Cori’s Triplet Preschool

It’s no secret that I nanny for triplets.  I love the chaos, craziness and all the “better its you and not me” times I get to spend with the triplets.  Well I’ve decided to take it one step further and be their preschool instructor for the year. 

Lets face it, preschool is expensive to send your kids to and to have to send three at the same time, very expensive!  I did some research and realized this is something I COULD DO!  I already was incorporating many preschool aspects to our days, so throwing in a few more structured things is making it more “preschool-y”.

This was week #1 of Cori’s Triplet Preschool.  The kids were super excited and surprisingly well behaved during “school time.”

This week we covered the LETTER A and we have learned a lot!  Practiced how to write A’s, learned about words that start with A and of course did a lot of coloring!!  Oh and of course LOTS of tracing of their names.  Gabbi is ahead of the boys and can already write her name, but they’ll quickly catch up!

Letter A


In addition to teaching about “A”, I also had to start to pull together my curriculum.  I put together a binder that I’m pulling different fun letter activities that I find from different books and websites online!  Here’s my binder and one of the pages Open-mouthed smile Inside the binder there are plastic

photo (2)photo (3)


Over the next several months I plan on blogging about my journey as a preschool “teacher”. I plan on sharing ideas and different worksheets I find in my PINTEREST PRESCHOOL IDEAS board. So if you haven’t, please pop over and see what I’ve pinned so far and see what I pin in the future!  Maybe you have some great ideas for me?  Pin them to the board!

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Here I go …

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