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#CatchTheMoment365; Week 16

After last weekend’s garage sale I was absolutely exhausted and was pretty lazy the rest of the week!  In fact I’m so lazy that I do not have much to say for this post!  *Shocker I know!* You’ll even find my “stories” that go along with each photo to be pretty short in comparison to other ones I’ve done in the past!  Sometimes lazy is good and it is good enough for this week’s post!

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Catch the Moment 365

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How does this work?  Everyday I am posting a new pic to Instagram, Twitter and my personal Facebook page with the hash tags #365DaysofCori and the official challenge hash tag #catchthemoment365.  On Friday’s I will do a recap of the previous week’s photos and *hopefully* give a little more insight into the photos, why I took them and any history behind them.

Happy Friday!

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Hoppy Easter



This Easter was a crazy one for my family.  My Grandma put her house on the market and in 12 hours she had 3 offers and a bidding war…suddenly we had just a couple of days to put on a massive garage sale – which just had to fall on Easter weekend.  In addition of the garage sale, Alex was home for Spring break but was flying back to Idaho on Sunday morning.  So we made the decision to hold a garage sale and Easter on Saturday.  It was a busy day.

We had our family over for Easter dinner on Saturday night and then dying Easter eggs.  Everyone spent the night and Sunday morning we woke up to see if the Easter Bunny had visited, had a big breakfast and then send Alex off to the airport.  Needless to say it was a world wind weekend.  Lots of fun, great memories, laughs and a whole lot of photos were taken!

I have been horrible about getting non-steps to a million or #catchthemoment365 posts up and have made it a goal to post a non-related post once a week.  I have a bunch of photos that I’m in the process of editing that I want to get up on my blog, but life just gets in the way….not to mention exhaustion!  With that being said, here’s that first post Smile



And then no Benson holiday would be complete with out a throw-down.  This time it was Kelly –vs.- Maddie in a jump roping contest.

jumprope contest2

The game might have been slightly rigged, but in the end Maddie was the big winner and Kelly the loser.  We’ll just say Kelly was a bit skeptical by the results Smile


Alex and Mason with their final vote for the winner….


My dad and Aunt Sue were in charge of the voting…at this point Kelly was up 2-1 votes, but Maddie was about to make her big comeback.


Our official jump-rope official, Emmalee, congratulating the winner.  Notice Kelly in the back with the smirk on her face, she was a good sport and new she had no chance to beat Maddie!

Hope you all had a Hoppy Easter!

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I Dig You!

Last year for Valentine’s Day I made and gave out these fun “Won’t Chew Be Mine” Valentine’s Day gifts to my amazing volunteers, coworkers, friends and family. I had such a blast making them last year that for a couple months now I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas of what to make this year!

There are so many adorable ideas that it was hard to settle on one. However with time being a factor, I finally picked an idea and ran with it!


I dig this, how about you?!

Are you a Pinterest loving crafter too?! What did you do for Valentine’s Day gifts?!

Christmas Cast

As I hinted in my Christmas post I got to spend some quality time with Maddie and Jaime on Christmas Eve at Children’s Hospital while Maddie got her foot checked out.

About six weeks ago she jumped off the top of a slide and had been in pain ever since.  She had x-rays taken right after the incident but showed no brake; they put her in a walking boot but she was still having constant pain.  After visiting her pediatrician to get it checked out again she was sent to Children’s Hospital to get more x-rays taken…on Christmas Eve!  After x-rays were taken a second time she learned her fate of having a Christmas cast.

The doctor was super nice and the nurse willingly let her have a “two color cast” but “only because it was Christmas Eve” – that made Maddie’s day; not to mention happy!

She chose a blue and hot pink striped pattern and was mesmerized watching the cast go from soft gauze like pad to the hard permanent form she would wear for the next three weeks!



Once we got back to the house Maddie couldn’t wait to have the family sign her cast!  The only downside was we quickly learned that the blue color was REALLY hard to see.  Our big family quickly filled up all the pink stripes in no time!  In addition to our family she had Sigurd and SANTA sign it!


Emmalee insisted on signing UNDER Maddie’s cast.  Poor Maddie was in pain while Emma slowly signed it, but being the amzing super sister she is let Emma sign right where she wanted to!


DSC_0056cast santa

If you look closely, Santa had a hard time signing the cast and actually signed in twice because he ran out of room!

Today marks two weeks since she got her cast on and has one more to go.  Next week she’ll go back to the doctor, get it reevaluated and either be done or get another cast.  *Fingers* crossed she’ll be done; it’s not nearly as cool as she thought it would be!

Happy Wednesday!

Christmas 2013

Once again Christmas was full of fun, excitement, surprises and lots of family time; in my opinion the PERFECT way to celebrate the holiday!

In addition to our extended family, Kelly’s friend Sigurd, whom she met in France also came to celebrate the holidays with us.  Kelly and Sigurd hit it off during her study-abroad program a year ago.  In a blog post on March 22, 2013, Kelly introduces her readers (and our family) to Sigurd:

Sigurd (pronounced Sig-UR) is a very interesting gentleman, he’s originally from Norway but is in Paris studying medicine and working towards his PhD in Neuroscience in order to become a neurosurgeon (which I guess is impressive, if you’re into that kind of thing). But besides that he’s the first person I’ve encountered here who not only understands my humor, but has been very quick to counter all of my deplorable remarks with something as equally offensive or absurd. Our first interaction will make for a charming story to share with the grandkids; he needed 9 more red solo cups to start a game of beer pong, and believed an individual with certain endowments would have better luck convincing the bartender to hand them over. He therefore approached me solely because I met the bill of being female. I explained that I was flattered to be his 12th choice in a lineup of girls but because my body so closely resembled a cereal box he would fare better seeking out a curvier co-ed to do his bidding. He laughed and stuck around long enough for me to reprimand him for rocking the double denim (the unforgivable denim shirt and jeans combination, commonly known as a ‘Canadian Tuxedo’, cornering the market on the hipster-farmer look). We had a ridiculous back and forth banter that if anyone had overheard they’d quickly assume we needed to be committed.

Kelly Benson, Ma Mémoire Prétentieuse – My Pretentious Memoir

Needless to say our entire family was eager to meet him.  Having him here from Norway for Christmas made everything a little more exciting and fun!

Other than Sigurd visiting we had a pretty normal Christmas, minus Maddie having to get a cast on Christmas Eve…but that’s a story for another day!  Until then, enjoy some of the photos from the Benson Family Christmas 2013!

DSC_0039DSC_0043DSC_0044DSC_0100DSC_0108Get Sleazy For Ron WeasleyDSC_0140DSC_0149DSC_0109DSC_0137DSC_0164

Happy Thursday!


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April Fools Day, Paris Style!

I’m once again making the 5 hour drive to Spokane. Since I’m stuck in the car, I thought I’d share parts of Kelly’s April fools day blog post!

If you haven’t checked out her Paris blog yet, I highly recommend! She’s always been the family comedian, however she shocked the whole family with her witty writing ability! So sit back and enjoy!

In France, April Fool’s Day is called “Poisson d’Avril” or April’s Fish, and is similar to ours but without as many clever pranks. Over here the classic prank is to stick a paper fish to someone’s back without them realizing it; they are therefore the “April Fish”…. yeah, kinda lame…

Anyways, I have been so excited for today because this site would have been the perfect platform to freak out my family on a grand scale with a bogus posting. For the past few days I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with the best story – running off and eloping with The Norwegian, or being kicked out of the program for various illegal shenanigans. But alas, lightning never struck, and I couldn’t stand behind a second-rate prank.

Nothing would have bested the phone call I made to my father from New York a couple years back. I had been staying with a friend who went to school in the city and I called my parents to calmly inform them that we had been arrested for cocaine possession. Her father had just made bail for the two of us and we now owned him $14,000. I wasn’t allowed to leave the state because I was facing felony charges and potentially looking at 5-10 years in prison.

I was just making everything up as I went and it sounds ridiculous in writing, but you can just ask him – I can be quite believable on the phone. This went on for a good 15 minutes, and I just kept apologizing and asking him to please not be mad at me, and to his credit he did stay quite calm.

Afterwards, as to be expected he was a tad put out, but soon said he had never been so proud!

Ahhh Kelly, we’ve missed you!

won’t CHEW be mine?



Isn’t this the cutest Valentine’s gift?!  Yes, this was a Pinterest find that I LOVE!  In fact, I loved it so much I also made them with Madison & Emmalee to give out at their school too!  Super easy to make, they look adorable and now I look super crafty!  When in reality I just designed my “Love, Cori” part…the rest was sent to me from the Etsy store I bought it from?!

Want to check out other printables by the store who made these adorable Valentine’s?  Check out Cupcake Cutiees Party on Etsy!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


This post was 100% my opinion. I didn’t receive any compensation for sharing my opinion and/or writing a review.

The 2012 Lights of Christmas

I love traditions and one of my favorite holiday traditions is going up to Stanwood to visit Warm Beach’s Lights of Christmas.  It’s a local Christmas lights display, featuring MORE THAN 1 million light!  It is crazy pretty!

This makes my forth consecutive year attending with the Munro’s.  Every year is fun and beautiful, but I must admit I was a bit disappointed by the displays this year.  Normally they have displays going way up high into the trees and yet this year it appeared the expanded the display, but didn’t increase the amount of lights.  It still was beautiful, but the awe effect wasn’t nearly as prevalent this year as it has been in the past.

That didn’t stop us from having some fun though!

DSC_0247DSC_0259DSC_0283DSC_0287DSC_0288DSC_0290LOC Collage

If you haven’t checked out the pictures from my previous visits, you should hop over and take a look!  (2009, 2010 and 2011)

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