Laptop Updates


There is nothing more annoying than when you see the update your computer alert. I quickly click remind me in 3 hours, finish my work and quickly shut my computer so I don't have to update. That routine continues over and over until my laptop locks me out which is always EXTREMELY untimely (ie: when you have to print one thing before dashing out the door) and EXTREMELY frustrating.

I can't blame all my computer problems on this major Windows update, it's also old. I don't remember when I got it but it's been at least four years because I had it in college. It's time for a new laptop, I'm just too cheap to buy a new one. I mean it still works, most of the time, it's fast-ish, sort of, and holds years of photos that I'm just too lazy to move to an external hard-drive.

Until I give in, or more likely my computer just dies completely, I will be stuck with this…

Now I'm up to 14 / 39 updates, but am going on 35 minutes….at this rate I won't be finishing what I'm working on.


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