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WICKED, again


It’s no secret, I’m a massive fan of the Broadway production of WICKED! I blogged about it when I went in 2009 with a badly sprained ankle in my overly attractive walking boot (at least I was off the crutches) and again in 2011 with my Aunt Sue.

This year I went with a bunch of ladies from work and had a great time! We went to dinner beforehand and then walked the couple of the blocks to the Paramount to see the show.

While I was excited to see Ashley Parker Angel play the role of Fiyero (I was a big fan of ABC’s Making the Band and the O-Town), I have to say this was the weekest cast I’ve seen. I LOVED this tour’s Glinda, but Elphaba and the other characters weren’t as strong as past years. Don’t get me wrong it was fabulous and still my favorite show!


What a fun night! Now I don’t know why I’m still awake because I have to be up in a couple hours for work! Until next time….

P.S. If you ever want to hear a great story and laugh about buying 10 tickets from the Paramount be sure to ask me! Boy do I have a doozy …..


2013 Mariners Games, thus far!

It’s no secret, I love me some Mariners baseball!  We don’t have the best record in baseball, but we’re doing okay…feel free to stop the snickering now!  Even though our season has been less then stellar, there is still nothing better then an afternoon or evening at the ballpark!  This year I’ve made it to four different games, with a couple more being planned! 

LOVE Summertime!

LOVE Mariners!

LOVE Baseball!

LOVE Summertime Mariners Baseball!


April 17th ~ Seattle 1 – Detroit Tigers 2

While Alex was home for Spring Break, we got tickets in the King’s Court to root on Felix and the Mariners!  While we didn’t win Sad smile, we did have a GREAT time and made the jumbotron many times! I I tweeted the pic of Alex & I (below) with the #mariners hash tag and our picture and my tweet made the jumbotron!  That was pretty cool and yes, I felt pretty special!

al-cor  al

April 28th ~ Seattle 6 – Las Angeles Angels 0

For National Volunteer Appreciation Week, I attended the game along with other Eastside Baby Corner volunteers and employees!  We had a great time rooting on the Mariners as an organization and celebrating all the amazing volunteers EBC has!  Oh, it also helped that we WON!

ebc-mom  ebc-amy


In this photo, Amy & I were trying to take a picture and the guys behind us jumped in and photo-bombed it!

May 11th ~ Seattle 3 – Oakland Athletics 4

This was a game where Brandi and I took the girls too!  A friend’s son Xander’s, elementary school choir was chosen to sing the national anthem before the game! So we went to support him, but also to have some fun and enjoy some evening baseball!  We knew Madison would do fine, we weren’t so sure about Emmalee, but to our surprise she did really well too and also had fun!



June 25th ~ Seattle 4 – Pittsburg Pirates 9

I have to brag about these seats…they were six rows behind the Mariners dugout!  EBC has a volunteer couple with amazing season tickets and I mentioned that I’d love to go if they ever were unable to make a game!  To my excitement, they had tickets to a game a few days later that they were looking for someone to take!  I happily bought the tickets from them and invited Amy to come along with me!  While the game wasn’t fantastic, the seats were amazing, we could SEE the Mariners up close!  It was awesome!  I have tickets to go again and sit in the same seats in early August!  I cannot wait!



So my record for 2013 for wins isn’t great….but we are just starting the second half of the season….there’s plenty of time to make it a winning season Smile

Wicked 2012


I {HEART} musicals.

In October, I had an opportunity to see Broadway’s Wicked at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, for the second time.  (I saw it last time it was in town, in 2009). Having seen it once before, I had a better idea of the storyline of the play.

Actually, I would say seeing it the second time was better than the first because you’re not so shocked by the twists and the turns that arise throughout the show.  I had forgotten many of the twists, but those that I remembered made MUCH MORE SENSE the second time around!  I caught on better to the jokes and made better connections to how it coincides with The Wizard of Oz.

This year it was myself, Alex, Brandi and Sue who went to see it.  We had a fifth ticket, that never got used but was taken over by a random stranger….it still ticks Brandi off…but that’s a story for another day!  Well, Brandi and the rest of us, because the lady showed up partway through the show, stepped on all our toes and then left before intermission started and stomped on our toes leaving too.  We’re slightly bitter!

As with my previous experience seeing Wicked and when my family saw Mary Poppins last year, I was aware of the scare tactics put in place by the Paramount and cast about taking photographs during the show.  I respected their wishes and sat on my hands so I wouldn’t be tempted to click away.  With that being said, I didn’t get any photos during the show, so you’ll have to stick with the before shots.


Happy Monday, everyone!

CBM signature2


On Friday, I alluded (okay so straight out bragged) that I was going to the Seahawks-vs-Saints Wild Card Playoffs game with my cousin’s Jaime, Zak and two of Zak’s friends.  The guys sat together and Jaime and I sat together, so for the most part we had a girls day at the game! 

I’m sure by now you’ve heard, but … SEAHAWKS WON! Or as Komo News announced it, “Hawks stun Saints 41-36 in Playoffs’!  It was the game of the year, and quite possibly one of the top Seahawks games ever!    

Not only was the game great, but we sat in awesome seats, in the Club Level on the 40 yard line!  I had never been to a game at Quest Field before, so not only was it a great game, with great seats but I got first hand experience in the noise of the “12th Man”.  What I imagined gave NO justice to the actual noise level at the statium.  O.M.G my ears are still ringing, nearly 24 hours later!  With all the noise, it was evident that the 12th Man showed up and caused the Saints 3 false starts!

I know nothing about football…I know they get 4 chances to go 10 yards, that’s about it, but I found myself cheering, screaming, high-fiving and jumping along with the entire stadium.  I had a great time!  It was a GREAT game!













Good luck Seahawks with your game next weekend!!  Wish I could go!

Lady Antebellum Concert!

Last night had the awesome opporunity to go see Lady Antebellum in concert at the WAMU Theater in Seattle!!  I went with a high school friend, Caitlyn, who I hadn’t seen in a long time – so it was great to reconnect with her and see a great show! 

Waiting for the show to start :)

Lady Antebellum

The whole group and band!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Caitlyn for inviting me to come along with you!  I had a great time!!  Everyone else, if you ever the chance to go see Lady Antebellum in concert, I HIGHLY recommend it!! 

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*Logo & first photo (I merged them) were taken from the Official Lady Antebellum Website


El Toreadors Birthday Dinner

Oh, how I love this restaurant!  I have celebrated my birthday there just about every year since my first birthday…love it!!  For mine and Erin’s joint birthday dinner we chose El Toreadors to eat at and enjoy some fun company with friends!

The Group

DSCN2034The Birthday Girls
(mine’s on the 24th and Erin’s is on the 27th)

Erin & I with the party planner Amanda!
Thanks Amanda for putting together our birthday dinner!  I had a great time and appreciate it!!

Amy & I

Thanks again Amanda for putting this all together, it was fun to get together with the gang and eat some yummy food!! 


Last night we had a Girls Night and went to see the Broadway production of WICKED at the Paramount!  We purchased the tickets back in February and were very excited the day finally came so we could go!  It was a a lot of fun, not to mention the show was amazing!  I hate have to admit that “Galinda’” reminded me of myself…very self-centered, but what’s wrong with that??  Apparently the rest of my friends felt them same way Galinda & I lol!   


We got to Seattle early and went to dinner at the Daily Grill near the Paramount.  We were planning on going to the Spaghetti Factory after, but we decided to be nice and eat before so Alex could get home at a more descent hour since she had to be at school at 6am the next day! 

None of us had ever eaten hear before, so we didn’t know what to expect but it had no wait and looked nice, plus it seemed to have ‘normal’ food that we all could agree on!  The food was good and on top of it we found out they gave us 15% off because of the theater discount…who knew?  It worked well, we got good food, ate early and got a discount…not to mention were still got to the Paramount before they opened it!

wicked1 wicked2 wicked3 wicked4 wicked5

The show was awesome, but I think I would have enjoyed the first half better if I didn’t have to pee so bad!  Right before it started I decided to run really quick, but was stopped by the usher who told me “if you leave now you will be locked out for the first 9-minutes of the show”.  I decided to hold it and just wait!!  But by the time they started to drop the curtain for Intermission I was already climbing over everyone to run to the bathroom.  I’m happy to announce I made it, plus I got one of the last stalls before the line started!  By the time I left the line was already to the stairs!

We had a fun night!!

From a GREAT day to a CRAPPY (literally) ending!

I’d say 99% of my day was fantastic!!  It started out fun, I met Jaime & Amy and their girls at Lake Tye where Madison & Camryn played in the water.  I have to say it was really breezy out, I was wrapped up in a towel so it wasn’t overly enjoyable for myself, Amy or Jaime – but the girls loved it!  We hung out their for a couple of hours then I went home with Jaime, who put her girls down for a nap then we just rested. 

After naptime, they took me home.  Erin was babysitting for Kim today so I went over to visit.  We played outside until Kim got home about 20minutes later.  We chit-chatted about how the Jonas Brothers concert went (Sophia LOVED it apparently!).  Then we headed to my house to wait for Brandi to get to Duvall. 

Erin had offered to drive Paul Elkins to pick up his car in Renton, so Brandi & I tagged along.  Turns out Paul works right across the street from IKEA, so after we dropped him off we headed over to IKEA to walk around.  IKEA is just a fun place to wander around, Brandi bought 2 boxes of cookies and a pizza cutter (random stuff I tell you) but we had fun browsing! 

After IKEA we went to the Factoria Red Robin where Erin treated us to dinner as a thank-you for driving with her!  I had delicious chili-nachos!  They were amazingly yummy!  We had a great time this evening hanging out!!

However, when I got home I was greeted with CRAP….CAT CRAP.  Yes, one of my lovely cats (ugh) pooped and peed all over my BED!  OMG it was awful!!  I had to first pick up the nasty contents then completely dismantle my cleanly made bed (and the mattress I had laying on the floor that Alex had left their) put as much as I could in the washing machine (probably still have 2 loads) to wash on sanitary which takes 2 hours to clean – I’ll never have my bedding back.  I then bleached and scrubbed my mattress and then had to clean my floor.  Luckily Alex is at camp all week and I can sleep in her room.  What an awful end to a great day!

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