Happy FIFTH Blogiversary for this Auntie to Be!

First off NO NEITHER KELLY OR ALEX IS PREGNANT, though it may be a fun rumor to start…... Anyway, back to the real reason behind my post…

Wow, 5 years of documenting my life! Boring for y’all, quite therapeutic for me! I’ve really struggled the last year or so with my blogging. It’s not that I have nothing to blog about I’m just exhausted by the end of the day! The last thing I want to do is open up my laptop and write! Most nights you will find me curled up in front of the tv! I recently brought myself an iPad and am more likely to blog from this! We shall see…

So yes today is my 5th Blogiversary. I started blogging July 5, 2008 and have blogged pretty continuously since then (more or less!). I always include the comparison of the last 12 months of blog metrics and in tradition (that and I’m overly OCD) the metrics are listed at the bottom of the post!

However, I bet most of you are more intrigued by the Auntie to Be portion of the post! Well I’m excited to share that Madison and Emmalee are going to be big sisters to a baby brother!

Mason Russell is due August 29th, but will most likely make his grand appearance in early August! Jaime currently is 32 weeks, 1 day and the countdown is on! I have my fingers crossed for her to deliver on my birthday (August 24th) but I have two things going against me…

-1- Jaime refuses to deliver on my birthday, and I quote “there is no way I will deliver the baby on your birthday, that would be a cruel punishment for any one, let alone a child!. HOW RUDE! She actually went as far as saying she would keep her legs crossed all day to avoid delivering! Hmmm….

- 2 – Both the girls were born early. Madison came just a week early, but Emma was a month early born shy of 36 weeks. Jaime is already having contractions and is on moderated bed rest, so the race is on!

Brandi, Alex and I are throwing them a baby shower on July 27th, so we have our fingers crossed he will not be here by then!! Only time will tell!

Oh and here are a couple pictures of Jaime’s bump and big sister Em!



*5th Blogiversary – July 5, 2013: Over the past year I blogged 66 times or 18% of the year! OUCH!

2012 Benchmarking vs. 2013 Benchmarking

Average Visits/day: 16 vs. 15 visits/day
Pages visited/visit (once they view my blog, how many separate parts of my blog do they visit on that visit): 2.05 vs. 1.87 Pages visited/visits
Bounce Rate (bounce rate shows how many people clicked around to different spots on my blog…the lower the % means people are touring my blog and reading different spots. Goal for blogs is 75% or less.) 67.31% vs. 69.06%
Average Time Spent on My Blog: 1:54 vs. 1:43
New Visitors: 55.42% vs. 75.46%

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Happy 5th Blogiversary Cori’s Big Mouth!!

2 Responses to Happy FIFTH Blogiversary for this Auntie to Be!
  1. Beeb
    Twitter: hardertobreathe
    July 5, 2013 | 9:34 PM

    Happy happy blog-o-versary! And congrats on becoming an auntie, how exciting. :)
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    • cori
      Twitter: Corisbigmouth
      July 6, 2013 | 2:11 PM

      Can’t wait for him to be born!!