Knit-A-Long: Seahawks vs. Lions


I have good news and bad news….

Good News: I completed week 4's Lions game AND it's still Sunday! (No need to rub it in that I now need to complete today's painful loss….)

Bad News: I think I have carpel tunnel in my fingers!

I have become a knitting machine. This challenge is a lot harder than I thought it would be to keep up. I'm extactic to at least be knitting the most recent game and not be a game (or two) behind, but man is this time consuming.

Game 4: Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks (10-13)

This game feels almost non-existent to me with it being a Monday night game and having to work. I had the game on all over the Hub but with all the EBC Monday night festivities it was hard to concentrate on the radio. From what I understand it was a horrible game and one that was good for me to miss.

Every once in awhile I'd hear an excited Steve Raible (Seahawks announcer) and would strain to hear what happened and if it was a happy call or a frustrated one. The rest of the time (when we had the lead) Madeline and I would pass each other and utter “the game can end now, we need a low scoring game for knitting!” Amazingly, thanks to a later-controversial call, the Hawks game out victorious and even better we only had to knit 25 rounds! I'm not sure what we were more happy about!

Here's what game 4 looked like in knitting form:


And here's what my entire cowl looks like:


Okay, moving on to the horrific Bengals game….


Follow along with me, a newbie knitter, all season as I knit every, single point the Seattle Seahawks score and somehow make a cowl! Check out my past game progress…

  1. Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams (Loss 31-34)
  2. Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers (Loss 17-27)
  3. Seattle Seahawks vs. Chicago Bears (Win 26-0)
  4. Seattle Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions (Win 13-17)

Total rounds knitted so far: 166 (includes 2 rounds of silver between each game)


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