First Three Days of Arizona

On Our Way!

On April 3, 2012 we made our way from Seattle to Tuscan!  We left behind a dreary rainy Seattle day for the sunshine in Tuscan!

We had a great flight.  The highlights being the landing where we hit pretty bad turbulence.  The kids thought it was hysterical and were giggling so hard with each jolt and bump we’d encounter.  That right there made the trip Open-mouthed smile



The other highlight of the day was getting to see the rental car Alec had chosen.  We could have fit into a mini-van, but he decided a big 18 passenger van would be much more comfortable!  It was comfortable, after one long day of playing I was exhausted so on the ride back to the house I took over an ENTIRE ROW and slept the entire trip back!  Very convenient….even if we looked ridiculous!

The funniest part as we were loading our luggage into van a lady came running up in a panic asking “is this the shuttle to Phoenix” …. sorry lady, not quite!




Day 1: Swimming & Popsicles

We stayed at Alec’s dad’s house, where we were lucky enough to have a swimming pool to go to!  The very first day we all fried after just a couple hours out in the sun swimming!



After swimming, we headed back to the house for a deliciously cold Otter Pop!  (Which I love by the way!)




Day 2: Zoo & Cactus’

On our second full day we went to the zoo. 

This zoo was not nearly as big as Woodland Park, but the animals were so much CLOSER!  You could almost reach out and touch the elephants!  It was surreal!

The best exhibit would be the DUCKS.  Yes, I said DUCKS.  In Arizona they have an entire exhibit just for ducks.  YOu know those big mallard – ugly – pooping ducks that litter the beaches and water here in Seattle, apparently they are a novelty in Texas.  There was by far the MOST people within this small exhibit.  It totally made me laugh, because I’m used to seeing ducks all the time, but never at the zoo!



On the way back to the house (and it was this trip where I took the nap in the back of the van!) we stopped at a cactus national park.  It was AMAZINGLY beautiful!  We watched a video and then saw the most beautiful sites ever.  I didn’t realize Arizona would be that pretty.  I expected dead looking brown terrain.  However, the cactus’ make it very green and gorgeous!  Highly recommend!



I promise tomorrow to write more about what we do!  I was behind by three days and just wanted to get pictures up and posted … so there Open-mouthed smile

I’m not sure what is on the agenda for tomorrow, but I’m sure it will involve SUN!!

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