Mukilteo Waterfront Art Festival Re-Cap & Photos!

It’s now been a week since Julia & I finished the Mukilteo Waterfront Art Festival and it still seem like we’re in de-compressing mode!  After sleeping (and I slept for days it felt like!) we got busy again!  We have listed or are in the process of listing MANY new items to our ETSY store that we made for the festival but didn’t sell!  So make sure you swing by our store daily to see the new fun accessories we are adding!!

So how did we do?

We did fair I would say.  It rained poured during set-up on Saturday and then all day Sunday – seriously who wants to go to an arts & crafts festival in the rain??  Surprisingly quite a few people!

With this being our first "real" event we didn’t know what to expect and we were hoping for a "normal" sale, so we could figure out how much product to bring, etc.  We don’t think this was a fair sale to base it on, but either way we’re proud of how our first sale went!  I believe we sold about $600 worth of hair bows and accessories!

What were our best sellers?

Our best sellers were our “board” (2” size) and the korker hair bows.  Not far behind came our 3rd place Hand Weaved Headbands w/ Coordinating Bows!

We had high hopes of our flip flops flying off the shelves, they didn’t.  You have to take into consideration it was pouring rain outside our tent!  The flip flops, however, brought in almost all of our visitors!  People were drawn into look at how adorable the flip-flops were!  Our pillowcase dresses also brought people into our booth!

Who were our biggest buyers?

Grandma’s.  Hands down!  Grandma’s were coming in left and right and buying bows and other accessories to spoil their granddaughters!

What did we learn/recommend?

  • We used  (and LOVED) SQUARE to easily be able to take credit cards with an I-Phone!
  • The more people you have for set-up/tear-down the better!  No matter how organized or amount of time we allowed ourselves, you will always need more hands and/or time!
  • Consider where you live … is it “safe” in Seattle to commit to outdoor craft fairs?

Photos of our booth:


Now What?

We came home and are already researching our next venues we want to sell at!  No one can stop us now!!

2 Responses to Mukilteo Waterfront Art Festival Re-Cap & Photos!
  1. Alison@Mama Wants This
    July 25, 2011 | 5:55 PM

    Very cute stuff, Cori! Good luck with your next festival and Etsy store!

    PS: The flip flops *are* very cute.

  2. Jessica
    July 26, 2011 | 12:15 AM

    Great job on your show! As a mom of 2 little girls I can tell you for sure that my mom would have bought stuff to spoil her grandkids. It’s just the way of life.