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Snowpocolypse 2012 {Poetic Winter Challenge: Warmth}

Last month the Seattle area was hit hard by snowstorm after snowstorm and windstorm after windstorm.

Each winter we tend to get 6” of snow, TOTAL, all season long.  In this one storm we had 12” of snow.  It wasn’t nearly as impressive as our snowstorm in 2008, but close!


In addition to the snowstorm, we had a massive windstorm that knocked out power to us for nearly 24-hours, but much of the area was out for over a week.  Even with out power and a foot of snow, I stayed warm and toasty.  I feel very very lucky that my mom panicked as we approached the millennium and insisted we buy a generator and have it wired into the house.  However, we hadn’t used our generator in a couple of years, so it took some work for my parents to get it running.  They were MY HEROES as they got the generator started so we could stay warm!




Want to know a secret Cori fact? Most of these photos were actually taken by me wearing flip-flops.  Yes, I’m crazy and YES I’m dreaming of summer!

After fun in the snow, there’s nothing like snuggling up next to the fire; especially when you are without power and trying to stay warm

Thanks goodness for our generator and fire place my family stayed nice and warm during Snowpocolypse 2012!


Poetic Winter Photography Challenge

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