Lesson learned!

Oh, if only I had a penny, or heck, a $1 for every time I have looked back and had to admit lesson learned.  Let me tell you, I am NOT one to ever admit lesson learned, however there is one time that the statement lesson learned stands just a little bit brighter.  Remember that classic scene from the Brady Bunch, where Bobby overflows the washing machine…yeah, that’s what I’m getting at!


About 10 years ago, wow, I’m aging myself here (haha), I was babysitting for the “original triplets” and they were running low on dish washing detergent (okay slightly different from Bobby’s fail).  On several occasions, in my normal Know-It-All-Self, I informed Charity, “you know you can use laundry detergent if you ever run out of dish washing soap”. I think Charity informed me at least five times “NO YOU CAN’T AND DO NOT TRY!”  Fine, fine, fine….

However, one day I was there and we were out out dish washing soap, so what did I do??  Yep, grabbed some laundry detergent. 

Pretty much right away it started to foam out the cracks.  I panicked, grabbed some towels and cleaned it up, or so I thought.

Charity got home not to long later.  To my relief it appeared to be all cleaned up before she got home and it had been quite awhile since suds had been spewing.  I thought I was safe.  Didn’t mention it as I quickly walked out the door.

About 20 minutes later, while eating dinner the phone rings.  It’s Charity.  No, she’s not talking to me, she’s talking to my mom.  My mom who is shooting me daggers across the table.  My mom who apologizes immensely and before hanging up tells her “we’ll be right over to clean it up”.  Crap.  I was caught.  I hate that!  Back to Charity’s I went…

I walked into the kitchen and the floor is covered by about 2″ of sudsy bubbles.  Oh. My. Gosh.  Charity is scarily happy.  Infact, grinning of ear to ear.  I could just see her beaming “I told ya so, I told ya so!”

I quietly grabbed a mop and towels and started cleaning.  I scrubbed. I mopped. I cleaned. It felt like forever.

By the time I finished Charity’s floors were immaculate.  I also thought I would get out without the “I told ya so”.  Well I didn’t. 

Charity walked me to the front door gave me a big hug and told me “I told ya so…and DO NOT EVER do it again!”

Trust me, lesson learned, and to this day I HAVE NEVER DONE IT AGAIN!  The story does get brought up all the time though!  I don’t think I’ll ever live it down!

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4 Responses to Lesson learned!
  1. Diane
    February 24, 2011 | 5:33 AM

    Ohhh, I think the worst part of the story is getting the ol’ “I told ya so”! I hate those. Lesson well learned though, right? ;)

  2. Jennifer
    February 24, 2011 | 12:20 PM

    Too funny! At least you got a hug as you walked out the door! :)

  3. angie
    February 24, 2011 | 12:54 PM

    Oh no. I guess that doesn’t only happen in the movies!

    Those are some serious cookies in your living room!
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  4. Kimberly
    February 25, 2011 | 5:39 AM

    Oh, what a mess! At least it all worked out in the end….and there was a lesson learned :)
    Kimberly recently posted..I’m 27…err…ish