Moving Day

Yesterday, I moved.  I moved out of my parents house.  Yes, at 25, I was still living at home.  Slightly embarressed, but hugely scared to go out on my own.  I was comfortable in the room that had been mine since I was 13.  I figured, I’m never home, so why pay for rent when I have free room and board here.  However, that gravy train sailed, and as much as my parents loved me, they were booting me out.  Granted I’ve known for 6 months this was coming, I didn’t really believe it.  But yesterday the day finally came!

On Friday, in my Creative Writing class, we were asked to do a journal entry off of William C. Williams’ (yes, an original name!), famous poem This Is Just To Say“.  Our proffessor urged us to write some sort of apology or our personal interpreation of his poem.  Mine was based off of my moving the next day (again, remember I wrote this Friday afternoon!).

I haven’t started to pack and moving day is tomorrow!  My room resembles more of a messy exploded bomb, then an organized, boxed up one.

 To make matters worse, I work tonight so by the time I get home I’ll be to tired to pack.

Where to start?  My clothes, clean or dirty?  My dresser top, filled with momentos of my childhood?  My closet and the shelves of old scrapbooks, yearbooks and other specifically saved artifacts of my past?

Am I not packing because I am to busy?  Or is it because I’m not quite ready to pack up my childhood?  Tomorrow will be here no matter if I’m ready or not.  It’s time to move forward.

Well, the tomorrow, I spoke about came and went.  I survived and got a good portion of my room moved.  I will work on it more tomorrow after church.  It’s happening and I am rolling with the bunches.  I have to admit, I’m really excited now.  Loving my new room, my roommate and the house! 

I think my dad is starting to get antsy and fear I’m not actually going to move.  He’s now spent over $1,000 on me to move out (he wants me out that bad, he’s willing to buy my way out of his house :D), and yet it won’t be until tonight that I’ll stay at my new place!  I gotta say I love my daddy!  I will miss them, but we’re less then a mile apart, I’m not moving to far away and my mom has warned me she’ll be over a lot to hang out and snuggle!  I love my mommy!!

Erin and Alex helped me move and I greatly appreciate their willingness to be my minions for the day!  Muchos ladies!  Here are a few photos of my progress (or lack of) today! 

My room when Erin showed up to help me move….did I forget to mention I hadn’t started packing?  Oh and if you look real close to my tv you can see I Love Lucy on, I love that show!

Erin trying to make sense of where to start with my clothes.  I have a serious clothes addiction and have way to much.  I did however donate a huge black bag full of clothes with more to come as I finish up the last few loads of dirty laundry I have!

 My room tonight after a couple of trips to my new house, and several loads of laundry were done here.

Alex trying out my new queen sized bed :D I’ll miss my sister!

I’ll definitely post more pictures in the coming days of my new room and house as things fall into place!!  Until then….. 

2 Responses to Moving Day
  1. Jessica
    January 30, 2011 | 9:33 AM

    Congrats on Moving Day!!!
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  2. Stephanie
    January 30, 2011 | 7:15 PM

    Congrats on the new place
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