Arizona: Day 7 (Ostrich Farm & Alec’s Birthday)

I bet you have never been to an Ostrich Farm…. well I have!

And in case you were curious…..


and the Ostrich Farm is …


I was a bit hesitant when I heard about the plans for this day.  For starters I don’t like animals and furthermore I don’t like to be dirty, outside or on a farm.  Pretty much I was screwed and we would be doing all of the above.  To my surprise it was a lot of fun and we had LOTS of giggling and smiles the whole day!  Even I got in on the fun….for a bit (the rest of the time I happily agreed to be the photographer and stayed many steps away from the animals!  I had to protect my camera you know



They also had a bird sanctuary where we were given containers of nectar and the birds would swoop down and land on you and drink the sweet concoction!  It was pretty cool, even I got in on this exhibit!



….and a Monster Truck ride that took us Ostrich Fishin’!




What’s Ostrich Fishin’ you ask?  Well, they have fishing poles that you stick grapefruit on the end of and tease (or “fish”) to “catch” an ostrich.  Pretty entertaining if you ask me Open-mouthed smile



That night (or I guess technically all day!) it was Alec’s birthday so we had some cake, when on a golf cart ride, I worked on homework and some of us slept…


Wow, how is that for a mish-mosh of photographs from a fun-filled day?  Only one more day left in Arizona and then I’ll be all caught up…yay!

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  1. Thallia
    June 1, 2012 | 3:15 AM

    Wow this is a great experience indeed! I am sure my family would love to have this kind of adventure too and we should check this out as well..
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