Cousins Christmas Party

Returning to Spokane….

On the Saturday of our Spokane trip, a few days after Christmas Day, we had a Cousins Christmas Party. 

I am lucky that in my “real” family I grew up with cousins around.  On my dad’s side of the family I have cousins that live nearby but are slightly older then me.  On my mom’s side I have cousins my same age, but we live all across the country and only saw each other once a year.  I never had cousins that were my same age and grade, however these cousins get both!  Cousins their age that live close by!  How cool is that?

The cousins come in packs…three to be exact – five that fall in the 7-9 age category, four in the five year old age and four who are between 0-3.  THIRTEEN cousins all between 8 months old and 9 years old!  That is just too cool!

Anyway, back to the day of the party…..

Each cousin had a Secret Santa they bought for and it was at the party that the gifts were given out!  However, before the gift exchange we had some fun.  One fun thing that was done was an impromptu game of Musical Chairs!  The kids thought this was a BLAST!!


Paige (bottom left) was the big winner of round one and Kaden (bottom right) won round two!  Both were super excited and proud of themselves for outlasting twelve other contestants!

While the kids went round and round I got to do my favorite thing in the world….be bossy and loud!  I got the job of running the music and coordinating the game!  However, I was nice and once a kid went out, I let them control the power [music].  Not only was this fun for the kids, but it also helped boost enjoyment for the kid who went out the previous round!  Win, Win!



After two rounds of Musical Chairs it was time for the main event…PRESENTS!  The gifts were a hit for everyone!


…and of course there were plenty of photo-ops!


Another fun day!  Stay tuned for more Spokane fun!

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15 Responses to Cousins Christmas Party
  1. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell
    January 14, 2013 | 10:49 AM

    I always loved musical chairs too! The smiles of all the children show much fun they had that day. :)
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..Get Happy App – A Little Boost of Happiness Every Day!

  2. Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired
    January 14, 2013 | 10:54 AM

    How fun! It looks like they had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed spending time together. And you’ve got a great collection of pictures for a photobook or to frame.
    Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired recently posted..Having Fun With The Official LEGO® YouTube Channel & $50 Lego Gift Card Giveaway

  3. Becca - Our Crazy Boys
    January 14, 2013 | 11:39 AM

    They’re adorable! All of them! They’re going to look back and be thankful for all these amazing photos you took!
    Becca – Our Crazy Boys recently posted..How To Comment On A Blog Post: National Delurking Day

    • cori
      Twitter: Corisbigmouth
      January 16, 2013 | 9:42 PM

      One of the things I want to do is make a book of my blog posts and present them to the families who’s kids I document!! Maybe Christmas!

  4. Alicia
    January 14, 2013 | 11:42 AM
  5. Hanan (@LilacCityMomma)
    January 14, 2013 | 1:44 PM

    I didn’t even realize you were in town!
    Hanan (@LilacCityMomma) recently posted..I Got Sucked Into Football, and I Like It!

    • cori
      Twitter: Corisbigmouth
      January 16, 2013 | 9:40 PM

      Sorry hanan! Had it not been the week between Xmas and New Years I totally would have connected! I normally head to Spokane twice a year…ill prob be back in the summer and hopefully we can get together!!

  6. Melissa
    January 14, 2013 | 2:28 PM

    Aw, this sounds like such a fun time! I love my cousins! Love the pictures!
    Melissa recently posted..Getting Organized with the Brother P-Touch Labeler

  7. Amy @ Oh So Savvy Mom
    January 14, 2013 | 2:33 PM

    Family get togethers are the best! Looks like all the cousins had a great time. I didn’t grow up with very many cousins and none lived close, however, given that I have 9 siblings and my husband has 5, our kids will have a TON of cousins! They love it!
    Amy @ Oh So Savvy Mom recently posted..Low Entry Giveaways Ending 1/14

    • cori
      Twitter: Corisbigmouth
      January 16, 2013 | 9:38 PM

      Wow! One of 10?!? Crazy girl! Your kids are going to have awesome cousin parties in the future!!

  8. Ashley Mamaofalltrades
    January 14, 2013 | 7:55 PM

    So fun! I can’t wait until the kids in our family are all old enough to get together and celebrate Christmases. I’ll have to remember this game.
    Ashley Mamaofalltrades recently posted..Zero to Disney Princess Half in 45 Days: Update One

  9. Carrie with Children
    Twitter: CarrieWChildren
    January 14, 2013 | 8:43 PM

    How fantastic that all the cousins were able to get together to celebrate the holidays! Great pictures!
    Carrie with Children recently posted..Oz, Wreck-It-Ralph and Me! #DisneyOzEvent

  10. Megan @mnmspecial
    January 14, 2013 | 10:26 PM

    Dude! Spokane is a happening place. Can’t wait to move up your way this year. I grew up in Idaho with extended cousin parties all the time. I miss the family stuff. We are the only ones that live far away. My kids are missing out on cousin time.
    Megan @mnmspecial recently posted..Quest Nutrition Peanut Butter Cups Review

    • cori
      Twitter: Corisbigmouth
      January 16, 2013 | 9:37 PM

      Lol! We were there of New Years and let me tell you they can party lol! Where and when are you moving!?

  11. Andrea Kruse
    January 15, 2013 | 9:10 AM

    Looks like everyone had a blast! I still enjoy playing musical chairs with my kids. :)