Caught Off Guard & Mortified

The vocal verbiage that tends to exit my mouth has served me in many capacities…

  1. Generally, I am not caught off guard and speechless.  As my friends and family, I normally have a comeback and/or response for every single thing someone could tell me.  Catching me off guard and speechless tends to be a fun “game” for people to play.  When they catch-me, I tend to just stare blankly and big eyed at them with a deer in headlights look.  Like seriously?  I don’t know what to say to that.  Rare, but it does happen.
  2. I seem to have the uncanny ability to talk my way out of things.  Growing up, I think my parents would give up on punishments because it was easier to just ignore me then to try to reason the punishment.  Don’t get me wrong, I did get punished, but in the end I tried to make it torture on them…making myself feel better.  I’ve also been able to talk my way out other things like speeding tickets (*knock on wood*), why I was late, etc.  No I don’t normally use my talking ability for bad things … but that tends to be what stands out!
  3. On a more positive note, my talking has allowed me to do public speaking with little hesitation.  Which has been extremely helpful throughout my collegiate years!


A couple days ago, I was completely MORTIFIED me when an experience happened that: 1) caught me completely off guard and 2) there wasn’t a real chance to talk my way out of it.

I spent Friday evening through Saturday up in Camano watching the kids while Julia worked and Alec got off work.  They are currently down one car and with Alec already at work, left the Suburban and my car for Julia to drive to work at the crack of dawn Saturday.  Since the boys had a soccer game (at 9:00 freakin’ o’clock in the morning), it was decided that I would need the Suburban and thus Julia would have to take mine to work.  Not a big deal (other than the fact I had to get all 4 kids to a soccer game during what still felt to me like the middle of the night!).

Day went well, I spent most of it locked in the craft room prepping for an upcoming craft show (Port Orchard, Washington HOLLY DAZE Festival - October 29-30) and as evening rolled in I decided it was time to go home.  My car was still at Julia’s work, but luckily it is the halfway point between their house and my own.  So the plan was for me to drive the Suburban to her and work and just swap cars, so I could continue on my merry little journey home.

Seemed simple enough.

Oh…I should probably share that Julia is a nurse and works at a hospital on the Critical Care floor.

I arrive at her work and she’s not quite off yet, so I circle the hospital waiting for her to be done.  At trip number 2 around the building I spot the new Employee Parking Garage.  I send Julia a quick text and ask if she’s parked in the garage, she confirms and I decide … I’ll just pull into the garage, find my car and wait.  Seemed like a better plan (in hindsight) then circling at night in a not so nice area.  [I'm a big wimp, when it comes to being a scaredy cat!]

I flip around and pull into the garage.

Panic sets in.

  • First time: I have the sudden thought … I surely hope you don’t need a card to get through the gate and into the garage.
  • Second time: Horrifying realization that YOU DO NEED A CARD to get through the gate.

After this realization I sit rotating between the mechanical card reader and the gate ahead of me.

No big deal, I can just back-up and return to the circling.  I put the SUV into reverse and begin backing up.

  • Third time: I see the worst thing that could happen at that very moment … a car has pulled in behind me

At this point, Julia is calling me to see where I am.  I quickly explain to her my predicament and tell her HURRY and let me in, because I no longer can backout.  She laughs at me and informs me that: 1) She’s no where near the parking garage and 2) there’s going to be some really mad hospital employees who now are late to work because I’m stuck!  Julia tells me I’ll have to jump out and ask the car behind me to move.

About that same time, I suddenly see out my driver’s window the silhouette of a man walking from the car behind me to mine.  I roll down my window and use my “I can get out of anything” smile and try to turn on my charm.  This is the conversation that occurs.

  • Man: Is there a problem?
  • Me: I’m supposed to trade cars with ….
  • Man: There is a major emergency and I need to get in.  You will have to move your car, I don’t know how or care how you do it, but you need to move.
  • Me: [thinking] Really?  You think I should move?  You are brilliant!  Yet, where do you want me to go?  Back INTO your car or INTO the gate ahead of me?
  • Me: [talking] Do you mind backing up so I can, back up?
  • Man: [all gruff and annoyed] I guess [grumbles and runs back to his car]
  • Me: Thank you!

He throws his car in reverse and back up.  Did he back up a lot?  NO!  I kept having to stop, so he’d get the idea TO MOVE FARTHER!  Remember, he’s driving some little sports car and I’m driving a Suburban.  I needed room to back up!

I finally get out and he goes zipping into the garage, leaving me once again in the dark on the street, and yet this time I was left with the embarrassment of what just happened.

  • Fourth time: To make things that much more awesome … I never hung the phone up with Julia, and she heard my whole conversation with the angry (I’m assuming) doctor.

I was caught speechess, off guard and really didn’t have a chance to talk my way out of the situation, but explaining WHY I was stuck where I was.  Darn man, never gave me a chance.

I survived, but seriously doubt I will ever live this down from Julia.  This story will become one of those epic “remember when Cori….” that I will be reminded of for many years to come!  Oh and yes, I do have quite a few of those “remember when….” stories, it goes with me and my big mouth!

I do kind of wish I know what the emergency was though …


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  1. Jackie
    October 17, 2011 | 7:01 PM

    Yikes!! Guess he thought that he was way more important than you! Even though you may not live down the story it will get funny as time passes!
    Jackie recently posted..Monday Menu ~ Hot Fruit Salad