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CKC 2010 Scrapbooking Layouts

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Bellevue!  Brandi and I cropped and shopped until we dropped … yes I should go into poetry I know!  Anyway, this year I’m excited to say I “won” and did the most layouts between the two of us!  We both did 8 legitimate layouts (pages), but I did one pre-done one that I just stuck photos to, to win the race!  YAY ME!  (Yes, everything is a competition between my cousin and I!  Who was the subject of the most layouts?  Emmalee.  Poor Emma has basically ZERO pages to her name, while Miss Madison has probably 6 entire full albums just of her (she has 2 of just her first year!)….so it was definitely Emma’s turn to get some layouts done!


pretty in pink Pretty In Pink
June 2009 ~ Emma @ 6 months old
~Blogged about it HERE~

blueNameless – but I keep saving it as Emma Blue :)
Emma about 18months – this past summer at Kim’s house
~Blogged about it HERE~

Emma @ 10months – November 2009
~Blogged about it HERE~

Fun in the SunFun in the Sun
Emma @ 6 months old ~ July 2009?
*Gimmee Layout – I did this as a Make ‘N Take during the convention shopping portion.  Brandi said I couldn’t count it towards one of my finished layouts, since all I did at the crop was slap on some photos!*

Mariners 2009
Emmalee’s first Mariners Game – a Family Affair!
Emma @ 5 months old – May 2009
Madison @ 4 years old

Meeting Emmalee
Meeting Emmalee
Self explanatory, our family going to the hospital to meet Emma for the first time!
January 3, 2009 ~ Madison @ 2 years old
~Blogged about it HERE~


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Scrapbook Expo 2010 (Part 2: Pictures & Prizes)

On Sunday, I posted the layouts that I accomplished at the Scrapbook Expo over the weekend!  I wanted to conclude that post with some photos that we took along with Brandi’s BIG prize she won!

DSCN7853 DSCN7854 DSCN7858 DSCN7859

We normally start out pretty clean and organized when we start, but quickly our table turns to this….

DSCN7860 DSCN7861







No we can’t find anything, we spend a lot of time sorting through the stuff looking for one itty-bitty brad or sticker or even pair of scissors!  It’s bad…really bad!  Oh well, it shows we had fun!

 Brandi was the BIG BIG BIG, pre-convention winner and won a Hobby Hideaway Mini Armoire.  No lie this costs $1,100!!  Not only does it cost a ton, but it ways about that much too!  O.M.G that thing was a ton.  It took Brandi, Zak & Myself to get it up the three flights of stairs to her house.  We even had to leave it on the second floor for several hours to take a break.  Zak said it was THE HEAVIEST thing he has ever moved in his life!  It’s pretty awesome though, Brandi is one lucky girl!

armour armour 2


As you can see it is H.U.G.E.  It just barely fit in the back of my Grandma’s SUV.  We loaded it long before we packed up our stuff from the crop….needless to say it was a miracle that we fit all our stuff back in.  Seriously, Brandi & I were at the point of trying to decide what to throw away, because it wouldn’t fit!  It was quite comical, especially because it was almost midnight at the time!

After finally, getting everything into the car, we made a midnight trip to Denny’s.  You can see it in our eyes how tired we are!  It was bedtime, we were exhausted, and very hungry!  I scarfed down a BLT (minus the T and mayo, yep without) and a sprite…yum!


What a fun weekend!  It’s sad it’s over, but we’ll definitely be back next year!!  Plus, in just a few months will be the Creating Keepsakes Convention!  I cannot wait!  Hopefully I’ll get to scrap again before then (November), but who knows, life is so busy you never know!

Scrapbook Expo 2010 (Part 1: The Layouts)

We went, we scrapped, we shopping and we didn’t sleep!  But BOY OH BOY did we have a lot of fun!!  No lie, we arrived at the event at 7:30am, and started scraping at about 7:45am.  Scrapped non-stop (except for a 1 hour class and 1 hour of shopping) until 11:30pm!  I’m so tired, but wanted to post these layouts tonight before I get to busy and forget!!

I branched out, and started an acrylic (working on plastic) family album, that will be attached with ribbon and ring fasteners.  It’s going to be about 10 pages long I believe, but only got through the first 3!  Only the cover page has a photo on it, I wasn’t prepared.  The second and third pages (my “mom’s”) is done, minus the photos.  But I have now know what size photo to print….just need to find the time to find some!  This is supposed to by my parents’ Christmas present, but I couldn’t wait and showed it to them anyway.  (Anyone who knows me, knows I can’t keep a secret!).  Luckily for me, they both have short memories and will forget probably by tomorrow – ha-ha! 

SBE10 - Family1 (cover)SBE10 - Family2&3 (Mom) - no pics
First 3 pages of my Acrylic Family Album
1st Page: Cover
2nd & 3rd Pages: Dedicated to my mom

Brandi & I also took a class from Boxers Scrapbooks, on Unlocking the Magic of Disney.  They helped us start an adorable chipboard album.  The album is the shape of Mickey, I’ll again, add ribbon and two ring fasteners.  We didn’t get much accomplished in class, but got TONS of fun supplies and a great kit to finish!  I got through the cover page and the first two pages of the book, once again minus photos, and it’s so stinking cute!! 

SBE10 - Mickey1Mickey/Disneyland Chipboard Album Cover
From the Unlock the Magic of Disney Class by Boxer Scrapbooks

SBE10 - Mickey2&3 (no pics)

First 2 pages of my Chipboard Mickey/Disneyland Album
The left page’s photo mat, is actually “accordion” style, and you pull on the ribbon and 10 more photos appear!
From the Unlock the Magic of Disney Class by Boxer Scrapbooks

There of course was a few layouts, that I did for Jaime.  All specifically of Emmalee, because she has so few layouts while Madison has at least two albums just of her first year alone!

SBE10 - 3m

Emmalee’s 3 Month Photos
March 2009

SBE10 - 9mEmmalee’s 9 Month Photos
June 2009
Based on a Sketch by Becky Fleck’s Page Maps

SBE10 - binky My Binky
Emmalee at 1 month, February 2009

We’ll I’m absolutely exhausted!  We scrapped all day yesterday, and even toclockok a midnight trip to Denny’s after!  We were so hungry, once the crop was over.  We  didn’t really take much of a break to eat, except for little snacks here and there!  By midnight, we were ravenous!  And yes, I’m a dork and took a picture of the Denny’s clock to show us there after midnight!

I have more to post about, including Brandi’s BIG prize she won and some photos that we took throughout the weekend at the convention!  Later this week I’ll try to get it up and posted, but in the meantime it’s bedtime!!  Hope you all had a great weekend to!  I’m bummed mine is over already.  Why do weekends go by so fast, when the weeks go by so slowly?  Doesn’t make sense…or….seam fair!

I’m linking up today with Mama Manuscripts’ Stitching, Sketching and Scrapping Sunday!

The time has come….

and I am soooooo ready and excited!  Bet you can’t guess what Brandi and I are off to do tomorrow??!!



We’ll if you guessed scrapbooking then you are RIGHT!  We’ve been planning this weekend gateway for months.  I’m talking we signed-up in January!!  We both our so busy, that we don’t have time for much scrapbooking!  So we both jumped at the chance to go to the Scrapbooking Expo at the Puyallup Fair Grounds!  We’re participating in an all-day crop on Saturday from 8am-11:30pm!  I’m soooo excited!

The last time I scrapbooked, I believe was the end of January!!  So it has been a long time coming!  Check-out some of my past layouts HERE!  Love, love, love scrapbooking, wish I had more free time to devote to it!  Oh well, I’m going to make the most out of the weekend!

Are you going to be at the Scrapbooking Expo in Puyallup this weekend?  Leave a comment if you are and maybe we could meet up, say hi and share our layouts!

With that being said, I will see you all on Sunday!!  (Unless, I find something blog worthy to post about tomorrow, who knows!)…I guess stay tuned to my blog to find out :)

Day 3 ~ Oy Vey, What A Day

Today started out not to bad, it was a no school day for the kids, so we all ‘slept in’.  We watched some Price is Right and then got ready for the day.  Jaime & the girls came back over to play with Tyler & Haylee.  It all started out so innocent enough….

Brett, Haylee, Tyler & Madison went to play outside since it was a beautiful day outside.  All things were going well, kids were playing happily until I hear a strange noise and screaming followed by Haylee running to the door with her finger bleeding.  Apparently she smashed it in the gate, and cut it up really bad.  Jaime and I got her finger cleaned up and realized it was pretty swollen and Haylee was in a lot of pain.  So I decided to take her into the doctor to make sure it wasn’t broken.  Luckily it wasn’t, just pretty cut-up and swollen.  They cleaned the wound and then re-bandaged it.  I’m suppose to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get infected. 

After getting home, Madison, Haylee, Emmalee and I all played in the hot tub.  Emma LOVED the water, and I kept sitting her on this seat and she’d immediately belly flop into the water!  Apparently she felt she could and would swim!!  Haylee and Maddie had fun splashing around and dumping water on each other! 

About 4:30, I got ready to go pick Brett & Tyler up from the Lamb’s house, got in the van and it wouldn’t start.  Completely dead!!  Jaime drives me to my house so I can borrow a car to at least pick up the boys.  Nobody’s home…no cars in the driveway.  No big deal, Jaime says I can use her car and she’ll swap cars on her way home.  She asks me to help her carry her things into the house.  Sure no big deal. 

Except that the front door is locked so I, go through the garage…LOCKED!  We are locked out of my house, I have like 15 minutes before I have to pick up Brett & Tyler, no car, no keys, nothing!  Luckily Grandma had a spare set and let us in.  Right as I’m walking to get in Jaime’s car, Dad shows up.  So I was able to just take his car to pick up the boys and go home.  Of course, I couldn’t find the Lamb’s house, had to circle the neighborhood a couple times, until I realize it’s the house that had a car parked in front of it blocking the house numbers.  Pick up the boys and head home.

Get home, call AAA and they say someone will be there in an hour.  Hang up call the pizza place, they say delivery in 35 minutes.  Perfect!  Like pizza place said they were here on time, except they forgot the pop.  So the lady promises to go pick up and bring it back.  Shut the door and throw the pizza down just as the doorbell rings again this time AAA to jump start the car.

The mechanic/toe-truck guy, quickly gets the car to start and runs a full-diagnostic on the van.  Bad news…battery probably won’t last.  So he tells me to leave the van running for an hour get it to get the most out of the charge.  I was certain I would forget about the van and a) leave it running all night until I ran out of gas or b) the car would be stolen…that’s just the luck I have been having today.  But luckily I remembered to turn the car off. 

It’s now 7:22pm, it’s almost bedtime, we’re watching Mall Cop the kids claim it’s the funniest movie ever.  I have to admit I wanted to see it while it was in the theater, but surprisingly it’s NOT that funny…kinda stupid – LOL – Oh well, I guess that makes it funny :-)  Oh….the kids just informed me “those guys [have guns] are bad guys and are trying to take over the mall”….gotta love little kids :-)

Here are the two layouts I did yesterday:

so pretty2So Pretty
Emmalee found this magic mirror at Kim’s house and LOVED looking at herself in the mirror!

3mon 3 Mon
Emmalee’s 3-month photos!  Madison too!

Tomorrow’s another day :-)


Day 2 of Babysitting & some Scrappin’

Completed my second day of watching the Bostron Kids.  They had school today, so I was “free” from about 9am-3pm.  I ended up going to lunch with Jaime at Ixtapa and then we scrapbooked the afternoon away!  I completed 2 layouts (3 pages), so I was proud of myself!  I got them scanned in, but was having problems with the coloring and stitching, so I’ll work on that tomorrow, maybe!

Madison had fun playing with Tyler & Haylee once they got home.  They played on the swingset, trampoline and then in the hottub for quite awhile!  Emmalee even got in the hottub for a bit, and she seemed to enjoy it (Jaime may claim differently lol).  They were really cute playing in the hottub.  Madison could touch all the way around, but occassionally would ‘panic’ and think she was drowning until Jaime I reminded her “STAND UP MADISON“, oh yeah!  LOL!  She’d stand up and be just fine!  What a goober!

There’s no school tomorrow, so we’ll get to ‘sleep-in’, wonder what time that will be??  Oh well im sure it’ll be better then 6:30 am when I was up this morning!  I think the plan either tomorrow or saturday is to go to see a movie.  Madison wants to come back and play again tomorrow, so we’ll probably do that too.  Nothing overly exciting planned! 

Scrapbooking Fiend

That would describe me the last 24-hours!  I accomplished 5 layouts for Julia during that time…with 4 kids undertoe!  Pretty impressive if you ask me!  I also did a variety of photos, ages and kids, so it made it even more fun and challenging!

Aiden & Connor playing in the kitchen drawers.  I picked these picture because the boys are wearing their Mariners jersey’s!
Based on a Tiare Smith Sketch
Happy 1st Birthday
Pretty self-explanatory…interesting fact, this is the FIRST birthday layout to ever be done for Julia’s kids!  Also, when Julia purchased the birthday decorations it came with scrapbooking paper…old school ones….but I cut out the title and the airplanes to coordinate with the pictures!
Based on a sketch by Mel (BlessedintheUS on Playground of Memories)
Pumpkins 2007
Aiden, Connor & MacKenzie’s Halloween Photos.  This was ONE large photo/display, and I cut the photos apart to make it seperate!
Based on a sketch by Becky Fleck of Page Maps
Adorable Annika
Julia recently pulled out Annika’s hospital discharge photos!  I thought it was to cute and wanted to scrapbook it!
Julia’s Layouts

Julia also did some scrapbooking, she spent her time looking for the perfect sketches and ideas so she only finished one layout.  She started a two-page layout but hasn’t finished it yet!  However, this past week she did do an adorable snow layout that I thought I’d share!  She’s so talented!!
Aiden & Connor’s school and class photo for 2009-’10 school year.  Yes, I blacked the faces out of the rest of the class and their teacher since I don’t have premission to post them.
First Snow
The first snow of the 2009-’10 winter!  It wasn’t nearly as much as we had last year, but still fun to play in!
We also did something REALLY fun tonight….but had trouble getting the pictures uploaded so you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see what it was!!  I’ll head back home in the morning in time for church at 1pm.  So I better get to bed because MacKenzie wakes up early and it’s already 12:13am on January 24, 2010!

One Year of Mackenzie

I’m up visiting Camano this weekend, and did some scrapping tonight with Julia…well technically Julia looked online for ideas the whole time, while I scrapped!  Earlier in the day I helped her organize all her printed photos into a cool little box she got, and while going through the pictures came across lots of MacKenzie that were left over from her “First Year” photo frame.  Seemed like the perfect layout, I used those pictures to make a layout!

One Year of Mackenzie

The scanning wasn’t to great, and I promise in person it’s much straighter and all the letters are present :)

Happy Friday!!

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