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Girls Day Out & 100th Blog Post!

Today Julia, Kim, MacKenzie & I all went out to lunch at a Chinese/Japanese/Thai restaurant in Stanwood called The Chatterbox. Kim got me to try Pad See-Yew and Julia was highly impressed (and proud!) of me for trying something new! Pad See-Yew is pan-fried flat noodles with broccoli, black soy beans and eggs. It actually wasn’t that bad at all! It reminded me a lot of stir fry. However, I got to say the noodles looked a lot like brains and that kinda grossed me out! But it was yummy!

After lunch I talked them (okay it wasn’t that hard) into going with me to get my nails done. So I got a fill, one of my nails has already broke…grrrr, and Julia & Kim both got pedicures. In true Cori fashion I helped introduce Kenzie to the wonderful world of spa-pedis! We took off her pants so she didn’t get them soaked and then she had fun trying to SIT and PLAY IN the tub! It was tooo adorable! I also painted her toe-nails when she was done playing in the water! She had a great time!!

I had a great time today, and am very honored to be invited to come and get to go and spend time with Julia & Kim, since Kim is only in town for a short period of time!! It was a really fun day!

Tonight we decorated Grandma’s Christmas tree! I took video & pictures of Zak & my dad trying to put the tree up, it was pretty hilarious! Not to mention the tree decorating and overall silliness that my family is! It’s true we are all a bunch of weirdos!

And in case you didn’t notice….tonight’s post is my 100th. My first myspace post was on July 5th, so that means I hit 100 posts in just over 5months – crazy! See it’s true I do have a big mouth with LOTS to say!!

All Moved Over….

Okay so it’s been about an 1.5hrs since my last post…thought it was time to post again!! Anyway…

I have finally moved ALL 72 of my blogs that I posted on Myspace over to blogger – so my story is all here now…or at least since July ’08!!

If you haven’t already I would love it if you would be a follower. On the right side of the screen there is a “FOLLOWERS” ‘box’ with 3 people’s picture so far…click Follow This Blog and I think it will give you updates on when I post?? Something like that!! So add yourself, plus then I know who is reading it!!

Okay my chem quiz is getting closer…I better go to bed or else I won’t be able to wake up in the morning!!

Good Night (or should I say Good Morning?

Moving to Blogger

I am moving my blog to blogger – so come follow it over there!!

[blog link]

I’m slowly moving all my posts from myspace over there – so it’s taking time…but getting there! Brandi is making me page topper and then I’ll enlist her to make my whole page ;)

See ya at blogger!

MaDiSoN tHe DeViL cHiLd

Okay I think (and Jaime gave me premission to post) that the devil has taken over our sweet little Madison Sophia. The easy going – go with the flow – very rarely naughty little girl! Over the past week she has done a few things that really stressed Jaime out, who has started contracting over it (not good). But regaurdless, I still find it kind of humerous. Jaime says “probably because it’s not your kid” – good point…but I still get the giggles when I think about a few of the things she did this week!

1) Last weekend, we were hanging out and Madison was in her room playing (or so we thought) and I started to smell chemicals. Jaime quickly jumped up to go and check on Madison – and she had gotten a hold of the 409 bottle (how we’re not quite sure) and was ‘cleaning’ her room. OMG what a mess and I’ve never heard Jaime scream so loud!

2) On Saturday, she climbed over the gate into Brandi’s room and before anyone realized she had – she had ‘painted’ Brandi’s bedroom wall with hand lotion! Needless to say Brandi wasn’t real thrilled

3) On Tuesday, I was at Jaime’s helping her begin to de-clutter her house now that she’s in a ‘nesting’ mode. So each week we’re gonna deep clean one room in her condo. This week we did the family room, but anyway that’s beyond the point! While Jaime & I were cleaning, Madison came out and she had LOTION all over herself. Jaime once again ran (okay really waddled ) into Madison’s room to find her room covered in Lotion, Butt Butt Paste and Vasoline! She had climbed her dresser and got her diaper cream basket off of it! Another mess!

4) Today, Jaime was in the shower and she heard Madison talking to her, and kept telling her “I pooped”. Jaime told her “okay i’ll be just out and will change you”. When Jaime came out she found Madison without a diaper or pants on…and immediatly thought the worst Madison had actually pooped in her little potty (and had taken out the ‘bowl’ that catches the poop – so she just pooped into the potty!). But in doing so I had also got poop all over the carpet. While Jaime cleaned it all up, Madison kept saying “I’m potty-trained mamma” so proud of herself!

Can’t wait to hear what mischief Madison gets into tomorrow! And Good Luck Jaime!

Erin: She is potty-training herself :)

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The Great Newspaper Hunt

Tonight was our monthly “Girls Night Out” and it was finally my month to pick…so I of course picked The Olive Garden. Which happens to be my favorite resteraunt in the whole wide world! I have been looking forward to this for a long time! Anyway…. Charity got their late (shocker, I know), but told us she had stopped at a couple of stores to pick up a newspaper to save. Brandi then realized she hadn’t bought a newspaper either and she loves to collect them. So off we went after dinner on the Great Newspaper Hunt.

We went to a couple of grocery stores, Fred Meyer, gas stations, fast food resteraunts and even a Park ‘N Ride – but sadly there were no newspapers. I told her she might as well face the fact that she’d have to buy one off of Ebay! I told her I’d post onto my church’s message board (since most Mormon’s wanted McCain to win – I figured someone was bound to be willing to give away their paper) and I’d check to see if you could order back issues from the Seattle Times. So she finally dropped me off once we’d hit all the places we could and went home feeling defeated!

I got home and like I pomised posted onto my church’s message board. I then went to the The Seattle Times website to see if I could order back issues – and found out that YES YOU CAN! So I sent them an email asking how I can go about picking one up! So we’ll see!

Oh and Brandi also checked out Ebay…and they are already available for buying on Ebay, here are 2 of the higher priced auctions ….

The New York Post ~ Starting at $75.00
The New York Times ~ Starting at $399.00

Erin: OH MY GOSH!! $400 for a newspaper??

Originally Posted on Myspace Blog

Yes, it is true…the 44th President of the United States of America will be Barack Obama! How awesome is that and how far has America come in the last century. During Obama’s acceptance speech he talked quite a bit upon the change that America has seen over the past century and yet we still have a whole long way to go! It’ should be really exciting to see what changes come upon America in the upcoming months and years! His speech tonight brought tears to my eyes about how proud I am to be an American and to have been able to be apart of such a monumental day in American History, and went to the polls and voted for him! What a remarkable day this has been!

Since I live in a family of clothes and fashion freaks…we all were discussing the outfits they were wearing and we came to the conclusion that Michelle Obama’s dress was really ugly! It looked like she was wearing a pumpkin dress! The dress also made us question if she was pregnant, if she’s not it definitely wasn’t very flattering! And Jill Biden’s suit was a hideous yellow color NOT patriotic at all! The 4 of them standing together on the stage they just looked silly!! LOL!

Oh…and because the world does revolve around me I thought I’d share my exciting election news with ya’ll!! Ready…I was the 100th person to vote at my ‘station’ and the 499th person to vote at the Duvall Church School!! I was a bit annoyed not to be number 500, but I still was close!!

Jaime: I agree about the clothes they were wearing. I did think that the kids looked cute though:)

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I Have A Friend…

who is only 24 and is falling apart! First her hips, now here feet…oh and there’s her memory as well … it’s all gone … what will go next??

love ya Erin…but sheesh…you’re even worse then me and my problems and I’m a hypercondriac — teeheehee! xoxo

Erin: Not a hypercondriac!! Taking Thursday off to rest and see the doctor.

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Election –> Tomorrow!

Yay!! The election is TOMORROW…go Barack go! They (who ever ‘they’ are ) are estimating that we should know who wins the election by midnight EST (9:00pm here) tomorrow night! As of this point Barack Obama still has a ‘large’ lead in the polls…but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow!

So if you haven’t voted yet…get out TOMORROW!!

Going at 6am??
Cori: *shockingly* the polls aren’t open at 6am – unless I am heading east LOL! They open at 7am but NO i will not be there that early! I promised my mom I’d go BEFORE noon to make sure ‘my vote counted’!

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