Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

I finally got my Christmas video finished! It took me almost three days of work, but finally got it done! Not overly happy with the music, but I was in a hurry to get it done and don’t really care :)

This Christmas brought LOTS of new challenges – SNOW for one thing, WIND, NO POWER and people being stuck because of the snow! This has definitely been a Christmas to remember!

Take a look at A Benson Family Christmas! WARNING it is a bit long…but very silly and enjoyable!!

Hope you guys all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re having our annual New Years Party, but this year its going to be really small – maybe 10 people. Gone are the days of 40+ people for several days!! *SIGH*! And it’s looking like it will just be me, Erin & Alex of ‘my’ people that will be there! Zak & Jaime aren’t sure if they are coming yet – all depends on how Jaime is feeling….so we’ll see. If not Erin, Alex & I will have fun on our own!!

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