Madison the Mountain Climber

On Saturday, Jaime, the kids and I were at the mall and in preparation for Disneyland next week, thought to detour by REI to get their jogging stroller’s wheels pumped up.  We walked in and Madison immediately saw the ROCK WALL. 

Yes, the ROCK WALL at REI.  You know the one that’s like 1,000 ft tall (give or take!).  This is the same girl who has anxiety over a ton of things.  Yet, she wants to conquer THE WALL.

We walk by and the begging begins.  I thought there was NO WAY under the sun that Jaime would let Madison do it.  So I was beyond shocked when Jaime said yes, and Madison still wanted to.

I was certain she’d change her mind when we registered.  She didn’t.

I was convinced she’d change her mind as we were paying.  She didn’t.

I was positive she’d change her mind, while we waited for the six people in front of her to go.  She didn’t.

I was sure she’d change her mind, as she was getting dressed in the special shoes, getting in the harness and attached to the ropes.  She didn’t.

She climbed right up.

I was standing next to her ready to “catch” her if she slipped, (mostly to keep her from face planting into the wall if she slipped) and give her a little boost here and there.  But, she really didn’t need much help.  I could tell she was getting nervous about the time she was higher then me.  When I could “catch” her anymore, she was done and did a slight face plant into the wall.  Nothing major, but enough to assure myself she’s not going to want to do this again

Well I was wrong.  Dead wrong.

She repelled back down to the bottom and quickly informed the man running it, I want to go again and she did.  Again and Again. 

After the third time up, the twins were way beyond done, and Emmalee was trying to hoist herself up on the other side of the wall.  It was time to go.  We left assuring Madison she could come back again and keep practicing.  She left with a big proud smile on her face!

I gotta admit, Auntie here was pretty darn proud of her too.  You didn’t see ME climbing the side of the mountain!  She is far braver than me!  Way to go Mad!

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  1. Kortney's Krazy Life
    February 7, 2011 | 7:44 PM

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello and following! Feel free to come back and say hi anytime!!!
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  2. L. Eleana
    February 7, 2011 | 8:57 PM

    Cori, Madison is a little daredevil. LOL! Kinsley loves anything that’s got to do with risk taking and roughness. I’m not sure how she does it, but she manages to be a girly girl too. Love the video and the music!!
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