Palermo Rain


It rained all day long today, icky drizzly Seattle rain.  We headed out with raincoats, hats and umbrellas as we ventured through the throngs of taxi driving, umbrella sellers.  Up and down the streets we walked only to find out that the majority of Palermo is closed on Mondays.  That didn’t slow us down to much, we still saw a lot of pretty buildings and even a haunted mansion before finding a quaint café where we ordered bruschetta, a cutting board of Italian cheese and meats, and then a big plate of French fries!  My dad wanted Pellegrino, but the look on the waiter’s face made it clear he didn’t know what he was asking for.  Kelly apparently knew that by asking for “aqua with gas” meant carbonated water!  (Oh and no Brandi didn’t lose a leg on the trip, even though the picture below makes it look that way!!)


When we got back to the ship Alex and I quickly got signed back in, but Brandi ran into some problems.  When they scanned her card nothing happened, they tried it twice before sending her over to a different security guard to solve the problem.  The guy who was helping her was super confused, he couldn’t figure out if Brandi was trying to get back on board or get off.  Apparently, when they signed her out it never registered so the entire time she was off the ship it still showed her as on.  It’s a good thing she didn’t get lost because the ship wouldn’t go looking for her for a very long time!!  The security guard kept asking her, “so you want to get off the ship?” Brandi finally convinced him she’d been off all morning and now wanted to go home!



Once we all finally got back on board we met up with Grandma for lunch by the pool.  At the time we had all just eaten, so we decided not to order, she ordered Mexican tortilla soup.  Once it came we all ooh’d and ahh’d over how good it looked and I ended up ordering one with a lemonade.  Kelly piped up and said she wanted a lemonade too, but when Benny brought the drinks, he brought me my lemonade and Kelly a bowl of soup!  We all laughed and laughed and Kelly modeled “drinking her lemonade”.

kelly soup


For dinner tonight we ate at the Italian restaurant, La Cachina.  All week I’ve been looking forward to this meal because I love Italian food, however my excitement was quickly squashed because it was the slowest.service.ever!  Alex got so bored that she cut up the plate of cheese Kelly had as an appetizer and created cheese flowers!

To make things even better I received my Caesar salad and saw a bug go scurrying across the lettuce.  Blech.  Even after I sent my buggy salad back the service continued to be slow, in an empty restaurant it took us nearly two hours to get our food.  Most of us didn’t even get dessert because we didn’t want to miss the big final production show at 7:30pm.  Kelly, however, managed to do both by bringing her dessert with her to the Stardust Theater!



Tomorrow we’re in Naples, Italy and will see Pompeii and then back to Rome on Wednesday which will conclude cruise #1 and on to cruise #2!!

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