Clearly, this must be a bad dream

Things like this aren’t supposed to happen. Parents aren’t supposed to have to bury their children. What is this world coming too when a young man enters an elementary school and kills 20 innocent children and 7 amazingly brave adults.

My heart is just breaking every time I think about those precious babies and heroic teachers who lost their lives today in this heartless disgusting tragedy.

As awful as watching the endless news coverage, I find myself sucked in. Unable to breakaway. Sickened with shock, disparity, anger, frustration and sadness.

It breaks my heart that this morning the victims woke up to a new exciting day of learning, discovery and pre-holiday break fun. ABC news interviewed a 1st grader, from Sandy Hook Elementary, who was in class and preparing to make gingerbread houses when the shootings began. Those kids never got to make their gingerbread houses that they had all be looking forward to.

Over and over again I hear stories of kids who just want to have Christmas and Santa visit them or finish the Hannakuh celebrations that was happening.

ABC also interviewed a 1st grade teacher who shoved her entire class into a tiny bathroom where she continually told them how much she loved each one of them, because she wanted their last memories to be how special and loved they were. (That entire class made it out safe.)

I have family that lives in Newtown, Connecticut. My mom’s sister and her family have been residents for probably at least 15 years. A couple years ago i had the opportunity to go back east and visit the beautiful small community town.

After I heard of the location of the shooting, my mind immediately raced to my aunt and uncle who still live there. I knew they would be okay and didn’t have kids that young, but my heart broke because I heard that they new many students who attended Sandy Hook Elementary and is only about a 10 minute drive from their house.

I was able to speak to my cousin, who informed me that all the kids they know who was at the school today was accounted for. Which is absolutely wonderful news.

That same cousin posted a very touching Facebook post tonight, really summing up the strength and resilience of the community of Newtown:


My thoughts and prayers lie with the families of the victims that they may find the strength and peace needed to move forward. To the children, teachers, staff and first responders who survived and witnessed this horrific tragedy. And to the entire community of Newtown.

Our nation and the world is standing and mourning right alongside you. I pray everyone can find peace and solace in this tragedy.



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