Knit-A-Long: Seahawks vs. Bears


Game 3 was a LOT easier than game 2 and all my problems I had! It also was a much far less rows to knit due to a lower scoring game (thank goodness!); I didn't even have to change colors which was nice, though it took a lot of concentration to count the rows! Best of all the Seahawks finally got a win and go 1-2 for the season!

Game 3: Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks (0-26)

I'm still frustrated with the spot where I had all the problems in last week's game. There's a couple spots that have serious puckering and problems, but I'm hopeful it'll become much less noticeable the farther from it I go. For now, it's driving my OCD eyes nuts because that's the first thing I see. Annoying.

I'm excited to start game 4 and hoping to get close to being caught up in time for Sunday's game. I think week 4 has only 23 rows which is 3 less than even this week! Bring on game 4!

Follow along with me, a newbie knitter, all season as I knit every, single point the Seattle Seahawks score and somehow make a cowl! Check out my past game progress…

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