It’s About My Love of Flip Flops {Guest Post by The Life of A Sippy Cup Mom}


Welcome to the forth day of guest posts at Cori’s Big Mouth!

Today’s guest post comes from Melissa of The Life of A Sippy Cup Mom!

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Last week I had the honor of guest posting on Melissa’s blog {check it out HERE}; I was ecstatic to have her guest posting for me this week! 
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It’s About My Love of Flip Flops

I love flip-flops! Who doesn’t? I know there are anti flip-floppers out there, but I’m definitely not one of them. All my friends and family know how much I love them.

I even wear them in the winter! Yup, I have gone out in flip-flops in the snow (just to get the mail, but still….) I couldn’t even tell you how many pairs of flip flops I own!

I am so ready for spring to be here though so I can start wearing my flip flops all the time!

These were my most favorite flip flops in the world. Crocs Athens. OMG, they were the most comfortable pair of flip flops ever. Like walking on air. I bought them almost 3 years ago and wore them ALL THE TIME.

When we went to Disney World in February, I packed these flip flops and thought that was it. I didn’t need sneakers, because I would wear my Crocs. They were way more comfortable anyway. Heath begged me to please bring my sneakers so I did. Just to please him. But I wasn’t going to wear them.

The first night at our Disney hotel (the FIRST NIGHT!) we were walking around. We had driven into a huge rainstorm (and some tornadoes had been spotted too. Yeah, we were driving around Orlando and I was glued to The Weather Channel on my phone.) So it was wet everywhere. But I didn’t care. I was wearing my flip flops! I was at Disney World!

We were hurrying through the drizzle to the restaurant when I tripped on the sidewalk. It was wet remember! I’m not clumsy or anything….Right Heath? Right?!

I looked down at my beloved Crocs and…BROKE. The thong part had ripped in half. I was devastated. But I kept them on and hobbled around thinking I could make an emergency trip to Walmart for some duct tape or SOMETHING!

When we got back to the hotel room, I figured I couldn’t salvage them. ::tear:: I drove to Walmart around 10 at night to buy some more flip flops. They wouldn’t be my beloved Crocs but I was going to be wearing flip flops in Disney World!

I ended up with a pair of $2.50 Walmart flip flops. Not the best. So I wore my sneakers to the parks.

There was a Crocs Outlet Mall in Orlando but for some reason we never made it there.

I totally should have because when I got back home I found out that Crocs Athens had been DISCONTINUED!!!! I even emailed Crocs to express my disappointment. Now, I’m stuck trolling Ebay, trying to find a pair in my size.


I agree, it’s all about the flip-flops, I for one have way to many to even count and my favorites are my crocs too!  I can’t wait for Disneyland where I can [hopefully] be wearing shorts and flip-flops!! Thanks again Melissa for guest-posting!!

5 Responses to It’s About My Love of Flip Flops {Guest Post by The Life of A Sippy Cup Mom}
  1. Sherri
    February 17, 2011 | 3:32 PM

    I love my flip-flops too, and living in California I get to wear them a lot. But I do have to admit to freezing cold feet for at least half the year, so I would NOT have been in a rainstorm in them!
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  2. Jackie
    February 18, 2011 | 5:01 AM

    I am a big fan of flip flops too! There are so many cute choices out there too! You can wear them with jeans, short, skirts, and the nicer ones are great for dressing up!! The only downside is that my feet get really dry when I wear them!
    Jackie recently posted..Packing up the past

  3. Lynn
    February 27, 2011 | 2:47 PM

    What size flops do you wear in the Croc Athens? I live here in Orlando and go outlet mall shopping all the time. I could see if they have any if you like.


    • Melissa
      February 28, 2011 | 1:20 PM

      I wear a size 8! We are actually going to be in Disney in 2 weeks, where is the outlet mall?? You are so sweet!
      Melissa recently posted..Clorox Connects

      • Lynn
        February 28, 2011 | 2:21 PM

        If you want to be assured you have at least one pair for your trip, you should order online at shoe buy (I sent a link to you at Twitter). Or I guess you could call the outlet store to make sure they have the style and size. Have fun at the blog conference here!