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2013 Blog in Review

Wow, here we go again it’s December 31, 2013, where has the year gone?  I swear I was just writing my 2012 Blog in Review post and here it is 365 days later and I’m doing it again.

I was a *bad* blogger this year.  I lost the urge to blog.  Had no time to take photos.  My energy was zapped from working full-time.  In other words….I sucked at blogging in 2013.  Last year I blogged at least once in 11 of the 12 months making my Review post more exciting  This year I didn’t blog for five whole months – aka BORING post!.  That is so unlike me!

I’m joining in in a Project 365 blog meme.  A *true* participant in Project 365 would take (and post) a photo every day during the year, I know myself and that there’s no way I could do that so I am tweaking it to fit me.  My 2013 goal is to blog at least once every single week.  It may not be every day, but that’s an achievable goal.

Without further ado my 2013 Blog in Review posts, a little shorter then usual but it’s here!


[January 29, 2013]



1,000th Post & Giveaway
[February 21, 2013]



Spring Snow
[March 22, 2013]


Crying Baby Photo Contest
[March 22, 2013]



2013 Mariners Games, thus far
[July 7, 2013]


[November 20, 2013]


Volume 12 Baby
[December 28, 2013]

Hope you have a fantastic and safe New Years Eve!  See you in 2014!

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I’m linking up with Jo-Lynne from Musings of a House Wife in the 2013 Blog Recap Carnival!
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Happy FIFTH Blogiversary for this Auntie to Be!

First off NO NEITHER KELLY OR ALEX IS PREGNANT, though it may be a fun rumor to start…... Anyway, back to the real reason behind my post…

Wow, 5 years of documenting my life! Boring for y’all, quite therapeutic for me! I’ve really struggled the last year or so with my blogging. It’s not that I have nothing to blog about I’m just exhausted by the end of the day! The last thing I want to do is open up my laptop and write! Most nights you will find me curled up in front of the tv! I recently brought myself an iPad and am more likely to blog from this! We shall see…

So yes today is my 5th Blogiversary. I started blogging July 5, 2008 and have blogged pretty continuously since then (more or less!). I always include the comparison of the last 12 months of blog metrics and in tradition (that and I’m overly OCD) the metrics are listed at the bottom of the post!

However, I bet most of you are more intrigued by the Auntie to Be portion of the post! Well I’m excited to share that Madison and Emmalee are going to be big sisters to a baby brother!

Mason Russell is due August 29th, but will most likely make his grand appearance in early August! Jaime currently is 32 weeks, 1 day and the countdown is on! I have my fingers crossed for her to deliver on my birthday (August 24th) but I have two things going against me…

-1- Jaime refuses to deliver on my birthday, and I quote “there is no way I will deliver the baby on your birthday, that would be a cruel punishment for any one, let alone a child!. HOW RUDE! She actually went as far as saying she would keep her legs crossed all day to avoid delivering! Hmmm….

- 2 – Both the girls were born early. Madison came just a week early, but Emma was a month early born shy of 36 weeks. Jaime is already having contractions and is on moderated bed rest, so the race is on!

Brandi, Alex and I are throwing them a baby shower on July 27th, so we have our fingers crossed he will not be here by then!! Only time will tell!

Oh and here are a couple pictures of Jaime’s bump and big sister Em!



*5th Blogiversary – July 5, 2013: Over the past year I blogged 66 times or 18% of the year! OUCH!

2012 Benchmarking vs. 2013 Benchmarking

Average Visits/day: 16 vs. 15 visits/day
Pages visited/visit (once they view my blog, how many separate parts of my blog do they visit on that visit): 2.05 vs. 1.87 Pages visited/visits
Bounce Rate (bounce rate shows how many people clicked around to different spots on my blog…the lower the % means people are touring my blog and reading different spots. Goal for blogs is 75% or less.) 67.31% vs. 69.06%
Average Time Spent on My Blog: 1:54 vs. 1:43
New Visitors: 55.42% vs. 75.46%

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Happy 5th Blogiversary Cori’s Big Mouth!!

1,000th Post & Giveaway

This post makes #1,000 for my blog!

It only took me 4 years, 6 months, 2 weeks and 2 days to make it to my 1,000th post.  That’s a long time, but I did it!

In celebration of my 1,000th post, I’m giving away a $25 Gift Card to AMAZON.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and thanks for helping me celebrate my 1,000th post!!

Top 5 in 2012 [Comments]


*These were determined by the number of comments!*

#5: Snowpocolypse 2012 {Poetic Winter Challenge: Warmth} &
Great Wolf Lodge … what a slip, I mean trip!

#4: Scary Moment [Breath Holding Syndrome] & Down Comes John Muir Elementary

#3: AmeriCorps*VISTA Member Serving Eastside Baby Corner

#2: Devastating News

#1: Run


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2012 Blog in Review

Yes, I say this every year when I write my Blog in Review post … how has another year gone by?  This one certainly has been a doozy.  With lots of twists and turns along the way. 

The two biggest events of 2012 would definitely be [positive] graduating from the University of Washington in June and [negative] my sister being diagnosed with Stage 4, non-curable cancer.  It has definitely been a year of high high’s and very low lows. 

I’m grateful to my family and friends for being with me to celebrate and enjoy the highs along with me and being there for me during the traumatic times too.  I couldn’t have done it with out you all!

This years picking of my favorites was a little bit easier, because I wasn’t the best blogger.  Heck, I didn’t even post once in October!  However, I still had a bunch of wonderful posts and great memories to carry along with me into 2013.

2013…Wow, that sounds strange!

Here goes my 2012 favorite posts!


In case you missed my 2009, 2010 and 2011 Blog in Reviews, be sure to check them out!

Happy New Year!

I’m linking up with Jo-Lynne from Musings of a House Wife in the 2012 Blog Recap Carnival!

2012 Recap Carnival with Musings of a Housewife

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I talk a lot

It’s no big surprise, I talk a lot.  I mean c’mon, look at my blog name!  Well, I hit another “blog” milestone last week while writing my #SM4NP post on Thursday, November 8, 2012, I wrote my 20,000th tweet!  

Typing my 20,000th tweet!

 According to TweetStats here are some of my statistics:

  • Average Daily Tweets: 16.3 tweets
  • Average Monthly Tweets: 408 tweets
  • Day I Tweet Most Often: Mondays
  • Time of Day I Tweet Most Often: 8pm hour PST

Who do I reply to the most:

Who do I RT (retweet) most:

I took me about 18-months to hit 20,000 tweets.  Let’s see how long it takes me to hit 40k!  In the past three days I’ve already posted 95 tweets…at this rate it won’t be to long!


First Day of the Rest of My Life….

is today.




Sounds like the first day of school doesn’t it?

Today, I embark on an 12-month adventure with VISTA Americorps and Eastside Baby Corner.   I am traveling to a four-day conference in Yakima, Washington to learn more about what the heck I signed myself up for.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with more information to share with all of you!

Here I go ….

4th Blogiversary!


YIKES!  How is it possible that I am on my 4th Blogiversary!

As is tradition, I will do some Benchmarking by the numbers!


*4th Blogiversary – July 5, 2012: Over the past year I blogged 130 times or 36% of the year!

2011 Benchmarking vs. 2012 Benchmarking

  • Average Visits/day: 23 vs. 16 visits/day
  • Pages visited/visit (once they view my blog,how many separate parts of my blog do they visit on that visit): 1.76 vs. 2.05 Pages visited/visits
  • Bounce Rate (bounce rate shows how many people clicked around to different spots on my blog…the lower the % means people are touring my blog and reading different spots. Goal for blogs is 75% or less.) 66.85% vs. 67.31%
  • Average Time Spent on My Blog: 2:13 vs. 1:54
  • New Visitors: 60% vs. 55.42%

Since January I’ve had a serious case of blog burnout and it’s seriously showing in my benchmarking numbers!!  Oh well, I’m slowly turning things around and am getting back to blogging, but it’s been a very slow process!  *TRYING* to blog three times a week and as you can tell some weeks are better then others!  I’ll get back to my normal blogging soon!

If you are interested in reading about my past Blogiversary’s you can check them out here:

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*Statistics Courtesy of Google Analytics

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