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My Most Used Words in FB


Who doesn’t do those “who’s your best friend/soul mate / person can’t live without you / where will you be in 10 years” question apps on Facebook?  I know there’s some controversy behind them because they can potentially steal your identity, but I highly doubt that will happen so I’m known for playing along!

So when Brandi posted her “My Most Used Words on FB” I was eager to see what mine looked like….

I think most of us know I tend to be egotistical, so I don’t think anyone (myself included) was all to surprised to see my “biggest” – aka most often used word was I’m!  It’s well know that “I’m” all about me!  Hehe!

My other top 10 words appear to be, according to the biggest words, are:

  1. I’m
  2. Day
  3. Kids
  4. Happy
  5. Today
  6. Baby
  7. Just
  8. One
  9. Birthday
  10. Fabulous

So I guess that means my best Facebook status update would be:

I’m happy and fabulous today due to not just one birthday for the baby, but also a day for the kids!

Hehe!  Fun made up post!

What was your “My Most Used Words in FB”?!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Halloween Crafting


Yesterday Granny and I had a craft day with the girls. This was all Granny Sue's idea and I let her run with it, I just showed up for the fun. Needless to say I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into.

To my surprise, Granny had done her research and came armed with three Halloween/fall crafts, each using pine cones. We would be turning out pine cones into owls, spiders and bats. I was a bit skeptical…




I have to admit once I saw what she had planned I wasn't convinced the endeavor would be successful, but I didn't share my opinion, put on my happy face and dug in. To my surprise the crafts went off with very little problems. I was shocked!

In the end we had spiders that looked like spiders, bats that resembled bats and owls that looked more like Cousin Itt! The owls didn't turn out the best, but were cute anyway.



We hung the finished products over the bar in a fun banner display! I have to give Sue credit, she pulled off a really fun activity!


Mason missed out on the crafts (we confidently did it during nap time!), but he was excited to see the final product and jump in the picture!

Great activity for kids and adults! It was fun to get to use our imagination, lots of glue and create fun ghoulish masterpieces! Bring on fall and Halloween! My only complaint is I didn't take more close up pics of the finished products, there were some real jewels in the mix….scary jewels of course!




Knit-A-Long: Seahawks vs. Lions


I have good news and bad news….

Good News: I completed week 4's Lions game AND it's still Sunday! (No need to rub it in that I now need to complete today's painful loss….)

Bad News: I think I have carpel tunnel in my fingers!

I have become a knitting machine. This challenge is a lot harder than I thought it would be to keep up. I'm extactic to at least be knitting the most recent game and not be a game (or two) behind, but man is this time consuming.

Game 4: Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks (10-13)

This game feels almost non-existent to me with it being a Monday night game and having to work. I had the game on all over the Hub but with all the EBC Monday night festivities it was hard to concentrate on the radio. From what I understand it was a horrible game and one that was good for me to miss.

Every once in awhile I'd hear an excited Steve Raible (Seahawks announcer) and would strain to hear what happened and if it was a happy call or a frustrated one. The rest of the time (when we had the lead) Madeline and I would pass each other and utter “the game can end now, we need a low scoring game for knitting!” Amazingly, thanks to a later-controversial call, the Hawks game out victorious and even better we only had to knit 25 rounds! I'm not sure what we were more happy about!

Here's what game 4 looked like in knitting form:


And here's what my entire cowl looks like:


Okay, moving on to the horrific Bengals game….


Follow along with me, a newbie knitter, all season as I knit every, single point the Seattle Seahawks score and somehow make a cowl! Check out my past game progress…

  1. Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams (Loss 31-34)
  2. Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers (Loss 17-27)
  3. Seattle Seahawks vs. Chicago Bears (Win 26-0)
  4. Seattle Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions (Win 13-17)

Total rounds knitted so far: 166 (includes 2 rounds of silver between each game)


Knit-A-Long: Seahawks vs. Bears


Game 3 was a LOT easier than game 2 and all my problems I had! It also was a much far less rows to knit due to a lower scoring game (thank goodness!); I didn't even have to change colors which was nice, though it took a lot of concentration to count the rows! Best of all the Seahawks finally got a win and go 1-2 for the season!

Game 3: Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks (0-26)

I'm still frustrated with the spot where I had all the problems in last week's game. There's a couple spots that have serious puckering and problems, but I'm hopeful it'll become much less noticeable the farther from it I go. For now, it's driving my OCD eyes nuts because that's the first thing I see. Annoying.

I'm excited to start game 4 and hoping to get close to being caught up in time for Sunday's game. I think week 4 has only 23 rows which is 3 less than even this week! Bring on game 4!

Follow along with me, a newbie knitter, all season as I knit every, single point the Seattle Seahawks score and somehow make a cowl! Check out my past game progress…

  1. Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams (Loss 31-34)
  2. Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers (Loss 17-27)


Knit-A-Long: Seahawks vs. Packers


This game was pretty much eons ago! I wish I could say that I'm just super behind on my project, but the truth is I somehow made a HUGE mistake and ended up having to pull-out like four rows. NOT FUN.

Week 2: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers (17-27)

Last Friday night I finished this game, or so I thought! I even took pictures for this blog post! I was so proud to be done with game 2 AND still have time to possibly complete game 3 before game 4 even started! After taking the picture I continued on to the first row of the next game quickly completing it and moving onto the next round. However, that's when I started to realize my knitting had problems. BIG PROBLEMS!

I tried my best to fix it on my own, even after Wanda told me to STOP AND WAIT for her to help. Stopping wasn't an option because it was only Friday and I had a mission to catch-up!

I spent most of Friday evening trying to fix my mistake, but in the end I gave up. I think my fixing made it even worse! I finally went back to Wanda and begged for assistance.

I got a Yikes, how many rounds? response and at that point panicked.

She calmed me down and suggested I YouTube Knitting Lifeline which might be able to help me easily rip out my bad rows. I did the research and tried on my own, but couldn't quite get it. I finally just put the knitting down and gave in to the fact I was stuck until Monday. Good thing I had a busy weekend and didn't have much time to sit and pout about my knitting problems.

On Monday Wanda showed me how to use the Knitting Lifeline to fix my mistake and I (sadly) ripped out four rows of my hard work. As I cried with each row I removed, I kept telling myself You're a perfectionist, leaving this mistake would drive you crazy.

It took a lot longer than I thought to rip out the bad rows and get re-started, but it got done and tonight I completed game two…again…all 46 rows of it!

Here's a look at the ENTIRE cowl so far….


I'm still a bit concerned that it's a bit triangular, but Wanda keeps promising it's just because it's on the knitting needles…I hope she's right! I also have to laugh because mine is SUPER WIDE and looks more like tube top than a cowl, I guess only time will tell!

Oh and this picture doesn't do it justice on how long it is, the picture looks like it's about the size of a beanie, but in reality it's about 14 inches long!

Off to work on game 3….stay tuned…thank goodness this game and last night's were MUCH lower scores! I have to admit that I've been praying for a low scoring WINNING game. There's no need to have such high scoring games, low scoring works for me! Not to mention, if we continue at the current high scoring rate this cowl is going to be like 10 feet long!


Knit-A-Long: Seahawks vs. Rams


About a month ago my friend Wanda approached our office and invited our office to join her in a Knit-A-Long. I'd never heard of one before and had very limited knitting experience so wasnt real keen on the idea. However before I knew most of the office was participating and I didn't want to be left out so I joined.

So what are we making?

The project comes from Scoreboard Kal, and in the end will be a cowl that represents the Seahawks 2015/16 season! Per the website:

The idea behind the design of the cowl is fairly simple. When your team [Seahawks] scores, you will knit a round in the [blue] for each point attained. Did they kick a field goal? That would be 3 rounds. Did they score a touchdown? That would be 6 rounds. Was the point after good? Add another round! Should the opposing team score on the subsequent drive, their points will be knit in the [green] (following the same rules noted above). You will follow this structure for the entire game, switching back and forth between the [blue] and [green] depending on which team scores…

When the season is over, you will be left with an AMAZING, wearable knitted record of [The Seahawks] 2015-2016 season in the Scoreboard Cowl!

Having never really knitted before, I was nervous about being able to do a project of this magnitute! Wanda was a great (and very patient!) instructor and before I knew it I was off and knitting!

Okay now that I've explained the rules let's move onto Week 1 and see how I did!

Week 1: Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams (31-34)

This was a hard game to start the year with, both for the team and my knitting skills! I hated the idea of the Seahawks going 0-1, but I really hated the number of points (aka rows) I would have to do! We will just say that our entire knitting group go off to a very slow start and quickly found ourselves very behind, very quickly! Sixty-five rows in one week, for complete newbies is extremely daunting! I didn't finish game one until mid-week last week, well after game 2 was played! The good news is I finished game 1 and am well into game 2, and thanks to a lower (sorta) game 3 maybe I'll completely catch up this week…

Here's what my week 1 knitting looks like, remember blue represents Seahawks scores and green represents the Rams…

I'm still not quite sure what a Knit-A-Long I'm but assuming it has something to do with doing the same project as other people, aka my office! The good news is I'm doing it and having fun! Make sure you pop back over to see what it looks like after week 2s game against the Packers!


WICKED, again


It’s no secret, I’m a massive fan of the Broadway production of WICKED! I blogged about it when I went in 2009 with a badly sprained ankle in my overly attractive walking boot (at least I was off the crutches) and again in 2011 with my Aunt Sue.

This year I went with a bunch of ladies from work and had a great time! We went to dinner beforehand and then walked the couple of the blocks to the Paramount to see the show.

While I was excited to see Ashley Parker Angel play the role of Fiyero (I was a big fan of ABC’s Making the Band and the O-Town), I have to say this was the weekest cast I’ve seen. I LOVED this tour’s Glinda, but Elphaba and the other characters weren’t as strong as past years. Don’t get me wrong it was fabulous and still my favorite show!


What a fun night! Now I don’t know why I’m still awake because I have to be up in a couple hours for work! Until next time….

P.S. If you ever want to hear a great story and laugh about buying 10 tickets from the Paramount be sure to ask me! Boy do I have a doozy …..


Signed by Jermaine Kearse


Last weekend Brandi and I took the little girls to the United Way of King County's Celebrity Softball Tournement hosted by Mariners Hall of Famers Dan Wilson and Jay Buhner. We had all gone together last year so the girls had an idea of what to expect. What we didn't expect was both girls would get their hats signed by Seattle Seahawks', and University of Washington alum, Jermaine Kearse.

We bought great seats just a few rows above the field but because of the heat we decided to move up towards the main concourse and get out of the sun. Maddie wasn't overly fond of the idea because she really wanted to get a signature from one of the players. I finally agreed to go back down toward the dugout to sit in the sun while she tried to get a signature. Any signature.

There was two all-star filled rosters, but only one player from the Seahawks was participating and I never thought we would get him to sign their hats. Maddie was very persistent yelling at different players hoping that one would turn around and sign her hat. Emma joined in after awhile and then a few more girls.

When I saw Kearse pop up out of the dugout and stand right in front of the girls I had two thoughts:

  1. Wow that would be super cool if they got Kearse to sign their hats!
  2. Please turn around and sign their hats so we can get out of the sun!

The four girls quickly realized that each one of them yelling at Kearse individually wasn't working so they decided to try telling together…and what do you know Kearse turned around and motioned to them to hand him what they wanted to have signed.

I don't think I ever moved so fast as to make sure he got both of the girls' hats!

How cool is that signature! I do have to admit I am a tad bit jealous, but there's always next time, right!?


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