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In Honor of the Victims of the Connecticut Elementary Shooting

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I mentioned in my last post, that I had talk to my cousin and all the kids they knew at Sandy Hook Elementary were accounted for.  However, I have since learned that one of the little girls who was killed in Friday’s massacre, was in my Aunt & Uncle’s ward in Newtown, Connecticut. 

I obviously didn’t know her or her family, but feel a real connection to her through my Aunt & Uncle.  They say there is only seven-degrees between two people, and in this case I’m only two.

The girl’s father gave a beautiful and courageous press conference last night.  I commend him for his bravery, strength and stamina to address the media during this extremely hard time in his family’s life.  I also want to thank him for sharing the beautiful stories and photos of his daughter with us.  Putting faces and hearing wonderful happy stories of the victims, brings a sense of solace in all this turmoil.

My thoughts, prayers and well wishes continue to be sent to the families of the victims, the survivors who are now dealing with the horrific event they endured and the entire Newtown community who is reeling from such a senseless horrific act of free agency.

Clearly, this must be a bad dream

Things like this aren’t supposed to happen. Parents aren’t supposed to have to bury their children. What is this world coming too when a young man enters an elementary school and kills 20 innocent children and 7 amazingly brave adults.

My heart is just breaking every time I think about those precious babies and heroic teachers who lost their lives today in this heartless disgusting tragedy.

As awful as watching the endless news coverage, I find myself sucked in. Unable to breakaway. Sickened with shock, disparity, anger, frustration and sadness.

It breaks my heart that this morning the victims woke up to a new exciting day of learning, discovery and pre-holiday break fun. ABC news interviewed a 1st grader, from Sandy Hook Elementary, who was in class and preparing to make gingerbread houses when the shootings began. Those kids never got to make their gingerbread houses that they had all be looking forward to.

Over and over again I hear stories of kids who just want to have Christmas and Santa visit them or finish the Hannakuh celebrations that was happening.

ABC also interviewed a 1st grade teacher who shoved her entire class into a tiny bathroom where she continually told them how much she loved each one of them, because she wanted their last memories to be how special and loved they were. (That entire class made it out safe.)

I have family that lives in Newtown, Connecticut. My mom’s sister and her family have been residents for probably at least 15 years. A couple years ago i had the opportunity to go back east and visit the beautiful small community town.

After I heard of the location of the shooting, my mind immediately raced to my aunt and uncle who still live there. I knew they would be okay and didn’t have kids that young, but my heart broke because I heard that they new many students who attended Sandy Hook Elementary and is only about a 10 minute drive from their house.

I was able to speak to my cousin, who informed me that all the kids they know who was at the school today was accounted for. Which is absolutely wonderful news.

That same cousin posted a very touching Facebook post tonight, really summing up the strength and resilience of the community of Newtown:


My thoughts and prayers lie with the families of the victims that they may find the strength and peace needed to move forward. To the children, teachers, staff and first responders who survived and witnessed this horrific tragedy. And to the entire community of Newtown.

Our nation and the world is standing and mourning right alongside you. I pray everyone can find peace and solace in this tragedy.



After 20 Years at @Hopelink….

my mom had her grand farewell!

According to her speech she gave that night …

Almost 20 years ago, I found my way to an amazing organization with a horrible name … and a charge to build a strong community presence, a donor program and a solid brand that would be worthy of its incredible mission. When I started this remarkable journey, my oldest daughter was in kindergarten and my youngest wasn’t even born. Little did I know then that my three girls would grow up, graduate from high school and go to college with a mother who only knew how to do one thing – drive to the same office in Redmond everyday to do something pretty neat. Hopelink is the reason that my kids don’t see me as completely uncool – just mostly uncool—but I digress.

I was that oldest daughter and 20 years later, I cannot be more proud of to call her my mom!

Last Thursday night, Hopelink threw my mom a wonderful going away party with nearly one hundred people in attendance!  The current CEO and the previous CEO (and person who hired my mom) spoke, singing praises to all that my mom has done to grow the favorite non-profit by 425 Magazine!

Here are a few (bad iPhone) photos from the event!

photo1My mom in the token, in front of the fire place photo!


photoHer name tag had a TON of titles that she wore proudly to document her 20 years of service!


My mom giving her fabulous speech!


208845_3924773532140_931389942_nThey had an open mic so Kelly & I went up to say how proud we were of her!


539586_3924787692494_2041470321_nAunt Leslie, Kelly & I deep in conversation …. or thought?


photo4My mom and her sister Leslie


The packed room!


The yummy cake!

Congratulations mom!  Way to go!


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Graduation Party

The Saturday after my graduation (06.16.12), I had my grad party.  I was THRILLED to have so many people attend and share in my graduation festivities! 

We had yummy food!  My dad made his amazing flank steak and bbq ribs, corn, salads, chips and of course a ton of drinks! 

Even the weather played nicely and we had a beautiful afternoon, which was lucky as it rained the days leading up to the party and about the time the party ended through the next several days. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with me!  I had a great day and enjoyed spending it with those close to me!


This post concludes my graduation fun posts!!  Can’t believe it’s over now!  Time is just flying by!


Summer Daze Fun Photo Party

This post is part of Summer Daze – a fun photo party! hosted by Kristi {Live and Love Outloud}, Alicia {Project Alicia} and Rebecca {Bumbles of Light}.

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Graduation Barbeque

The day after Alex’ graduated from high school, we through a huge Graduation Barbeque for her that included delicious food and great company! 

With us living in Seattle, the weather in June is still iffy.  It could be 90* or 30* out, you never quite know!  Not to mention there could be no rain or a torrential downpour.  Needless to say, it’s stressful to plan an outside event in this area!!  We spent the week prior to the barbeque closely watching the weather. 

Somehow, however, we managed to luck out and it was a downpour all day Friday before we left to go to the graduation ceremony.  The rain held out after, so we could get photos taken outside.  After that, the rain came back and dumped all night long.  Saturday morning we woke up and it was overcast, cloudy and not very barbeque friendly weather.  Luck once again intervened and the sun came out around 10:00am and shined down on all of us during the party!!  We totally lucked out, and were so thankful that the weather cooperated with us!!


And this post will conclude Alex’s graduation posts Open-mouthed smile  I’m loving getting all caught up on posts, such a wonderful feeling!!

Know what else is wonderful??  I leave for Cabo San Lucas in just over three days!! 

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My Sister: The Graduate!

On Friday evening, it was Alex’s turn to walk to Pomp’s & Circumstance as she received her high school diploma!  She was all smiles (and a few nerves!) as she crossed the stage and picked up her diploma!!


Alex the proud graduate!



My parents, still in love after 25 years of marriage and 3 high school graduates!



DSC_0045Mom, Alex & Dad

DSC_0048Alex & the Grandma’s!


DSC_0050The Benson Family … all high school graduates!
suck in your gut Cori!

DSC_0052The Girls
All 3 of us have the same smile, you’d never know we were related Open-mouthed smile

DSC_0055Our Extended Family!


DSC_0056Our family wouldn’t be complete without our Mary!

DSC_0059Lexi & Kelly



DSC_0063Alex and her BFF’s Brittani & Sam

DSC_0068Proof: The Diploma!


DSC_0073The traditional throwing of the caps!

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Memorial Day Visit {Final Idaho Post!}

My Grandma and Aunt have a yearly Memorial Day tradition, to visit the cemetery where my great-grandparents and grandfather were buried.  This year, my mom, sister & I were in Idaho over Memorial Day and we had the opportunity to tag along. 

This was the first visit at the cemetery, for me, since my Grandpa was buried eight years ago.  It was bittersweet going back.  I enjoyed being there to honor my loved ones and it was a beautiful afternoon to enjoy time with my family.







I *PROMISE* this is the last in my Idaho “Vacation”, but in case you missed out on any of my Idaho fun posts and photos and want to read about them, check out:

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{OUTSIDE} At The Farm

So it’s been a few “tomorrow’s” since I posted the {Inside} At The Farm photos and promised the {After} At The Farm photos … well they are finally here and ready to be posted!!

After having fun getting reacquainted with Aunt Karla & Uncle Tom, hearing old stories about my mom’s childhood, we ventured outside to see the outside of this beautiful farm!!  It had been probably a decade, since my family’s last trip to the Farm, but I was happy to see that it hadn’t changed much.  In fact, according to my Grandma (who was born in this house) and my mom (who spent many summers visiting), the farm hadn’t changed very much at all!

So now for the long anticipated photos of {OUTSIDE} At The Farm!



If you missed out on any of my Idaho fun posts and photos make sure you check out:

I have one more set of photos, that hopefully I will get posted tomorrow evening!!  I have a TON of photos from the last week that I want and need to get posted before I leave for Cabo on Sunday!!  Bring on the sun and fun!!

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