a couple of occasions three times…just because I so desperately wanted to get into nursing school. 

That day, the advisor advised me that maybe nursing wasn’t right for me.  Well, NOBODY tells this effervescent girl, she can’t do something!  So maybe, chemistry didn’t come naturally to me but I was going to try my hardest!!  I figured that since I I really enjoyed the labs, the effervescence of blowing up, mixing and making different things excited me, I could study hard enough to make it.  I enjoyed going to lab and following the procedures, however what I didn’t like was the hard tests, complicated formulas and non-stop memorization that was required. 

I continued to want to prove that advisors wrong, and trust me I tried.  I tried and tried and tried.  I applied twice to nursing school, have $20k in student loans trying to get in.  You (& I) can’t say, I didn’t try my hardest, do everything that I could in my power to get into nursing school.  I tried, truly I tried.

Do I regret needing to prove that advisor wrong four years ago?  No, well maybe a little, but had I stopped back then and listened to her, I wouldn’t have grown like I did.  I learned SOOOO much in my many chemistry, anatomy & physiology and biology classes.  Nobody can take that away from me.  I needed to do everything I could to reach a dream.  Not only that, but I I proved to myself, that I am able to try and do anything I want! 

I am soooo proud of myself for the work, time and energy I put into it.  While I’m not giving up a dream, I’m ready to move on and act on a new one.  This effervescent girl, doesn’t give up, never have and never will!!

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Week 8
of Word Up, Yo! a new  word game hosted by Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog, KLZ from Taming Insanity and Natalie from Mommy of A Monster!  The word this week was Effervescent, jump in, link up and play along!!


Somersault Attempt WOW!

It’s true, I cannot do a somersault.  Not then, Not Now, Not Me.  I don’t know why I can’t do them, I’ve always been a outgoing and rambunctious person.   Never afraid to make a fool out of myself, but I still could not do a somersault.  It was probably more the fact that I psych myself out to the point where I could not do them. 

My family is a very rambunctious one, where we are known for doing outrageous things, and trying to outdo each other!  One of our favorite activity us bridge contests.  When I say “bridge”, I mean the physical/stretch bridge, start on your back and use your arms and legs to push your self up!.  Bridges normally lead to somersault contests, which ends with everyone making fun of me, and no it does not hurt my feelings (really it doesn’t)!  I try. I attempt. I fail.  They laugh. I get the attention, which is what i live on!

I can now say I can do somersaults, granted it’s OFF of the couch.  When I give something a try, I go all out….no boring and basic floor somersault…no not me! 

Madison was showing off her gymnastics ability yesterday and did a somersault off the couch that’s she’s now mastered.  Seriously.  A somersault off of the couch!  Only that rambunctious child would come up with an idea like that (and follow through nonetheless, flawlessly!)  Well, I thought to myself….I bet I could do that!  I might not be able to do a standard somersault, but I was ready to give a somersault off the couch a try! 

Yes, it took Brandi giving me a little push to get all the way over, but I did it!!  I now don’t have to tell people that I do not know how to do a somersault…not me anymore!  Granted I can still only do them off of the couch, but that just shows my rambunctiousness!  Anyone can do a normal somersault, but it takes a rambunctious person to attempt an off the couch somersault, when she can’t even do a normal one!  I now need to master the “normal” somersault, but for now I’m going to live in the moment that I CAN do a somersault (off the couch)!

I do have one question for ya’ll…..when did a “somersault” be renamed a “forward roll”Madison kept correcting me when I’d say “somersault”, makes me feel so old!  LOL!

Disclaimer: I give all credit to my somersault ability to my 4-year-old niece, Madison!  Madison also gets credit for the photos taken!  Pretty good photos aren’t they!! 

Funny story: I told Madison I gave her all credit for me being able to do a somersault.  She asked “well where’s my card?”  She had us all stumped, card??  I finally realized she thought she got a credit card!  Ha-ha, what a funny kid!

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Week 6
of Word Up, Yo! a new  word game hosted by Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog, KLZ from Taming Insanity and Natalie from Mommy of A Monster!  The word this week was RAMBUNCTIOUS, jump in, link up and play along!!


Hi, My Name is Cori and I’m ready to STOP being snarky…

and admit I’m lactose intolerant. 

This has been a long time coming, asking my friends and family.  I’m tired of being snarky after I eat dairy.  I’m snarky with those around me, who are tired of listening to me complain.  I’m snarky when people mention me trying to get me to try soy milk (still don’t like the idea) or lactaid pills.  I get snarky when I’m reminded that I shouldn’t drink milk, or have my before bed bowl of cereal.  But do you know who I really think is tired of being SNARKY?  My poor stomach.

My stomach has been warning me, pretty much my whole life, not to do dairy.  My mom is now convinced I’ve been lactose intolerant since I was an infant.  I was snarky even back then.  Apparently, I had awful colic the first year of life, and my mom now believes that I probably was allergic to the breast milk I was receiving. 

The light finally went on about a year ago, when my cousin made the connection that maybe the reason why my then sweet niece Emmalee had now became a very snarky baby, that Emma might be allergic to the breast milk she was getting.   At her 4-month check up she was official diagnosed with a milk allergy.  She was weaned and put on soy formula (which stinks by the way!).  At twelve months, they tried to transition her to dairy, but once again her body rejected it.  So she’s now on soy for good! 

Amazingly enough the snarky Emmalee quickly became a thing of the past and she is back to being her sweet self we all love!  I’m hoping that if I make that switch too, that maybe I’ll feel better, my stomach will stop hurting all the time, and I can get rid of my endless supply of Gas-X, that I currently use to reduce the pain!  A girl can dream right? 

I went to the doctor a few months back and mentioned it.  My doctor told me that the test for it isn’t real accurate and often does false-positives.  I was told that since it’s not very accurate they normally don’t test for it (it’s a blood test).  They just go with the symptoms you have, and narrow it down from there.  Well, I had to have blood work drawn anyway, so they went ahead and checked my lactose levels, and they came back NORMAL.  I’ve taken that statement that I’m NOT lactose intolerant to heart, trying to convince myself of the truth.  Finally ready to admit the inevitable…I’m lactose intolerant.

I now need to do something about.  I’m posting it here to publically have it out there.  I’m Lactose Intolerant and it’s okay!  I can (and will) reduce my dairy intake, try soy and look into lactaid pills. 

Are you lactose intolerant?  Do you have any advice or suggestions that might help?  I’d greatly appreciate any and all you have to share!

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Week 5
of Word Up, Yo! a new  word game hosted by Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog, KLZ from Taming Insanity and Natalie from Mommy of A Monster!  The word this week was SNARKY, jump in and play along!!

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