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Panama Canal Cruise 2010 Montage

I spent the last several weeks, working on a “top secret Christmas Project”.  Well, I’m excited to share it with you today!

For Christmas I made a DVD montage of my family’s trip through the Panama Canal this past February for my Grandma, parents and Aunt & Uncle.  It included photos and videos from our trip!  I made one for our last cruise, and it was a big hit, so I knew I wanted to do it again! 

I had them open them Christmas Eve day so we had something to do :) Plus, I could wait for them to open it!  I was giddy with anticipation of what they’d think!  I was right, it was a huge hit!


If you are interested in checking out all 51 minutes of Benson Family fun, I encourage you to watch the DVD.  But I know most of you aren’t that interested in my video and that’s okay, I want to post it here for my own personal journaling!

Off to Spokane bright and early in the morning.  Snoqualmie Pass is supposed to be bad, so please send good thoughts and prayers our way for a safe and speedy trip!

Charlie the Christmas Puppy

So for Christmas Zak and Jaime surprised the girls and got them a puppy.  I’m not a big dog fan, not really a big animal fan at all, so I wasn’t super thrilled with the idea!  But, it’s not my dog and it’s not my life, and therefore I have no say in it…darn!  But, I have to admit, Charlie is pretty cute.  He’s a Brindle Boxer and is only 6 weeks old, so he still is with his brothers, sisters and mama.  (His mom, is Jaime’s employers)  So he’s not quite ready to come home and live with them yet.  Sounds like next weekend he might be!  Anyway…

Charlie came to visit for a couple hours on Christmas, and we had a lot of fun playing with him!!

Since, Charlie couldn’t come on Christmas Eve, when they told the girls about it, they had to learn via a photograph!  Jaime thought ahead and recorded their reaction…it’s pretty cute!

 IMG_5506 IMG_5508



IMG_5613IMG_5622 IMG_5615 IMG_5616IMG_5635 IMG_5639 IMG_5634  

Heading out tomorrow or Tuesday for an impromptu trip!  So the next few days will either be Christmas posts of Spokane posts :)  You’ll just have to check back to see which!

Signing Time!

My biggest helper through my American Sign Language class was my 4 year old niece Madison!  Madison has been learning ASL in her preschool and is also a big Signing Time fan!  So between my ASL class, her preschool and Signing Time we quizzed each other on vocabulary that I needed to learn for my tests!  It was a lot of fun being able to do it with Maddie!

For my ASL class, we had to attend different Deaf events and one of the options was to go to a Signing Time concert and meet Rachel herself!  I knew Madison would love it as would Emma, so I brought the girls with me!

 Check out Madison signing (and singing) along to the Feelings song!  I think she’s pretty darn cute….and talented!

 I didn’t get any video of Emma signing along, but she loves the Please-Thank You-Sorry song.  The people around us were mesmerized by Emma signing along with Rachel!  I wish I had got it on tape!

For those of you who haven’t checked out Signing Time before, now is your chance!  Perfect for Christmas gifts!  Kids of all ages will love it, as will you!


Snow Day!

DSC_1014  DSC_1026


Oh and in case you were curious….school was canceled for me YESTERDAY!!  That meant no tests!!  Yippeee!!  So I am on Thanksgiving break until Monday!  Even better, there’s only 2 weeks left of the quarter until Christmas Break – double yipppeeee!!!

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Identity Crisis

Clinical Case Report #1 from Dr. Cori:

Patient: Emmalee Paul Fields
Date: Monday, November 1, 2010

Reason for Being Brought in: 1 year old female is instant her name is Gabbi, and not her given name of Emmalee.
Proof: Video tape, showing Emmalee’s instance of her new name. [See video below]

Brought to Attention by: Mother (Jaime) and Auntie (Cori)
Other Witnesses: Madison (sister) & Gabbi (person Emmalee is trying to be)

Diagnosis: Silly, 1 year old, who is showing her emerging copy-cat ability and sharing her newly forming vocabulary!  Identity Crisis?  Definitely!
How long will it last?: A day or two, until Emmalee finds something new to make people laugh!

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That’s My Mom!

My mom is the Vice President, Community Initiatives for Hopelink.

Since 1971, Hopelink has served homeless and low income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities. Hopelink’s mission is to promote self-sufficiency for all members of our community; we help people make lasting change.

Today was their 15th Annual Reaching Out Luncheon, where they raised $1.1 million for Hopelink!!  Their Keynote speaker today was John Legend, but more importantly my mom gave an awesome speech at the event!

I’m very proud of my mom!!  I think she rocks!!!

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks…..

I don’t care if I ever get back, for it’s root, root, root for the MARINERS!!!!!!

Yep, this weekend I went to the Mariners game!  I was lucky to be given A.M.A.Z.I.N.G tickets from Bruce & Mary who have season tickets!  Jaime, Maddie, Amy & I all went and had an amazing time!!  The weather was beautiful, the game was fun, the food was yummy, oh and did I mention we WON!!!

Mariners - Mad

mariners- great plays

Did I mention….We WON??!!!  Here’s Madison’s victory dance….(Don’t worry, the video is flipped when you watch it, just not in the preview for some odd reason!)

After the game was over kids 14 and under got to go on the field and run the bases!  Madison was so excited to get to do so!!  It was fun to be able to be on the field and run around with her, or should I say try to catch her!!

Mariners - field

Thanks again Bruce & Mary for the tickets, if you ever need anyone to take them off your hands again, please let me know!  XOXO!

Duvall Days 2010

What beautiful weather we had today for Duvall Days!  The weather has been C.R.A.P.P.Y lately, I mean NO nice days.  It’s months like last that make people equate Seattle = Rainy.  Ugh, it’s been wet, cold and miserable!  However, some how Mother Nature knew that we could all use a beautiful day to spend in town!

I worked today, so I took the babies down to Duvall Days to the parade.  I wasn’t quite sure how they would react, but after initial fear they enjoyed it!

DSCN0619My attempt to get a picture of the triplets!

DSCN0622*sigh* Guess there won’t be posed pictures taken today :>

DSCN0636DSCN0631DSCN0633DSCN0627 Can you spot Sophia??

DSC_0401The kids were really excited about their balloons and footballs they got!

After the parade we grabbed Sophia, and headed to the kids area to play!  They had several blow-up bouncy houses, and I had no idea what the triplets were going to think.  They’d either hate it or love it.  Luckily they LOVED it!  Thad had a blast, it was nearly impossible to get them to leave!

They had so much fun in the bouncy house, here’s a video I took.  Please note this was taken on my still-photo camera, and not my video camera so the quality isn’t great!  Still fun nonetheless!

Have a great night!!



P.S. Wanna see how much the babies have grown in a year?  Check out our Duvall Days Post from last year!

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