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Paige’s Preposterous Predicament

On Friday, I was a busy, busy bee at work and didn’t sit down at my desk until after 3pm.  When I finally took a breather, I did a phone check and wanted to hear how Julia & Kim’s outing was going at the Children’s Museum – so I sent them a text.  The response I got was not what I was expecting….

Kim responds saying she is sitting in the ER.

At first I think she has to be joking.  I mean, the ER?  They were just in a car accident last week, there is no way that they are taking a return trip to the ER!

I send back a “hahahaha very funny” text, but quickly realized it was true. 

Apparently at some point in the last several months her daughter, Paige, had shoved some sort of object, like a bead, into her ear.  The doctor had found it at her well check-up, but couldn’t remove it so they were sitting in the Children’s Hospital ER trying to get it removed.

Luckily, after multiple tries they were able to remove the item…still not sure what it is!

Tomorrow is Paige’s sharing day at school and boy does she have story to tell and will be bringing in the mysterious object, now displayed in a plastic box, with her class!!  Her mom helped her write a fun and witty poem sharing the story behind the small bead like item that they removed from her ear. 

I loved the story and asked Kim if she’d be a guest blogger on my blog so I could share the story!  I was thrilled when I got the enthusiastic YES response I was hoping for!  So without further ado, I introduce today’s guest blogger and mommy poem writing extraordinaire, Kim Hoerner with the lovely star of the show, Paige!!

(Please ignore the bad quality of photos…I did my best to keep the poem/story the same as what Paige will be bringing into class tomorrow!  So it is basically copied & pasted, making it not the best quality, the original is MUCH clearer and cleaner!!)




Thanks for a great, blog-worthy story, Paige!

Have you had a similar story?  Was it you who did it?  Your child?  Your friend?  I’d love to hear more stories of “survival” Smile

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After a fantabulous week at Disneyland I am home, and in bed with an awful cold, courtesy of my cousin Brandi!  I can’t breathe and I feel like I have an elephant sitting on my chest…good times!  I wanted to pop-in and let you all know I’m still alive, almost, and am recovering from Disneyland and my cold!  I also wanted to thank my guest posters last week for filling in while I was gone!  If you haven’t read their posts yet, please click the links and see what they have to say!  All were awesome and I greatly appreciate their willingness to help me out!

MONDAY: What’s Harder than Twins by Mommy Head Adventures

TUESDAY: Talking Kidneys?! by Nurse’s Notes

WEDNESDAY, Baby Steps to Living On Your Own by Dances with Chaos

THURSDAY, It’s About My Love of Flip Flops by The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom

FRIDAY, Twitter Etiquette by With Just A Little Magic

Read what these ladies had to say, and then make sure you stop by their blogs and show them some love too!!  All five of them are extremely talented bloggers and I’m honored to have had them as guest posters!!

I promise to get my Disney photos up soon, once I recover!!

Twitter Etiquette {Guest Post by With Just A Bit of Magic}

Welcome to the final day of guest posts at Cori’s Big Mouth!

Today’s guest post comes from Jackie of With Just A Bit of Magic!

You can follow Jackie at:
Blog: With Just A Bit of Magic
Twitter: @JackieCross
Facebook: With Just A Bit of Magic


As with anything in the world I believe that there is also etiquette for Twitter. Some may just seem to be common sense, some you may not know and will seem repetitive, and some may even seem silly.
I started thinking about this a while back because I was getting the feeling that some people were kind of rude, then again it could just be me. And some things that happen on Twitter just confuse me, kind of like high school all over again.
I decided to think about this for a while and share what I could with everyone because we all need reminders occasionally and being polite is good. Right!
So here are a few things to follow or at least give some deep thought to.
If some replies or DM’s (unless it’s an auto DM) you should reply. This isn’t to say that you have to carry on a conversation all day, but you should interact with those in your community. I know that people get busy and that things can get lost in the stream of Tweets that are coming in, but try to not ignore those who reply to you.
Auto Direct Message
Don’t do this. This makes the person seem less genuine. We all know that you send the same thing to everyone who follows you so please stop.
Yes, there is such a thing as to much information. There are just some things we don’t need to know.
This is important when Tweeting too! You’re an adult and should come across like one. I’m not going to list everything that’s proper, instead go see what Grammar Girl ( says.
It’s good to have an avatar that is an image of you or your blog button. I think that this is really important because often I find it hard to tell if it’s a real person or a spammer.
Follow Friday
Tell myself and others why we should follow the person you’re recommending. It really is helpful to know why and they’re more likely to get followed. Also, don’t retweet someone’s Follow Friday Tweet when you don’t know anyone in the list.
You don’t have to follow everyone that follows you. I’ve been finding a lot of oddball Tweeters following me and honestly I bet a lot of them are spammers too!
Of course, these are only the tip of the iceberg! There are a lot more rules of etiquette out there!
I think it’s important to keep a few of these in mind as we Tweet away and remember that what we do online represents who we are and if we wouldn’t do or say it in real life then we shouldn’t do it online.
Now tell me what you think?


Thanks Jackie for the great reminder of Twitter Etiquette!  I for one could use the reminder!!

Thanks again for guest hosting!!

It’s About My Love of Flip Flops {Guest Post by The Life of A Sippy Cup Mom}


Welcome to the forth day of guest posts at Cori’s Big Mouth!

Today’s guest post comes from Melissa of The Life of A Sippy Cup Mom!

Sippy Cup Mom

Last week I had the honor of guest posting on Melissa’s blog {check it out HERE}; I was ecstatic to have her guest posting for me this week! 
You can follow Melissa at:
Blog: The Life of A Sippy Cup Mom
Twitter: @SippyCupMom
Facebook: Sippy Cup Mom


It’s About My Love of Flip Flops

I love flip-flops! Who doesn’t? I know there are anti flip-floppers out there, but I’m definitely not one of them. All my friends and family know how much I love them.

I even wear them in the winter! Yup, I have gone out in flip-flops in the snow (just to get the mail, but still….) I couldn’t even tell you how many pairs of flip flops I own!

I am so ready for spring to be here though so I can start wearing my flip flops all the time!

These were my most favorite flip flops in the world. Crocs Athens. OMG, they were the most comfortable pair of flip flops ever. Like walking on air. I bought them almost 3 years ago and wore them ALL THE TIME.

When we went to Disney World in February, I packed these flip flops and thought that was it. I didn’t need sneakers, because I would wear my Crocs. They were way more comfortable anyway. Heath begged me to please bring my sneakers so I did. Just to please him. But I wasn’t going to wear them.

The first night at our Disney hotel (the FIRST NIGHT!) we were walking around. We had driven into a huge rainstorm (and some tornadoes had been spotted too. Yeah, we were driving around Orlando and I was glued to The Weather Channel on my phone.) So it was wet everywhere. But I didn’t care. I was wearing my flip flops! I was at Disney World!

We were hurrying through the drizzle to the restaurant when I tripped on the sidewalk. It was wet remember! I’m not clumsy or anything….Right Heath? Right?!

I looked down at my beloved Crocs and…BROKE. The thong part had ripped in half. I was devastated. But I kept them on and hobbled around thinking I could make an emergency trip to Walmart for some duct tape or SOMETHING!

When we got back to the hotel room, I figured I couldn’t salvage them. ::tear:: I drove to Walmart around 10 at night to buy some more flip flops. They wouldn’t be my beloved Crocs but I was going to be wearing flip flops in Disney World!

I ended up with a pair of $2.50 Walmart flip flops. Not the best. So I wore my sneakers to the parks.

There was a Crocs Outlet Mall in Orlando but for some reason we never made it there.

I totally should have because when I got back home I found out that Crocs Athens had been DISCONTINUED!!!! I even emailed Crocs to express my disappointment. Now, I’m stuck trolling Ebay, trying to find a pair in my size.


I agree, it’s all about the flip-flops, I for one have way to many to even count and my favorites are my crocs too!  I can’t wait for Disneyland where I can [hopefully] be wearing shorts and flip-flops!! Thanks again Melissa for guest-posting!!

Baby Steps to Living On Your Own {Guest Post by Dances with Chaos}

Welcome to the third day of guest posts at Cori’s Big Mouth! 

Today’s guest post comes from Kelly of Dances with Chaos and Writing with Chaos


You can follow Kelly at:
Personal Blog: Dances With Chaos
Writing Blog: Writing With Chaos
Twitter: @DancesWithChaos
Facebook: Dances With Chaos


There are many ways to cut the figurative apron strings and “grow up.” 

Officially moving out from under the parental units roof – and living on your own (and your own budget) is often the final step to declaring your independence.

It can be terrifying.  Elating.


This is why sometimes it’s best to follow the words of Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss) in the movie What About Bob? and “baby step” your way to full independence. 

Baby Step 1: The dorm. 

The perfect beginning step in the path to living “on your own.”  And by “on your own” I meant “share a tiny room slightly bigger than your old room at your parent’s house with another person, most likely one you’ve never met before.”

If you’re forgoing the whole college thing or can’t tolerate the thought of sharing a cinderblock cell room with another person, then skip to Baby Step 2.

The dorm has many perks, such as being close to campus and being a lot cheaper than living in an apartment outright.  You don’t have to buy much furniture, you can live there easily without a car, someone probably cleans the communal bathroom for you, and cable is often included.  The tiny prison room doesn’t have a kitchen either, so you eat cafeteria style.  This means no grocery shopping, no cooking, and no dishes to do (or purchase). It isn’t mom’s cooking from home, but at least you don’t have to do it.

The drawback of the dorm is you share a single room with at least one person.  This person carries the power to make your life pleasant, or fodder for MTV’s latest reality series When Roommates Attack.*

My freshman year, I had The Awesome Roomate: she was a year older, able to show me the ropes, and was an Architecture Major required to spend a ton of time away from our room working on projects.

That last part is key to having The Awesome Roommate.  They could be the most amazing person ever, but if you’re forced to share too much cell time with them, you will get on each other’s nerves.  A lot.

The first half of my sophomore year, I had the I’m Only In College Because My Boyfriend Is Here Roommate.  She went to class and she stayed in our room. With him. All. The. Time.

He snored.

I bit the bullet for the second semester of sophomore year and my entire junior year by paying for my dorm at Double As a Single Rate - highway robbery but worth it to live on campus and not have to break in another freshman with zero life.

Overall, the dorm is an excellent first baby step to living on your own: you have freedom to do as you wish but are back with the parents during breaks, holidays, and Laundry Weekends.

Baby Step 2: An Apartment…. With Roommates

You’ve done your time in the dorm.

It got old and you’ve now gained fifteen pounds from eating dinner at 5 PM followed by pizza delivery at 10:30 PM several times a week (at least until you discover Jimmy John’s, the only non-pizza place that delivers after 10 PM).

You’re ready to cook something other than popcorn.

You research and find the perfect place: not too expensive, but not run by the town slumlords either. You’ve found one or more people you think you could live with – as long as you finally have your own bedroom

Here are a few tips to making this baby step less painful.

  • More roommates are better than one: The more people you live with, the more to share the cost of the heating bill and you likely pay less per square foot for the space you rent. This means a (potentially) larger living area and kitchen.  A downside when it comes to cleaning, but the extra people come in handy for:
  • The Divide up the Things We Must Have List: Every apartment requires certain items for survival. While the landlord typically provides the stove and refrigerator, other household items like a microwave, blender, toaster, TV, DVD/Blue-Ray player, couch, table, vacuum cleaner, and something to put the TV on are not provided.  Don’t forget about your kitchen while you’re at it.  You need pots, pans, silverware, dishes, glasses, measuring stuff, and the list goes on and on.  It adds up fast and gets expensive even if you buy The Cheap Stuff.  If you’re smart, you’ve picked a roommate(s) that has/have lived in an apartment before, so they already have a lot of this stuff. Figure out what you still need once your items are pooled together and divide up the list: he buys the pots and pans, while you buy plates, bowls, cups, and silverware.
  • Do NOT “share” items and split the cost of one larger item, like a microwave.  Unless you plan on living with this person for the rest of your life, you will run into the tricky “Division of Property” issue. This rule can only be broken if the item(s) can be split and still be usable, like a dish set (not the vacuum cleaner).
  • Talk about “The House Rules” on Day 1, or earlier: Do you want your roommates significant other sleeping over? Who does the dishes? Who scrubs the toilet? Will you risk having a party and losing your entire rental deposit?  These are all issues or can become problems if the rules aren’t set at the get go. It might take some hashing out, but the initial work will help prevent a possible future blowout from someone assuming “it’ll be okay.”

I went from dorm living, to “living in sin… with roommates.”  My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) joined me in my first apartment my senior year of college – along with two other roommates (who changed during our two years there).  I was 21 years old and my parents, while not happy, could not say or do anything. The main reason we did this was practicality: I was insanely busy and it was the only way I’d even see him. It didn’t make financial sense to have two places when we were likely to spend the night together (sleeping) anyway.

I was nothing if not practical.

Baby Step 3: Living by yourself and/or buying your first home.

The final baby step to cementing your independence., it is also one that can take the longest to reach.

Some people never do.

When you are responsible for Your Own Place, the costs go up along with the responsibilities. You can probably afford to do your own laundry by this point, and no longer lug it back to the parental units for washing. You now own, or have “borrowed” from your parents, every kitchen item you’ll ever need – at least until it’s time to fill the wedding registry.  You’ve learned to cook, dine out, or love the taste of Ramen.

If you took the plunge and bought a house – you now also understand about The Mortgage you heard your parents complain about as you grew up.  Not only that, but you’ve shelled out for lawn equipment and have had the misconception that “grass grows on its own” blown out of the water.

I never lived alone, but I bought my first house at age 23.  I lived in a “college town” and rented out rooms in my house – once again for financial reasons – while I lived there as well.

Most importantly, when visit your parents and they ask you to mow their lawn, you can now bestow upon them The Look and say, “I have my own lawn to mow now, so unless you want to help out at my place…?”  

They get quiet very quickly.

Then it hits you. And your parents.

You’ve grown up.


Now you’ll spend your remaining years longing for someone to do your laundry and cook your meals while you take a nap.

To sever the final apron string, your parents issue an ultimatum: get the rest of your stored crap (that you lacked the room to put in your apartment) out of their house or it’s going into a dumpster.

Welcome to adulthood.

*Not an actual show on MTV, but I claim the rights for when the idea finally occurs to them.


Ahhh, thanks Kelly for that great advice!!  I’ll keep it in mind as I continue to settle into my new “on my own” life!!

Thanks again for guest posting!!

Talking Kidneys?? {Guest Post by Nurse’s Notes}

Welcome to the second day of guest posts at Cori’s Big Mouth!

Today’s guest post comes from Tammy of Nurses Notes!


This past November & December, I helped Tammy out during her finals and did a week of guest posting for her {you can read about it HERE}.  So I really appreciate Tammy returning the favor and guest posting here!

You can follow Tammy at:
Blog: Nurses Notes
Twitter: @rntammyp


Did you know kidneys can talk?  Well, OK not all kidneys.  But there is one that I know of.  Who knows, maybe there are more out there.  Last week during Snowpocalypse 2011, I had the pleasure of meeting Emily’s kidney.  I met her on my friend’s blog, Planet Josh.  OK, before you totally think I’m some an internet whack job, let me give you the skinny.

According to Emily’s kidney , it is “just a kidney, looking for my Emily. Join me in my quest to find a viable kidney donor.” Emily’s kidney has a Twitter account, a Facebook account AND a blog.  In the 2 weeks since these were developed, there are 144 Twitter followers, 1598 FB friends, and sadly only 3 blog followers.

Emily is a young lady in need of a kidney transplant.  Her sister & friends had the brilliant idea to use social media to get the word out. So, viola … Emily’s kidney was born!  I, for one, think this is a FABULOUS way to share not only Emily’s story but information about the overall need for organ donors.

Here is a video that tells Emily’s story … Emily’s story

and a newspaper article … Sharing the gift of life

I think it would be awesome if we all joined together to aid Emily’s kidney to find her Emily.  How about you?


What a wonderful story of a family banding together to save their loved one.  I have already followed Emily via Google Friend Connect on her blog, on twitter and Facebook.  I hope you too decide to follow and support this young woman!

Thanks Tammy for sharing this story of courage and hope, I really appreciate it!

What’s Harder than Twins?? {Guest Post by Mommy Head Adventures}

Welcome to the first day of guest posts at Cori’s Big Mouth!

Today’s guest post comes from Tara of Mommy Head Adventures!

Mommy Head Adventures

You can follow Tara at:
Blog: Mommy Head Adventures
Facebook: Mommy Head Adventures


mommyheadadventuresSo, when I originally planned out my life, I never thought I would have 2 children so close together.  But, ironically enough, I had always talked about having twins!
Crazy, I know.   Who dreams about something like that?

Growing up, when people asked the age old question of, “how many children do you want to have,” I always responded with 3.  I would like to have one child first, to get the hang of it, and the follow up with twins.  More specifically, a boy and twin girls.

As I matured, I ended up changing my plans.  Like I said, who dreams about something like twins?  I got married and we got pregnant 10 months later.  I was so excited!  I was finally going to start my family.  And I was sure it was a boy.  Out came Bear, as we call her, my feisty, strong-willed, fireball of a daughter.

She wasn’t about to make life easy.  She was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms at 5 1/2 months.  (If you don’t know what that is, be happy.  It isn’t something that you ever want to experience.)  And since she is just like her mother, she was a fighter from the beginning.  I had the most interesting time getting her to nurse.  But that is another story.

Following our second hospital stay with her (there were 4 total), we found out that baby number 2 was on the way.  Lion came out to great us 2 weeks early in June of 2010.  He was born with Down syndrome.  His beautiful, speckled blue eyes captured my heart from the very beginning.  And no, he wasn’t a twin, let alone Bear’s twin.

Why is it, then, that every time I am out in public with my two, I always get the question, “Are they twins?”  It’s that, or I will hear this whispered comment by innocent passerby’s, “Oh look, twins!”

Ladies (and, maybe, gentlemen), just because a lady is shoving along a double stroller (and if you have ever pushed one, you know exactly what I mean), doesn’t mean there are twins inside!  One would think that a very tall little girl staring at them and a car seat strapped in facing away from them, would give it away.  Yes, they weight about the same, but one isn’t sitting up yet, so it is obvious that they aren’t, right?

I guess not.  But, I can’t help but think that maybe is is the fact that I always dreamed of having twins that has prepared me for these moments.  I snicker and smile and inform them, that sadly, no, they aren’t twins.  They are actually 15 1/2 months apart.

A look of shock will come and then a knowing smile.  After a few more oohs and ahhs, they go about their day.

Yes, my kids are cute.  And very close together.  But they aren’t twins.  Though sometimes I think it would be easier if they were…


I agree with Tara, I think two kids less then 16months apart is MUCH harder then twins…twins can entertain each other, singletons close in age require a lot more attention and patience!

Guest Poster’s ALL WEEK!

While I’m fighting the lines, meeting Mickey and eating junk food at Disneyland, you guys will be entertained by some VERY amazing and talented women!  Make sure you stop by every day so you don’t miss what everyone has to say!  Let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed!

See you all next week!


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