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Cabo Bound & A Dance Recital

As this blog post posts [3:30am], I’ll be at the airport on my way to Cabo San Lucas for a week of fun in the sun!!  Anything has to be better than the weather we’ve been having in Seattle!!  I’m under the assumption (I HOPE!), that I will have WIFI where we’re staying, so I’ll be able to post throughout the week.  If no WIFI, I’ll totally be lost because my parents won’t let me take my phone!!  In the meantime, a couple of weekends ago I had the opportunity to attend a four-year-old’s dance recital!

Camryn’s Dance Recital

Camryn is my pseudo-niece, her mom, Amy, and I are best friends!  So I was excited to attend her Spring Dance Recital, where she danced to Some Day My Prince Will Come.  It was absolutely adorable and like the proud auntie I was there in my typical crazed photographer I’m known as!

**Photography Help!  I’m feeling confident about my outside (especially landscape) shots, but still struggling with indoor and people photos … any tips??  I’d love to hear them!!



Isn’t she adorable????!!!!!

See you all in Cabo!!


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The Amy Curse–Now Broken!

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Amy & I try to go to a few Mariners games a year and throughout the years we’ve been to quite a few games.  However one thing was still missing … the Mariners had never won when Amy was present!  The girl was serious bad luck.  It got to the point where her family & I would joke “Amy you can’t go, you’ll just cause them to lose”, but Amy was determined to break that stereotype and see a winning game!

She got her wish and on Friday, June 3 the Mariners beat the Tampa Bay Rays and finally broke the Amy Curse!

Not only did the Mariners win, they SMOAKed [a pun off Mariners player Justin Smoak’s last name) Tampa Bay, winning 7-0!  Not only were the Mariners playing errorless baseball, but homeruns were hit by Justin Smoak, Adam Kennedy and Miguel Olivo.

Safeco Field was absolutely electrifying!  The energy was out of this world!  It was a fantastic game to attend and for the Amy Curse to officially be broken!!


DSC_0006Amy the Curse … before the game, hoping for a WIN!


DSC_0008My turn for the pre-game photo!


DSC_0019Ichiro running back to the dugout


DSC_0026Right before Smoak hit his homerun and then what appeared on the screen.






How about some shishkaberries??  YUMMY!!  This may be new Big Mouth photo!





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March for Babies 5k

Saturday morning I got up bright and early, picked up my sweet Emmalee and we headed to the March of Dimes, March for Babies 5k in Snohomish.  Why did I take Emmalee?  Emmalee was actually born premature, she was lucky and didn’t need to spend time in the NICU (it did become questionable when she was 48hours old and they were ready to readmit her).  However, she still had all the preemie problems, had trouble breathing/would stop breathing, lost a lot of weight and extremely jaundiced.  She may not have stayed in the hospital, but it felt like she spent the first week in the doctors office doing follow-up check-ups on how she was doing to determine she didn’t need to be readmitted into the NICU.  Luckily after about a week she was beginning to grow.  She continued to have preemie issues all through her first really 18 months, but today at almost 2.5 she is perfect and healthy!!

In addition to Emmalee I walked for the Elkins Triplets, the Harrington triplets and Andrew D. who were all also born prematurely and they spent time in the NICU!

Amy her girls, her friend Christina, myself and Em did the walk together!!  It was a wonderful experience and very moving!!

 DSC_0523Amy & I at the halfway mark! 


DSC_0530Amy & Camryn after the race


                        DSC_0543 DSC_0536-b
At the finish line everyone was given a pinwheel to plant in honor of all babies that were born to soon and did not survive!  It was a beautiful monument to Love, Hope and Remember!

I’m so glad I decided to do the 5k, this will definitely become a tradition for me and cannot wait to do it again next year!!  I would like to personally think Mary, Gillian, Pilar and my parents for helping me reach $200!  You can still donate to the March of Dimes by clicking on the badge below!!

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Opening Night Pomp & Circumstance

5Wow!  I’ve never seen such an AWFUL game in my life, or have I left a baseball so early!  In one inning the Cleveland Indians scored 10 – TEN – 10 runs against us….in ONE INNING!  I know, doesn’t seem possible does it?!  Well it happened and it SUCKED!  Amy and stayed until the Indians scored their 12th run in the top of the 5th!  We weren’t alone when we left, I’d say about half the stadium cleared out at the same time!

As we were descending down the stairs to the exists, a grey haired security guard stopped us to make small talk and said “when that inning started, I had dark hair…now I’m all grey!”  His comment sums up the whole game!!

However, in all honestly, I didn’t’ go to watch the game, I went to witness the tribute to the great Mariners broadcaster, Dave Niehaus, who died in late November of a heart attack.  Niehaus had been the voice of the Mariners since the very first Mariners game in 1997.  The Mariners described him as the official patriarch of the franchise. 

The Mariners and Seattle went all out to show their love of Above the broadcasters booth in Safeco Field, there is a permanent sign remembering Niehaus.  During the 2011 baseball season all Mariners will wear a commemorative patch on their right arm.  That same patch was blown up and is being displayed behind Ichiro in right field.  The City of Seattle and State of Washington declared that day (April 8, 2011), Dave Niehaus Day.  The city went one step farther and unofficially renamed the street in front of Safeco Field, Dave Niehaus Way.  They did a musical tribute and then his wife through out the first pitch, with all their kids and grandkids beside her.  It was very touching, I found myself tearing up!  That right there was worth going!

6nihaus nihaus2
In addition to Niehaus’ tribute, there were awards to be given away, Franklin Gutierrez and Ichiro received their Gold Glove Awards (11th consecutive for Ichiro!)  Even after a horrible record last season, Felix Hernandez won the Cy Young Award, so he was present with his award too! 

The pre-game show was a lot of fun!  The game was fun too, Amy & I enjoyed just having a girls night out!  We did leave in the 5th, not just because of the score (that didn’t’ help, but also it was FREEZING outside and windy!  We were freezing and even after hot chocolate we still will cold.  So bad game + freezing cold = home early!

                                                               4331      2The Lakewood Police Department was on hand for the American Flag ceremony!

DSC_0032Self-Portrait of Amy & I

DSC_0034 Beautiful downtown Seattle at dusk!


Hopefully one of these days the Mariners can figure things out, they just lost their 6th straight game and currently are 2-6…fantastic huh!?!  If we continue at this rate, this could be a really long and depressing season!  Come On Mariners!


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Citations: Niehaus Image & ‘My Oh My’ Sign

Joint Birthday: Jordyn & Kim

Here’s my FIRST attempt at some photo editing.  Wish I could have spent more time playing with them, but I really need to get back to working on an essay that’s due tomorrow!  Playing with my photos is so much more fun!  Oh well!

These photos are from this weekend when I attended Jordyn’s 2nd birthday and Kim’s birthday at Pump It Up!



DSC_0025DSC_0043 DSC_0070 DSC_0080 DSC_0093DSC_0135 DSC_0138 DSC_0148 DSC_0156

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First Photos

This weekend was made-up of three birthday parties!  I had several opportunities to play with my new camera!  Here are a few of my favorites…


DSC_0010Aiden looking so grown-up *sniff sniff*


DSC_0071 Birthday Girl Jordyn!


DSC_0083Hanging out with my BFF Emilia!



Grandma Debbie having way to much fun at Jordyn’s birthday! 




One thing I did learn is the lens that comes with the camera is very basic!  I can’t wait for my zoom lens to get in!  I really need to read the manual, but the size kind of scares me!  Does anyone know of any online classes I can take so I can get the most out of my Nikon D5000??  I’d love any ideas or input you may have?!!!

Above is just a few of the photos that were taken!  I hope to get a Jordyn Birthday post up soon, but that takes some photo editing and tonight I don’t have the energy! 

Happy Monday Everyone!


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Fall Fun




Sitting at the front door trying to get this blog post completed, but keep getting interrupted by the doorbell.  There have been cute costumes (tigers, princesses, bumblebees and Gumby), scary costumes (Scream, some scary googly eyed monster and Jason from Friday the 13th), and then there was (in my opinion) the inappropriate costumes (an 8 year old Snookie, and then the teenage girls who look like hookers) and don’t get me started on the WAY TO OLD to be trick or treating and aren’t even in costumes – seriously, one kid came to the door, we asked who he was dressed as he replied with a kid on a skateboard.  Really?  

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now….on to *my* favorite costumes :)



  DSCN0289 DSCN0314 DSCN0304     



emilia halloween

munros halloween 2010

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