I write like I talk ….

and that includes college papers…sometimes.

Okay, so I don’t normally talk like this in essays, in fact this was painful for me because it was so informal – however I think it is exactly what my Prof wants… this essay sounded so much like a blog post (in writing) that I thought I might as well include it as one!

Throughout my two years in the IAS program I never really interacted with the topic of research and inquiry.  I see Interdisplinary Research and Inquiry as the ability to think, write, research and converse within multiple disciplines.  The examples of my work that I have chosen do not fall within the typical explanation of the standard research paper.  I didn’t write a paper on a legislative bill or on an animal at the zoo; I didn’t go to the library to learn about a certain topic, as you would with a typical research paper.  You see, my papers are a bit obscure and a bit of a stretch to fall within the research paper realm.  However, stretch I will…    

In my Introduction to Journalism I wrote a newspaper article introduced readers to a new initiative, Nourishing Networks, which uses the community to work together and share resources to begin to end hunger within the Northshore community. Through research and inquiry of interviews with participants of this initiative I learned that in 2009, about 20,000 children lived at or near the poverty line in North and East King County, or approximately 1 in 4 children.  It amazed me to comprehend that we have starving children residing within our affluent Eastside communities and Nourishing Networks was formed as an attempt to not only end hunger but also the stigma of it.

My second example was a final paper for my Introduction to Interactive Media class where I wrote and discussed the various media platforms that had spun off of the highly successful BBC show Dr. Who.  This may not seem like a research paper for everyone, I had never heard of the show or the media empire that developed based on the television series.  This paper took research to learn that Dr. Who had spin off television shows, a magazine, book series, games and toys.  It was mesmerizing how one television show sparked an entire empire and a highly successful media platform that spans many decades.

While my examples of research and inquiry may not fall squarely within the IAS Learning Objectives I did “develop [my] ability to assess and conduct interdisciplinary research by engaging with diverse areas of knowledge and kinds of inquiry”.

2 Responses to I write like I talk ….
  1. Jackie
    April 26, 2012 | 4:54 AM

    Wow! Very nice! I think that you did a great job and hopefully you got a good grade!
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  2. Grace H.
    April 26, 2012 | 5:13 PM

    Your writing, your voice is developing such clarity & precision. Time to consider journalism grad school :)