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Circus Bash!!

*Beware* this Wordless Wednesday post is jam-packed full of photos!  I promise lots of pictures, with very few words!

This weekend was the Munro Kids Circus Bash birthday!!  Alex, Julia and I worked none stop from Friday evening until the party started at 1pm on Sunday!!  It went off perfectly, even if a ton of people showed up that didn’t RSVP, but that’s another story! 


The Circus Set-Up

balloonsAlex & I blew up nearly 400 helium balloons!

Inside was set-up like a circus tent.  We used tulle for the outer part of the tent and then a whole lotta crepe paper for the rest!  It took Alex & I about 4 hours to get it all done!  A lot of work, but looked awesome! 

Julia came up with a way to set-up a game section!  Looks pretty good doesn’t it!  We had 4 games for the kids to play, they were all a hit!

Looking down at the Circus Bash!


Cake Time!

The cake table!

The clown cupcake cake, yes Julia made that! 
I did the writing on the kids individual cakes :)

Yep, those are cupcakes!!
We cut marshmallows for the popcorn and then sprayed them with spray food coloring to give them a butter look!

1, 2, 3…BLOW!!!



Miscellaneous Pictures!

Girls going down the bouncy house slide!

Munro Family

Minus the boys!

DSC_0311                                                       The kids with the clown!
   DSC_0341                                           Emmalee, Myself & Maddie walking!

other guests
I have LOTS more photos to share and will do so over the next couple of days!!  So stay tuned :)

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El Toreadors Birthday Dinner

Oh, how I love this restaurant!  I have celebrated my birthday there just about every year since my first birthday…love it!!  For mine and Erin’s joint birthday dinner we chose El Toreadors to eat at and enjoy some fun company with friends!

The Group

DSCN2034The Birthday Girls
(mine’s on the 24th and Erin’s is on the 27th)

Erin & I with the party planner Amanda!
Thanks Amanda for putting together our birthday dinner!  I had a great time and appreciate it!!

Amy & I

Thanks again Amanda for putting this all together, it was fun to get together with the gang and eat some yummy food!! 

Raspberry Picking!

The triplets, Sophia & I went raspberry picking today with Erin and another nanny Amanda.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the triplets, so I wasn’t holding my breath it would be a successful trip – but it was!  They all enjoyed it!

DSC_0760 DSC_0755  DSC_0761 DSC_0777DSC_0762 DSC_0763  DSC_0781     DSC_0764DSC_0771DSC_0782DSC_0796DSC_0795DSC_0803

They sure are yummmy!!  I’ve had more than my share, grab a handful each time I walk by!  I have a feeling they’ll be gone before the end of the day!!  Off to eat a few more!

Happy Wordless Wednesday Everyone!!

This post is part of Wordless Wednesday on the following blogs:
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What Does Summer Mean to My Family?

Apparently, anybody who is anyone in the blogging world participates in

Mama's Losin' It

And, since we all know I’m willing to follow every one else off the cliff, for sure I’d join in on this meme for sure!  Mama Kat posts 5 different prompts each week, and you are supposed to pick one, write about it and then link up with her blog on Thursday.  So here’s my first attempt….

Question #5) What Does Summer Mean To Your Family?

Family is very important to my family (sounds funny doesn’t it?).  We are a close knit group who gets together at least once a week.  During the summertime, we get together a lot more!  We just love to be together!  I’m lucky to have most of my dad’s side of the family really close (within 20minutes), so that’s the family I spend the most time with.  (My mom’s family is all over the country).  So let’s see what does summer mean to us?

summer6Fun in the backyard with WATER!
Yes, that’s me throwing water at poor 15month old Madison!  Evil aren’t I!
(Cori & Madison ~ 2007)

summerHanging out on the backyard swing with friends & family!
That swing is a hot commodity in our household!  Everyone loves to sit and swing on it!  Oh and yes, that is a blanket they are wrapped in, this is summer in Seattle after all!
(Alex, Jordyn, Aunt Leslie, Emmalee, Erin & Kelly ~ 2009)

Backyard BBQ’s at Grandma’s House
(Dad, Madison & Zackery ~ 2009) 

Mariners Games!  Gotta love baseball!
(Cori & Madison ~ 2008)

summer4Family Vacations
The Benson Girls at a Salt Lake City putt-putt golf course!
(Alex, Mom, Kelly & Cori ~ 2009)
 summer5Summertime Snooze Outside
(Madison ~ 2007)

So that’s what summer means to my family!  What does summer mean to yours??

Happy 1st Birthday, Jordyn!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year (just about to the minute now!) since Amy gave birth to Jordyn (see HERE for Jordyn’s birth post!).  Today Maddie & I went to her 1st birthday party and celebrated with her!

IMG_2748The Birthday Girl Jordyn!

Opening presents!

Erin & Maddie

IMG_2760IMG_2761New Gifts!

Loved holding baby Emilia!

Cake Time!
IMG_2780 IMG_2787  IMG_2789 IMG_2790
Maddie & Camryn

Maddie was very excited to hold Baby Emilia!

Very fun party!  The kids went on an Easter Egg hunt, we had yummy snacks and of course cupcakes!!  Happy Happy Birthday, Jordyn!!  Thanks again for inviting Madison & I to your birthday party!

Miley Cyrus Concert

Okay, I finally did it, I sat down and did my Miley Cyrus Concert blog post.  There were so many pictures that I dreaded just posting picture after picture on my blog, so i decided to just make a slideshow…the slideshow turned into a new montage.  There are a couple of videos included in the montage, the quality isn’t great and parts are dark because they were taken on my camera and not on my video camera, but they were to cute not to include! 
For those of you who didn’t know, for Sophia’s 7th Birthday back in June, I bought her tickets to see her favorite singer…Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana.  Sophia had to wait 3 months before she was able to actually go see her, so we were really excited when the day finally came!!  To add to the fun (and because I really didn’t want to go to the Tacoma Dome all by myself) Brandi and Erin bought tickets and came along with us.
Make sure you turn ON/UP your volume to hear one of my favorite songs right now The Climb by Miley Cyrus.  Hope you enjoy the video/montage!

Happy Belated Birthday, Sophia!  Hope the concert was worth the wait!!


Last night we had a Girls Night and went to see the Broadway production of WICKED at the Paramount!  We purchased the tickets back in February and were very excited the day finally came so we could go!  It was a a lot of fun, not to mention the show was amazing!  I hate have to admit that “Galinda’” reminded me of myself…very self-centered, but what’s wrong with that??  Apparently the rest of my friends felt them same way Galinda & I lol!   


We got to Seattle early and went to dinner at the Daily Grill near the Paramount.  We were planning on going to the Spaghetti Factory after, but we decided to be nice and eat before so Alex could get home at a more descent hour since she had to be at school at 6am the next day! 

None of us had ever eaten hear before, so we didn’t know what to expect but it had no wait and looked nice, plus it seemed to have ‘normal’ food that we all could agree on!  The food was good and on top of it we found out they gave us 15% off because of the theater discount…who knew?  It worked well, we got good food, ate early and got a discount…not to mention were still got to the Paramount before they opened it!

wicked1 wicked2 wicked3 wicked4 wicked5

The show was awesome, but I think I would have enjoyed the first half better if I didn’t have to pee so bad!  Right before it started I decided to run really quick, but was stopped by the usher who told me “if you leave now you will be locked out for the first 9-minutes of the show”.  I decided to hold it and just wait!!  But by the time they started to drop the curtain for Intermission I was already climbing over everyone to run to the bathroom.  I’m happy to announce I made it, plus I got one of the last stalls before the line started!  By the time I left the line was already to the stairs!

We had a fun night!!

Camryn’s 3rd Birthday

Yesterday we went to Chuck E Cheese for Camryn’s 3rd Birthday!  Ryan & Madison had a great time!  Maddie quickly learned the joy and fun of tokens and happily took her cup of tokens and went off to play.  Ryan was a bit overwhelmed and wanted to do everything all at once!  He ran from one ride, to a game, the climber and then around in circles! 

DSCN1883 DSCN1916

Cheating Playing Skeeball

Even though they cheated they still had a really hard time getting the balls in the holes

Kim assisting Maddie




Ryan & Maddie riding in Chuck E’s Car




DSCN1893 DSCN1927
Ryan & Madison playing “whack-a-letter”

DSCN1899 DSCN1902
       Camryn playing Music                Madison playing basketball

  DSCN1906 DSCN1907
Ryan LOVED this rollercoaster ride, he kept signing “again, again”!


Emmalee getting in on the fun, she liked sitting at the top of the slide!

DSCN1904  DSCN1913 DSCN1914 

Madison was addicted to this game.  You tried to catch bees in a net and then dump them into a honey pot. 

She wasn’t very good at it, hardly got any bees in the honey pot, but got LOTS of tickets by playing it non-stop for 30-minutes!

VERY proud of her ticket train!!



Amy and Jordyn



Yummy cupcakes!!




Adults get in on the fun!

(Jaime & Kim)



Jaime & Amy

This game was a TON of fun!!!



Amy & Cori (plus all the little kids who wanted us to get off so they could play!  Tough luck!)

Another LONG post of photos!!  What fun we had though!  Last night Amy & Jaime came with me to Kristin’s to hang out.  Madison & Ryan took a long bath and then went right to sleep!  They were so tired!!  The three of us then just vegged and watched television!  We were exhausted and could hardly move!

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