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“Built on the Rock: A Book of Mormon Musical”


This past weekend Alex participated in the Redmond Stake Youth Conference production of “Built on the Rock: A Book of Mormon Musical” a new musical based on the stories of the Book of Mormon.  The musical was actually written by a woman in our stake, Dana B. Cardon and her sister, Karen R. Bryce for the youth of the Redmond, Washington Stake!  How cool is that!?!

"Built on the Rock" is a new musical created for the youth of the Redmond Washington Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The musical follows the story of one teenager’s journey as he begins to understand how he can come to Jesus Christ. Stories from the Book of Mormon highlight Christ’s central role in gaining a testimony. The prophets of the Book of Mormon show us the way by teaching us how to gain faith, become converted, build on the rock of our Redeemer, have a mighty change of heart, repent, be true at all times, invite us to come to the light, which is Christ, and recommend that we "seek this Jesus" (Ether 12:41).  (Taken from Redmond Stake Youth Conference 2010 webpage)

Like morons, my family forgot to bring a camera to take pictures.  It probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because there was no flash photography, so the photos wouldn’t have come out.  However, their was on photographer there who took some fantastic photos and was nice enough to share with Alex & for me to post on my blog.  So a big thank you to Margie Mueller of Margie Mueller Photography for letting me ‘steal’ some photos!  I really appreciate it!

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Extra points for those of you who can spot ALEX in two of these photos!  Post a comment if you can spot her!  Good luck!! 

Adorable Dress

Emma went with Alex & I to church today, while Zak & Jaime celebrated their anniversary and Madison & Brandi went to a movie.

Alex & I had fun showing her off, and she looked adorable today!  I got her this outfit this summer after seeing this outfit on a baby on the Today Show!  I tracked it down and bought it for Em!  Jaime had a cute brown bow that matched the outfit perfectly to top of the outfit!



Poor Emma fell asleep on the ride home – doesn’t that look so uncomfortable?





We tried to take some pictures of her when we got home, but she was really tired and not happy!  So these were the best ones we could get!

 IMG_7615IMG_7620 IMG_7621 She is also fighting a nasty cold, so her nose is so red :-(

Alex & I had fun with her today, she was a lot of fun to take with us!  Amazingly she was very quiet and well-behaved until the last 20 minutes when she was overtired and ready to go home!

People, People, Everywhere!


On Wednesday night, we hosted the Relief Society Christmas Party!There was about 37 ladies who attended and celebrated the Christmas season with us! 

But with that many people, and not to mention the amount of food that was there, it was hard to find a quiet area to talk!  Alisha W. did a great job planning and putting this event together!  The Christmas spirit was definitely present!!

DSCN7297Table of Food
mini quiches, cookies, cheese cake, fruit & veggies!

DSCN7302DSCN7306DSCN7307Enjoying yummy food and great company!

After we chit-chatted and chowed, there was a short program.  Tiffany S. shared stories about the Christmas she spent in Japan during her mission.  Jeni A. then shared experiences that her family had while they lived in Germany.  It was really awesome to hear different Christmas stories and traditions others have!  There also was Christmas songs and a gift exchange!DSCN7309DSCN7312DSCN7313Like I said….there was people everywhere, including sitting on the stairs because we ran out of room!!

It was a great evening, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!  It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner!  I’m ready!!  

Blogging Rut

Yes, I am in a blogging rut!  Nothing fun has gone on in the last couple of days!  I’ve just been working, cleaning, decorating and studying.  Did I mention my final is on THURSDAY!  Yipppee!!  Then I’m off until mid-March, after the cruise!

I have decided to try and visit Eryn and family in Texas in January, so that will be something fun!  Now I just need to find airfare, hopefully I will be able to use some of my milage points and get free flights!!  

RS Christmas “meeting” is here tomorrow night, so between studying for my final and finishing preparing for the activity tomorrow night, I’ll be nice and busy!  I’m excited, it should be fun!  

Excited for my new calling

I was just called as the Relief Society Secretary!!  I’m so excited to be working with Lucy M., Alisha W. and Jen L. again!  We had our first presidency meeting tonight and it was really interesting to hear all that actually goes on behind the scenes!  I’m definitely excitedfor this calling!  I get to do a lot of list making and organization…2 of my favorite things!!  Do I mention I’m excited?

Testimony & Adoption

This morning it was just me from my family at church (Alex went to the Big Rock Ward, where her friend was getting confirmed and my parents are out of town), so I happily was seated just listening and thinking about my pending lesson when I felt the need to bear my testimony. It had been awhile, and I tried to ignore the feeling – but the more I tried the harder it was. I knew I had to get up and say something about what is going on up in Camano with the baby and adoption. (I don’t feel comfortable going into detail here right now…maybe later).

I finally got the courage to get up (luckily the new ward is much smaller so it was so intimidating!) and do it. I told the sped up version of the last 2 years and what’s going on now, how thankful I am for families, my family, prayer and hope. Felt like I just babbled, but I hope I didn’t! When I was done, I sat down and felt much better! Immediately after me someone got up and said “I was that baby”. She had been adopted when she was a baby and went onto bear her testimony on adoption and family. It was concluded by one more lady getting up who is trying to adopt right now. The theme for me turned out to be “hope and miracles” – it was a beautiful testimony meeting and I felt the spirit so strongly.

I continue to just pray and send good vibes both to Eastern Washington and up north that what’s meant to happen will – that everyone will have peace, and will keep the baby in mind. Rational thoughts and choices will be made and not led by being scared. I hope she can make that choice and do what she knows she needs to do.

Let Them Eat Cake & Split Ward

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated the triplets 2nd birthday!  It was a small party, their extended family and a handful of close friends.  The weather held out and we hung out on the patio by the pool!!  The kids did really well and played hard!  In typical Jack fashion, he freaked out while we sang Happy Birthday and they blew out their candle.  But as soon as the paparazzi left him alone he happily ate cake! 

2bday1 2bday2 2bday3 2bday42bday








These two pictures I thought were toooo cute!!  Jack & Nate playing in the playhouse!  They look just so happy, so I had to throw them in!!!








Split Ward

Last night there was a special fireside where the Stake Presidency announced the splitting of the Duvall & Carnation Wards to form a third ward…the Big Rock Ward.  The new boundary lines fall right along the Stillwater Elementary boundary lines and along 150th.  We ‘lost’ a lot of awesome families (May’s, Cattin’s, Bye’s and Smith’s who have been in our Ward for years!  Plus many more who I missed) into the new Big Rock Ward.  It is very sad, but hopefully in the end it will be worth it and for the best! 

The ‘old’ Duvall Ward had 500 members in it and 200 primary kids.  They pretty evenly split the wards and the ‘new’ Duvall Ward has about 300 families and 120 primary kids.  Alex is really bummed because Gwenaelle & Brooke are both in the Big Rock Ward.  We (Duvall Ward) now will meet in the Union Hill Building, with the Big Rock Ward meeting in the Carnation Building.  Majority of Duvall Ward members kept their callings, but I’m sure lots of changes will occur this Sunday.  We kept Bishop Lee and the new Big Rock Bishop, is Bob Richey! 

It has been really interesting to see (read) people’s thoughts and opinions to the changes.  Reading people’s statuses on Facebook and comments/posts on the Sisters Of Duvall site has been interesting.  As hard as it is to split, we all knew it was coming and this is SOOOO much easier then when we split from Redmond where for the most part we never saw people again.  We will see these people all the time, they still are our neighbors and friends.

Sunday should be really interesting!

Lake Chelan Video & Mom’s AWESOME Talk

Okay I got it done … here is our Lake Chelan trip … don’t forget volume!!

My mom also gave an AMAZING talk in church today…kudos for her!! She had to speak in front of the entire congregation for 15minutes! She did awesome, and the rest of the day I was stopped by people saying what a great job she did! Way to go MOM!!

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