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Celebrity Tweeting

It’s no lie, I’m an HGTV junkie! I have a fedish with any home renovation show! My current favorites, and what I fall asleep watching nightly, include Property Brothers, Love It or List It and Income Property.

Tonight I was doing my random quick perusal through my twitter feed and I ce across a tweet from Income Properties host and star, @smgillivray. He was participating in an HGTV Income Property tweet-around during his show’s new episode that was airing on the east coast.

Since I’m on the west coast, I had another three hours to wait and wouldn’t be able to participate in the tweet-along since the episode hasn’t aired yet. I decided to send him a tweet and never ever expected a response! It was small and short, but a response non-the-less!

What did I ask? I asked if he would was going to stick around to participate in another tweet-along when the episode aired a few hours later.


You can’t really tell, but he retweeted and put my question into quotes. He then responded with when.

I quickly responded back, but got no response back … Sad day! Oh well it’s cool he responded once, even if it was short and sweet!

Oh and here’s his tweet to me as it appeared on HIS twitter account.


I’ll keep you posted if I get a late response! Oh and YES, I’m excited to watch the new episode of Income Property!

I talk a lot

It’s no big surprise, I talk a lot.  I mean c’mon, look at my blog name!  Well, I hit another “blog” milestone last week while writing my #SM4NP post on Thursday, November 8, 2012, I wrote my 20,000th tweet!  

Typing my 20,000th tweet!

 According to TweetStats here are some of my statistics:

  • Average Daily Tweets: 16.3 tweets
  • Average Monthly Tweets: 408 tweets
  • Day I Tweet Most Often: Mondays
  • Time of Day I Tweet Most Often: 8pm hour PST

Who do I reply to the most:

Who do I RT (retweet) most:

I took me about 18-months to hit 20,000 tweets.  Let’s see how long it takes me to hit 40k!  In the past three days I’ve already posted 95 tweets…at this rate it won’t be to long!


Only in Seattle….

can you find this sign in the middle of summer …

See what I was talking about a couple of days ago when I was complaining about Seattle’s 78-minute summer?

I tweeted this message and got several tweets back …

Seattle temps are supposed to hit 80* this weekend … just in time for me to head to Yellowstone, go figure!

Promoting Your Etsy Store

Do you have a struggling Etsy Store? 

Do you want more people to check out your store? 

Are you a Twitter Junkie?

Then you should join the TwitterPated Group on Etsy!
[Link Found HERE]



1. Post your shop name and 3 items you would like tweeted so you are the last post. Please add your twitter name (@yourtwitter) to the end of each of your listings along with any hashtags you would like tweeted with your item. This way we can just copy and paste your item into twitter, and it makes it much quicker for everyone!

2. Tweet all three items of the person directly above your listings. Just click on the links, and share them from there.

3. Please do not forget the hashtag #djoy to make it easier for retweeting, and if you have room, please add the @(shop’s twitter) and the hashtags #etsybot and #handmadebot

4. If you have time to spare, please feel free to tweet more items from the list above you.

5. This thread will be a sunday-sunday thread, but you can post your shop in it as many times as you want. This way, you HAVE to participate in the thread in order to get your items tweeted, making it fairer for all the hard-working TwitterPaters :)


It’s quite easy to do and only takes a few minutes of your time!  It sounds much harder then it really is!

If you are interested in joining have questions and/or still are confused feel free to contact me by leaving me a comment below, emailing me at my Blue Eyed Blessings email [] or feel free to tweet me @BlueEyedBows!

I hope to being tweeting and promoting your Etsy store soon!!

Don’t Blog! Tweet!

You won’t find me around the blogosphere today very much!  Cuz it’s my favorite time of the month for Twitter, #blogboycottday!
Pop over to the #blogboycottday party and join in the fun!

Oh and rumor has it that, Liz (the brains behind #blogboycottday) does a shout out for me on her blog!  I feel like a celebrity, because Liz’s is a total blog celeb!  Check out why she mentions me over at her blog, A Belle, A Bean and A Chicago Dog!
CBM signature2

Favorite Tweets

Ahhhh Twitter, how I love thee, let me count the ways!

When I joined Twitter a couple years ago I didn’t get it.  I’d Tweet a post or two a week, but that was it.  It wasn’t until I joined BlogFrog that I had got an amazing introduction into Twitter101 and learned the wonders of TweetDeck from the one and only, Liz of A Belle, A Bean, A Chicago Dog!  After that initiation it was all over!  I’ve been a Twitter Addict ever since!

This quarter I’m actually taking a film history course, where we use TWITTER to communicate with classmates while we watch movies – in real time!  The ONLY requirement for the class is to have an active Twitter account!  Done!  If you want to pop into my class and see what we’re talking about, check out our backchannel (#bis397)!  Feel free to join in even!  Oh and if you’ve never heard of “backchannel,” apparently that’s college talk for “hashtag” lol!!

Interesting Twitter Fact: Did you know that EVERY tweet is housed in the Library of Congress?  Seriously!  You can check it out HERE and/or HERE!

Okay, so now for Mama Kat’s question… 


mama kat

1.) Compile and share a list of your favorite tweets.

I cheated for this question, I didn’t go very far except to my “starred/favorite” Tweets!  None of them are overly exciting, but for one reason or another I like them :D


twit1I tagged this because i want to give it a try!  Haven’t done it yet, but maybe tomorrow!!
Follow @mommymomentblog and their blog
Link in Tweet: Add CUTE Fonts to Your Blog – The Easy Way!

 twit2I felt famous….the news Tweeted the answer to a question I had!!
Follow @komonews


 twit3Just cuz, Sherri said my new blog is awesome!!
Follow @OldTweener and her blog



I don’t think anything needs to be said here…


So you’re probably wondering….who am I on Twitter??  You can find me as @cori_shelley for my personal/Cori’s Big Mouth tweeting or @BlueEyedBows for my Etsy Store tweeting!  Either spot you’ll find me!

Hope to Tweet you real soon!

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