40+ Years of Love Necklace Lost! Help!


During my morning scroll through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across a post from my friend Kim asking for votes (likes) for her mom to win a necklace.


Normally I would vote for my friend and continue scrolling but there was something about this specific post that resonated with me and I wanted to do more. I asked Kim for more information on the story and she shared this:

My mom has worn this cross ever since I can remember, given to her by my father before they were married- over 40 years ago-your spouse is important, but God comes first. 2 months ago my mom came home in tears, while walking her Great Danes they pulled a little too hard and her necklace snapped off. Family, friends, prayers, and a metal detector couldn’t find it. Dad contacted the original jeweler and was able to reproduce the exact necklace from a few pictures- this time mom had tears of joy. Last couple years has been hard for mom, always taking care of my sick dad- I just think it’s time she “wins”.

After I wiped away my tears I knew I wanted to share this story and ask my family, friends and followers to vote for Debbie too. So here I ask you all to take 15 seconds to “like” Debbie’s story and help her win a replica necklace that her husband originally gave to her over 40 years ago.

Voting is EASY, just click HERE or on the photo below and hit “LIKE”. . (You will need to be signed in to vote/like photo.)

Voting ends Wednesday so please vote today!


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