Happy 7th Birthday Aiden & Connor!

Connor & Aiden


How are these little boys no longer babies?

How are they beginning 1st grade on Thursday?

How are they turning 7 years old today?


Time is flying and as I turn one year old, so do they!  It’s mind boggling that those extremely acid-reflexy and colicky babies I once nannied for, are now turning into boys?  Seems like just yesterday, I was charting their daily feedings, diaper changes and feedings.  Instead, I watch them get ready to enter full time school in the first grade.  Time flies.

Instead of going on and on about how awesome these boys are, I thought it would be fun to share a story of each twin that include a Cori – Twin Fail.

**We now ALL laugh about these … time heals all!  Well, for most of us ;)**

1.) Connor’s Black Eye
When the twins were just about a year old, I was babysitting for them.  After a busy day, we were playing with a beach ball in the family room.  Can you see where this is going?  In typical Cori flair, I decide to see if I could score a basket by chucking the ball in the toy box.  Unfortunately my aim was slightly off.  Instead of making a basket in the toy box, I had a direct shot to a framed photo sitting on the edge of the mantle…right above Connor.

Ball met frame.
Frame met Connor.
Connor got his first black eye.

If the black eye wasn’t bad enough.  The collision happened about 30 seconds before his parents walked through the door.  They walked up the driveway to hear Connor and his world-renowned scream screaming bloody murder.  I felt awful.  On top of that, they were getting pictures taken soon as well … that was the last time I tried my hand at basketball.  I now stick to just ROLLING balls IN THE HOUSE!

2.) Aiden & Salsa
Both Aiden and Connor were total binky babies.  They constantly had their binkies in their mouth.  Those binkies were life savers when the boys were really young and very colicky!  When they were probably a year old, Julia, the twins and I went to a local Mexican Restaurant, Ixtapa, for lunch.  Ixtapa has THE BEST SALSA in the entire world.  I don’t know what urged me to do it, but I’m sure it had something to do with:

Cori to Julia: “Dare me to dip Aiden’s binky in salsa?”
Julia to Cori: “Sure, go for it” – her thinking NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD ACTUALLY DIP A BABY’S BINKY IN HOT SALSA!   Well I’m not “no one” I’m Cori and tend to have an evil, curious side to me ;)

Cori dips binky.
Binky meets Aiden
Aiden sucks Binky
Aiden Squeals
Binky Goes Flying

*SHOCKINGLY* Aiden wasn’t a big fan of the salsa that day!!  However, 7-years later, he is a HUGE FAN!  We attribute his love for it from that early introduction he got courtesy of me!

They have come a long way from those days.  As they turn 7, I wish them the happiest birthday and an amazing year ahead of them!!


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