SIXTH Blogiversary!


Wow, I cannot believe I am writing my SIXTH blogiversary post.

Well technically this was written four days ago on July 1st, because when this goes live I will be vacationing in Las Vegas!!  But you all didn’t need to know that, back to the celebration…..

Sei! (Italian)

Kuusi! (Finnish)

Sita! (Swahili)


Not only is it my sixth blogiversary, but last years post included an introduction to my newest nephew who would make his debut at the end of the summer.  Little did we know that he would make his grand entrance just 22 days later, about eight weeks before he was due!  The fact that Mason is almost a year old is even crazier than this being my 6th blogiversary!

CBM 6th blogiversary


*6th Blogiversary – July 5, 2014: Over the past year I blogged 81 times or 22% of the year.  That’s not great stats, but better then 2013 where I blogged only 66 times or 18% of the year.

2013 Benchmarking vs. 2014 Benchmarking

Average Visits/day: 23 (15 in 2013)
Pages visited per session: 1.52 (1.87 in 2013)
Bounce Rate (bounce rate shows how many people clicked around to different spots on my blog…the lower the % means people are touring my blog and reading different spots. Goal for blogs is 75% or less.)  71.69% (69.06% in 2013)
Average Time Spent on My Blog: 1 minute, 17 seconds (1:43 in 2013)
New Visitors: 77.49% (75.46% in 2013)

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Happy 6th Blogiversary, Cori’s Big Mouth!!

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