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Crazy Days of Summer *The Finale*

Where has summer gone?  How is it already August 27th?  (Happy Golden Birthday by the way Erin!)

I started out the summer strong in the Lazy Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge hosted by my two FAVORITE Blogging Photographers, Alicia of Project Alicia and Kristi of Live and Love … Out Loud.  I think I successfully completed the first six weeks … give or take:

I was reading these ladies’ blogs when I read that for the final week, they had a ton of amazing giveaways and prizes for the Lazy Crazy Days of Summer final submissions.  However, I felt a bit awkward linking up this week with all the pomp and circumstance going on, because I missed half of the weeks!!  Then Kristi started bugging me, asking where I’d been and that I HAD TO link-up this week.  I himmed and haw’d (sp??!); then finally gave in.  Okay so it didn’t take that much prodding, but it took some!  Thanks Kristi!

I thought for this final submission I would share my favorite photos that I took over the summer.  Most of these have been shared already, but guess what … it’s my blog and I’m sharing them again!











Happy last Lazy Crazy Days of Summer!!

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Crazy Days of Summer *Patriotic*

After taking a week’s hiatus from Crazy Days of Summer, I’m excited to be making a last minute entry to this week’s linky challenge!  My photos are not very patriotic, but they were taking on the 4th of July and you can’t get much more patriotic than that!!


This year I spent the 4th up on Camano Island with the Munro’s and their extended family on the beach overlooking Puget Sound.  We spent the afternoon playing on the beach, flying kites, digging in dirt (okay NOT me), eating yummy food, enjoying other’s company, watching beautiful fireworks as the sunset and of course being thankful that we live in such a beautiful country!

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Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!!!


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Crazy Days of Summer *Yellow*

{Cabo} Day 6

This weeks Crazy Days of Summer prompt once again comes from sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with the theme of yellow.  This prompt just coincidently fit with the activity I was most looking forward to on this vacation … PARASAILING.  Coincidentally out parasail was a big giant YELLOW happy face, perfect for this


The first group to go was my mom and sister Kelly.  While they were inflight Alex & I sat in the boat with the rest of our family who had chickened out, waiting for it to be our turn to fly!



Upon return to the boat, our Aunt Sharon had chickened out on going, so we had paid for an extra flight.  Kelly, who doesn’t do well in boats at all, decided she’d go again, because it probably was safer for her IN THE AIR the ON THE BOAT!



Kelly was fine until about 30 seconds after we left the boat, when she started to feel sick.  That immediately kicked me into nausea mode and we both were sick in the first minute.  Poor Alex was stuck between us and we both were NOT HAPPY.  She tried her hardest to get the boat’s attention, but we were to far away, her waving to them looked like she was waving “we’re having a blast!” and not “SOS!”  We finally got Alex to stop waving, because clearly that wasn’t working and eventually they lowered us back to the boat. 

Instead of a nice calm boat landing, the people piloting the boat thought it would be funny to land us IN THE WATER.  That was the highlight for me.  I was at the point of trying to figure out where the best place to vomit was without the wind spraying it all over the three of us.  After our water landing, they started to send us back up – until we started screaming NOOOOO and my mom recognized the motion sickness face known all to well of Kelly & I



My mom quickly told the guys to land us and let us get down.  I’ve never been so happy to be back on the boat in my life!

Was it scary?  No, for me it wasn’t.  I don’t have a fear of heights and the views were breathtaking!

So what made me sick?  Parasailing is just like riding the swings at the fair – similar motion.  I cannot ride the swings without getting nauseous and apparently I can’t parasail either! 

Would I do it again?  Yes, after I’d taken a full dose of Dramamine, I would do it again!  I lived to tell about it and would highly recommend it to everyone to give it a try!!  I just suggest you take Dramamine before you fly Open-mouthed smile


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Crazy Days of Summer *Water*

This weeks Crazy Days of Summer prompt was water, what better water than that found in Cabo San Lucas??



Greetings from Cabo San Lucas!!  I’m writing this post on Sunday evening out on the patio overlooking an infinity pool and in the distance the Strait of Cortez … STUNNING water views!!  If this isn’t heaven then it must be pretty close!!







We survived the trip, but I am EXHAUSTED.  Exhausted might not be a strong enough word to describe how I’m feeling – let me explain [all Seattle, Pacific Standard Time on Sunday, June 19th]…

Went to bed at midnight …

Woke up at 1:40am …

Left for the airport at 2:00am …

Arrived at the airport at 3:00am …

Airport Fun until we boarded the plan at 4:00am …

Arrived in Phoenix at 7:30am …

Left Phoenix at 8:30am …

Arrived in Cabo at 10:30am …

Done with customs, luggage and more security by 12:00pm …

Arrived at the Casa we’re staying at about 12:30pm …

Immediately headed to the grocery store to stalk up on basics, made it home by 2:30pm …

NOW Relaxing and trying not to fall asleep.


The current time is 5:08pm and I feel like I could crash right now and sleep so well!  I don’t think I’ll have any problems falling asleep!  I have the next week of fun in the sun ahead of me!!

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Crazy Days of Summer *Refreshing*

Ahhhh … this quarter is so close to being done!!  I’m doing final editing on my last essay.  As soon as I submit it, it’s summer vacation and I CANNOT WAIT!

Just in time for …


This week’s theme is refreshing!  I figured most people were going to be posting water related photos, but being the “not follow the group” kinda girl, I once again looking at the theme slightly differently {I assume!} then other people!!  Again, I return to my Memorial Day weekend in Idaho!  On Tuesday I posted {Inside} At The Farm and promised the next day I would post the {outside} photos – well that didn’t happen, darn finals got in the way!  So now I’m sorta posting photos from that day, but there are a lot more beautiful photos of the outside of the farm – Did I mention the view is amazing?!  You’ll have to stop by again {maybe Saturday or Sunday} for more pictures of {Outside} At The Farm!

What is more refreshing then spending an afternoon in a beautiful local swinging and reminiscing about your childhood??  That’s what my mom, Alex, Aunt Leslie & I did for an hour last Sunday afternoon!



Make sure you stop over at Kristi {Live and Love Outloud} and Alicia’s {Project Alicia} to see all of the *refreshing* photos of the week!

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Crazy Days of Summer *Flowers*

Two of my favorite blogging photographers, Live and Love Outloud and Project Alicia, are teaming up together to host a new summertime meme: Lazy Crazy Days of Summer!  I’m slow in participating this week, darn finals are getting in the way, however I promised Kristi & Alicia that I would make sure I linked up and joined in the fun!  So my post is way late, but better late then never!  I promise to do better this week Open-mouthed smile

This week’s theme was flowers and I’m fudging it it a bit, the photos I’m including for this week are more of landscape shots!  I have been meaning to post more pictures from my Idaho trip and thought this would be the perfect time to post these!





These photos were taken on the farm that belonged to my mom’s aunt and uncle!  I’m not a country girl at all, but aren’t the views gorgeous??  It was so peaceful, serene and beautiful at their home!

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